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That would be an excellent idea. But I feel like an even broader community should be created. Like a generic book club, but for code bases! Could even have a small handful of different code bases on the go at a time. I'd love to get to know lemmy's, but also e.g. neovim, or even unciv :)

Maybe one day it could even start tackling Moby Dick!

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My question when I see responses like this is: what genuinely useful new safety features have been added since Ada? It's ancient and has distinct types, borrow checking (via limited types), range types, and even fixed point types. I've always wondered what niche Rust is targeting that Ada hasn't occupied already. It feels like devs decided that safety was important, c/c++ are too unsafe, need a new language; without ever having looked to see if such a language exists?

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I'm also wondering what's in the top-left. Is it a bowl of stones?

Wait! I figured it out.

You were close with C-section, but got the direction wrong. Clearly this is getting ready for urgent replacement of gizzard stones! :)

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All praise our lord and saviour git rebase -i!

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Answering both: dial image for reference to what the "modes" are, and my dial is gross. Plus that was the best image I could find describing it, but had trouble getting a clean download. Google images can suck that way. If you get me a clean link, I'd update the post.

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In case anyone wants the real meanings: I am not a lawyer, read the f***ing manual, bank of america.

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Beej's guides are absolute classics. The networking guide is also amazing. Definitely worth the read.

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Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking too. The combination of a c API and a JVM API (and maybe .NET if you're in Microsoft land?) Hits most FFI available in languages I've seen. I can't think of any language I've used that couldn't Interop with either a c library (.a or .so) or JVM library (.jar). However I've never used any .NET system seriously, so I don't know about them.

FWIW I regularly remake the same API based game whenever I start a new job working in a new environment to test that my environment is "up to snuff" with my development methodologies. I've never needed to port more than API.a and API.jar to play around in any language. I've ported that system to at least 100 languages over the years, and while some have more friction than others, and often the c/JVM paradigm doesn't line up well with the target language, it is always effective.

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This is really exciting, as a needle-phobe myself. Still can't replace an IV line though, but good progress nonetheless!

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I definitely have the soapy gene, but don't mind the taste. I blame thrills soap gum, I occasionally enjoyed that as a kid. My sister also has the gene and can’t stand the taste.

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I think I remember the article too. Sadly TSs generics support make it particularly tricky to search for. I hope somebody finds it.

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Except for one issue: it's an even width, so now we have the inevitable attempt to make it off-centered but pointy leading to a leafageddon. Oh well, can't have everything.

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Maybe here we can draw the leaf without corrupting it. For reference I scaled the wikipedia picture to 100 pixels wide and anchored the 8 corners of the side borders. Hopefully we can make it look good!

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I've sunk many hours into the which species is closer related to X, A or B?

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Hopefully this post works, first time posting on jerboa.

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She's our brown miniature poodle, about a year and a half old.

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