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Oh no, the guy said no to Trump refusing to break the law during the January 6th "oopsie treason failed uprising" so he burned that bridge.

Can't have people blatantly respecting democracy and the rule of law, that's not how the possible future felon-in-chief rolls. (But yet somehow it's the democrats inciting violence against him, hum.)

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So what you're saying is that the show has a built-in potential for extra drama/explosions and amazing destruction footage that could be greatly monetized?


"We're the Spin Doctor, we spin things real fast so you don't have time. Stuff may explode and our only garantee is that we'll capture the footage and show it to you."

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Built a large centrifuge, buy a high speed camera, lights and random junk and watch that Youtube money rain.

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Subways not trains/trams, which makes sense since they are in a mostly closed system. The French one is closed off and doors slide open on the dock so that passengers can board the cars. This particular system also runs on pneumatic wheels on a rail. I guess for easier accuracy with braking/acceleration?

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Indeed, they would have to go down the route Australia went. But I don't see this happening in America any time soon.

If piles of murdered kids didn't do much to move the needle, shooting an inflammatory politician isn't going to do it. We'll see how the MAGA respond to this event or hopefully when they lose the elections. Maybe (but hopefully not) they'll act violently enough to force facing America's relationship with guns.

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With the Texas tower shooter it was the shooter himself the difference. He was a Marine sharpshooter. Oswald was also a former Marine.

These guys were extensively trained.

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It's good for shooting small, very fast bullets. May that be hunting, target shooting or self-defense.

If they want to ban AR-15s, they should ban all semi-automatic rifles otherwise it would be ridiculous. The would-be assassin could have done the same thing with a whole assortment of mostly equivalently performing rifles. Some just as "scary looking" black rifles, some with wooden parts.

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The answer to uniting the US was there all along.

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His fist gesture would coincide more with "fight".

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It was a response to a comment asking for harsher punishment. And that sort of comment tends to pop up in most discussions involving somewhat reasonable punishments being mentioned.

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Russia has extensively been using a similar system to bomb ~~children~~ Ukraine.

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He would... kill it during the debate.

Wild cackling


Mike and Jay discuss the new found-footage-ish demonic movie Late Night with the Devil! But more importantly, they break a very important and rare VCR repair tool or something.

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Devoted Rejects, Happy 2024!

We are currently gearing up for the coming year, and kicking things off with Hotfix #30.

Please find the notes below:

Fixed a crash which could happen when trying to display information of a player which was still entering the Mourningstar.
Fixed an issue where enemies that weren't aimed at could be hit by fully automatic weapons while aiming down sights and using a gamepad.
Fixed an issue where the Agripinaa Mk XIV Quickdraw Stub Revolver did not display any information under the "Reload Speed" stat when inspecting the weapon.

Dev note: The issue was only affecting the UI; the Reload Speed was correctly modified by the stat.

Fixed an issue where Poxbursters could fail to be staggered by a Psyker Force Sword push-attack if hit at the very outer edge of the attack effective range.
Fixed an issue where hair was incorrectly removed when equipping the Psyker "Deimos MK VIA Rebreather" and "Deimos MK VId Rebreather" head gear cosmetics.
Fixed an issue where music failed to play during the Monstrosity attack in the end event of the Consignment Yard HL-17-36 mission.
Fixed various uncommon crashes.

It seems at bit rough around the edges but workable. Would be even better with better integration of Voice Attack into the game.

Ready or Not - 1.0: Hotfix #1 (store.steampowered.com)
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Hotfix 1.2.21 (store.steampowered.com)
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