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they got that with Republicans. what gave us Donald Trump is a 2 party system and it's lack of alignment with the electorate.

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The right is very profitable

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At least it’s an ape and not a monkey.

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They really should tax the fuck out of these.

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Don’t get caught. It’s the arrogance that gets you.

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Yeah, it was a really stupid statement. Like we’ve been at war for like 100 years. Why would we allow it?

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The important part is to go after him and other people in leadership. They was us to fight the local maga crowd, not them. Fighting the local maga crowd gets us nowhere.

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It doesn’t even need to be ambitious. It just has to be ambiguous.

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if they could make espionage stick. The New York times didn't get prosecuted for publishing the Pentagon papers.

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The US justice system is rarely that strict. For example, Donlad Trump could get sentenced to decades in prison, but likely won't spend anytime in jail.


I usually switch to testing about 1 year after the release of stable. We're about the 9 month mark and I'm getting anxious. Any major issues running testing? This is for my main desktop.

O365 email local cache (programming.dev)
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Work uses O365 and I'm getting a little frustrated with OWA. Thinking about running a local email server to mirror O365. In the end, I want to keep my email in O365, but have a 2 way sync with a local imap server. Looks like I have a few options on the email server - dovecot/cyrus/stalwart. For the syncing, I just see mbsync. Any experience setting up something similar? Any other options other than what I listed?

Edit: IT knows what I'm doing. I'm not going to compromise any compliance requirements we have.

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