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Lol love it

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Richard Simmons or Pauly Shore, I can't quite tell

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I absolutely, indisputably, 100% confirm that Purr receives All the petting she desires, and lets people know without hesitation when more petting is required :)

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Our 12 year old Bombay cat, Hypurrtia, and the sounds she makes.

"Hypurrtia" is intended to be a cat pun of "Hypatia".

I hope her sounds fill your hearts with joy

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I was at the job

Coworker sees news on his phone, tells everyone

Goes room to room telling people. I do his job to cover for him. He comes back after an hour. Doesn't say Thank You.

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All good, I'm an ancestor to Riker.

Source: Alaska

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The Endless

Two brothers go on a road trip to investigate the UFO cult they spent time in during their childhood. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers

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One of my favorite moments from last summer was sitting on my back patio watching a hummingbird flying circles around my back yard in the dying light of sunset, gobbling up insects with every lap. Adorable.

They also repeatedly killed wasps that were attracted to the sugar water from the feeder I set up for them, that was pretty fun to see

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Nice! I'll be starting that series at the end of June. Last summer was a Wheel of Time summer (and autumn), this year: Malazan!

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Heaven's River by Dennis E. Taylor, book 4 of the Bobiverse. Had Covid last week (for the 4th time now) and read books 1-3 in three days flat. Good series

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My bad y'all Purple Finch

Original text below: I have no text to write in this space. A cardinal, atop a bird feeder

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It's simple, then:

We ban ads. All ads, everywhere.

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Posted this in a random thread yesterday but figured it probably deserved more views. This is from a rainy day last August, near the peak at Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, Ontario, on the Niagara Escarpment. I watched the clouds rolling in, and then they rolled into and through the forest, creating an absolutely magical scene.

Hikers are welcome. Trails are very poorly marked. Start at the bottom of the valley for maximum elevation gain. :)

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Lastest work from my wife, expected completion date, November, 2024

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That's the final boss from Super Metroid for those who may not know :)

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"As you all know, we have worked hard over the last year to run our business as sustainably as possible. Unfortunately, we still have work to do to rightsize our company and I regret having to share that we are taking the painful step to reduce our headcount by just over 500 people across Twitch," Clancy wrote.

Cripes I hate corporate newspeak. "Rightsize" isn't a word, and I hope I never encounter it again.

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White grass planets are nice, but pink grass is so much more chill. Add to that blue-green seas, pink skies, and a wonderful view of a neighboring ringed planet + moon, and you've got a premier destination for anyone visiting the Galaxy 59 core. Sure, there are some minor storms every now and again, but the pink serpent-butterflies and blue-white nighttime nebulae make up for any intermittent weather inconvenience. Visit today!



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Visit Panache, a major tourist destination at the Hicanpaav (99) core! It has cool colors! Awful storms! Horrible weather! Cool colors! Style!

Madouc (lemmy.world)
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Age: 9 Hobbies: Sleeping, Sunlight, Chasing Shadows Likes: Carrying clean socks around the house while meowing for attention at the prize she's found Dislikes: Belly rubs

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Located at the Zavainlani (Galaxy 150) core, on a lovely planet of Orange grass and False Storms. Built in honor of Stubbs, a cat I once knew who was wonderful

Coordinates - 10AB06002FFB

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This one's 30x40 acrylic & acrylic markers on canvas.

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Three years old and the most gentle, affectionate little one I've ever met. Love him like mad already. Still haven't got a name, though

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The birdfeeder required refilling, but this little guy was impatient

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