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Not for the cost of a Subaru Outback, i think.

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Gah, so excited! Weather should be good right?

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It's smart. Also, developers have a solid benchmark to set their games to. Console has long had the benefit of a stable hardware set over the course of many years, which makes it easier to develop to the broadest possible market. Skipping incremental APU updates has a benefit of keeping a longer benchmark for game developers hoping to boost sales by targeting the market with handhelds. Valve was pretty clear in their communication in this regard, which is great.

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Hey there! Thank you for your work on this bot. I'm in the process of installing a version of it for the Seattle Kraken community this morning.

I ran into a plemmy bug, but I submitted a pull request and the dev merged it and pushed a version update (0.3.10) in a matter of minutes, so that was awesome. Still trying to get the config.py to run correctly so it prompts me for my bot user creds/community url/etc, but this is because I haven't had any experience working with python and very little working with git based distributions.

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Smart. Flush money down the toilet trying to impersonate Trump by not paying your bills. Maybe he should run for president.

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Hasn't been cy-hawk for me for a long while. It is, and always will be, El Assico. It's derivative, yes, but it's also perfect.


That is all!

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One of the things I miss about RES is the ability to tag users with my own labels. When I would run into someone with a "ahole 20230830" tag, I knew that on 2023/08/30, I had labeled them as an asshole (in case I wanted to look back at their comment history to see what exactly was so egregious) and their opinions could safely be ignored.

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Yeah, it's been acknowledged and solutions have been discussed as future Todos



I imagine it should be prioritized though, along with some of the other malicious upload issue mitigation bugs.

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My deck is more reliable at booting at all. I've got some sort of issue happening. I'm not sure if my video card is going or something, it doesn't like sharing memory, or what, but it crashes constantly on my PC.

Steamdeck is worse performance, but at least I can play it...

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I'm kind of in this boat myself now and am thinking about if I should try to get diagnosed. Had it not been for adhd memes on Reddit and here I would never have identified the commonalities. I feel like it might be a stretch, but my procrastination is legendary around the house and my flaws seem pretty ADHD symptoms.

I've just feared seeking a diagnosis in that it might have negative repercussions on my life, (which I generally like as is), but I'm giving it more thought now.

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Game thread bot (lemmy.world)
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Howdy folks! This week I'll be looking at the setup some lemmy bots to support the community as we start getting into games and news. First thing will be auto game threads. Second would be a sidebar updater with standings and upcoming games. Are there any other regular posts that we should consider posting here as a matter of course? Weekly pinned general threads? Any thoughts?

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Republican senators who walked away from this year's legislative session will be barred from running for reelection next year, according to Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade. The decision was made after months of speculation and is likely to be challenged in court by the GOP lawmakers.

Measure 113, which was passed by voters last year, was designed to curtail legislative walkouts by imposing serious penalties on lawmakers who accrue 10 or more unexcused absences in a single legislative session. Under the measure, any such politician would be banned from running for reelection or seeking election in the other chamber once their current term expires.

However, Republicans argue that the measure is flawed because it allows lawmakers to serve another term before the penalties take effect. They are planning to challenge the new ruling in the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Governor Tina Kotek, who wrangled with a Republican walkout as House speaker in 2020, agrees with Griffin-Valade that the voters intended for lawmakers who don't show up for work to be held accountable. She believes the court will ultimately decide the matter.

~AI Summarization...

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Just wanted to put it out there, if you're looking for something to do and enjoy a game of chess, there's the Eugene Chess Club that meets at Bill & Tim's at 6pm on most Tuesdays. Guy who runs it, David, is really chill and it's an enjoyable time with people playing casual games and having a good time. Some are really good, but many, like myself, are middling at best. If you're worried about not being good enough, don't, just come and check it out since there are players of all skills there.

Bill and Tim's on 13th/Pearl @ 6pm

Also, hit me up if you want to play a game on lichess :D

Bedrock Fire Update (lemmy.world)
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7/23/23 evening update: The Bedrock Fire continues to be active in the Fall Creek area on the Middle Fork District. An updated acreage will be available tomorrow. The fire burned actively today and firefighters from the Oregon Department of Forestry and US Forest Service continued to engage in full suppression efforts and point protection on buildings on private land.

Resources continued to arrive throughout the day and more will be on the scene tomorrow. While there are no evacuation notices in effect at this time, the public is asked to avoid Big Fall Creek Rd. to allow emergency personnel necessary access for suppression.

Several campgrounds along Big Fall Creek Rd. are closed due to fire activity. This includes all campgrounds along Fall Creek Road, and surrounding roads. Smoke may be visible from Highway 58, the towns of Lowell, Jasper, and the McKenzie River corridor.

source: https://www.facebook.com/willamettenf

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Sorry, I know recommendation posts are divisive, but we haven't had any here so I feel like it might get a free pass. Taking the Mrs out and I'm wondering anyone has recommendations on low key places with activities like lawn games or board games available in a chill atmosphere and some comfortable outdoor space?

Thinking of places like Alesong or Public House

What's your go to for date night?

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The issue: You find a link to a neat lemmy community on some random instance. In order to subscribe, you have go to your instance, search for the community, find it, open it, subscribe...blah!

The fix: Use a simple browser bookmark to go to your home instance and open the federated community in one click.

This works through modifying the URL of the page your on and puts the host name (e.g. lemmy.ml) after an "@" symbol after the community and then changing the host name to your own, hard-coded one.

How to steps:

  1. Create a bookmark in your browser and then "Edit" it.

  2. Change the URL to this text (modify the "lemmy.world" bit with whatever your home instance is):

    For lemmy.world users: javascript:(function(){location.href="https://lemmy.world/c/"+location.href.match(/(?:.*)\/c\/(.*(?=\/)|.*$)/i)[1]+"@"+location.host.toString();})();

    For lemmy.ml users: javascript:(function(){location.href="https://lemmy.ml/c/"+location.href.match(/(?:.*)\/c\/(.*(?=\/)|.*$)/i)[1]+"@"+location.host.toString();})();

  3. Change the name of the bookmark to whatever you want. Mine is named "lemmy.world".

  1. You're all set!

Now, from any federated community main feed page, click on the bookmark and you'll magically be taken to the same community on your local instance. Magic!

Disclaimers: The community must be federated with your instance. You can only do this from a URL that has the community in url (e.g. not from a post or anything).

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The OTC all comers meet series starts tonight. Kids under 12 can come and compete in the events. $5 unless an OTC member. Pretty fun event and now it's back at Hayward after being in Springfield the last few years, which is pretty cool.


Manager at Bricks and Minifigs wins best beard in the "Full Beard Barber-Style" category

Eugene Juneteenth (eugenejuneteenth.com)
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On June 18th 2023, we’re hosting an event in celebration of Juneteenth. Join us from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon.

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Hello, I'm here, as I'm sure, are you because of recent actions and plans created by Reddit's admin team to kill 3rd party apps in an effort to bring everything under the official app.

I'm not much of a mod, but I do want Eugene to have a viable alternative for those who are not happy with the direction that Reddit is headed.

A primer for how to think about Lemmy and the "federverse":

  • Lemmy is like the world. (e.g. "Lemmy")
  • Lemmy instances are like countries (e.g. lemmy.world, lemmy.ml)
  • Lemmy communities are like cities (e.g. /c/[email protected], /c/[email protected])
  • Users are like citizens

In this world, citizens have a home country, but can visit, live, and interact using a visa without needing to be a citizen of the country that the city is in. Some countries have different rules for their users. Some countries don't recognize other countries, so their users can't see the other's content, but mostly they play along nicely.

The KEY TAKEAWAY is that users can be on the "lemmy.world" instance and be a part of communities on any instance without creating a user there.

The way to refer to communities on other instances in a way that you can interact is to use the URL format of https://{YOUR instance}/c/{communityname}@{COMMUNITY's instance} (e.g. https://lemmy.world/c/[email protected]).

The federation model works well because communities will be spread out across different instances and so there's no ONE service/server that is responsible for ALL of the traffic going on in Lemmy.

I'm requesting that you spread the word about this place, if you feel like it's the right way to go and if anyone would like to help mod or take over entirely, please let me know.

Cheers @ewe

RANT THREAD (self.eugene)
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