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These are lists of some tools and software that are useful for Steam Deck and can enhance your experience with it, as well as all the websites and other such Steam Deck resources I know.

I made these lists for the wiki on Reddit's SteamDeck sub and I thought it was a pretty useful to keep around. I wanted to dump them here for everybody to preserve them and to maybe find a new home for this Steam Deck resource.

Let me know what you think.

List of tools and homebrew

Below is a list of tools and homebrew that can enhance your experience with the Steam Deck. Since the Steam Deck offers most things that a normal Linux desktop environment can, tools are included that can be found in the Discover store (including from non-default repositories) and have proven to be an especially good fit.

Emulation and non-steam games

  • BCML Installer for Steam Deck

    BCML (a modding tool voor Breath of the Wild for WiiU) can be difficult to get running on Steam Deck, because it uses an immutable filesystem and the version of Python installed by default is higher than what BCML supports. This script helps people install it.

  • BoilR

    Add non-steam games to your steam library.

  • Emudeck

    This script automates downloading, installing and setting up a large list of different emulators.

  • EmulationStation DE

    A graphical and themeable emulator front-end that allows you to access all your favorite games in one place, which is installed by Emudeck and Retrodeck, but can also be used by itself.

  • Mod Organizer 2 Linux Installer

    This project aims to make modding and playing Bethesda games on Linux as easy as possible. It does that by providing installers which automatically setup a working experience for the user.

  • Retrodeck

    A flatpak application containing a large list of different emulators.

  • SGDBoop

    A tool that automatically applies assets from SteamGridDB directly to your Steam library, removing the need to download and set them manually.

  • Steam ROM Manager

    Steam ROM Manager is a super flexible tool for adding non-Steam games to steam in bulk and managing their artwork assets. It can be installed with Emudeck, but can also be used by itself.

File management

  • Deck Drive Manager

    Copy Steam Games From Your PC to Your Steam Deck SD Card.

  • Disk Usage Analyzer

    A tool for managing your used and free space.

  • Firelight

    Filelight is an application to visualize the disk usage on your computer by showing folders using an easy-to-understand view of concentric rings. Filelight makes it simple to free up space!

  • gdu

    If you prefer the command-line, gdu is a fast disk usage analyzer with console interface, written in Go.

  • Shortix

    A script that creates human readable symlinks for Proton game prefixes. Reddit release post

  • Steam Deck Shader Cache Killer

    Script to Purge The Steam Decks Shader Cache/ Compat Data. Reddit release post

File transfer and synchronization

  • Deck Screenshot Sync

    A work-in-progress auto-uploader for screenshots made from the Deck onto your PC or phone. Reddit post by u/ Xinerki.

  • MEGASync

    Easy automated syncing between your computers and your MEGA Cloud Drive.

  • OpenCloudSaves

    Open Cloud Saves is an open source application for managing your saves games across Windows, MacOs, and Linux (including SteamOS).

  • Syncthing

    Syncthing is a file synchronization tool like Dropbox, except that it can work with your own machines and without a server. This can be very useful for keeping non-Steam and emulator save games in sync or backed up.

  • Warpinator

    Send and Receive Files across the Network


  • Alfea

    Alfae is an experimental project to launch GOG/Local/ItchIo/Epic/Bottles Games in an organised fashion. Also can add games to deck UI.

  • Bottles

    Runs Windows software on Linux with Bottles.

  • Heroic Game Launcher

    Heroic is an Open Source Games Launcher. Right now it supports launching games from the Epic Games Store using Legendary and GOG Games using our custom implementation with gogdl.

  • Lutris

    Lutris is a video game preservation platform aiming to keep your video game collection up and running for the years to come.

  • NonSteamLaunchers

    Installs the latest GE-Proton and several non-Steam launchers under one Proton prefix folder and adds them to your Steam library. Reddit release post for v2.7

  • Steam Tinker Launch

    Steam Tinker Launch is a versatile Linux wrapper tool for use with the Steam client which allows for easy graphical configuration of game tools, such as GameScope, MangoHud, modding tools and a bunch more. It supports both games using Proton and native Linux games, and works on both X11 and Wayland.

Plugins and mods

Remote access and game streaming

  • AnyDesk

    AnyDesk allows you to connect to your Steam Deck desktop remotely, like TeamViewer.

  • Barrier

    Share mouse and keyboard over the local network.

  • Chiaki4deck

    Chiaki4deck is a fork of Chiaki, adding features for the Steam Deck. It is a free and Open Source Client for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Remote Play. It can be used to play in real time on a PlayStation as long as there is a network connection.

  • Deskreen

    Turn any device into a secondary screen for your computer. Streams your Steam Deck screen to a browser on another machine.

  • KDE Connect

    Enables communication between all your devices.

  • Moonlight

    Moonlight allows you to play your PC games on almost any device, whether you're in another room or miles away from your gaming rig.

  • NoMachine

    Like AnyDesk, allows remote desktop connections to your Steam Deck. Disabling read-only on the filesystem is required to install, but otherwise works very well.

  • Remote Mouse

    Use your phone as a keyboard and mouse, and copy/paste between devices (apps for iOS and for Android available.) Gained improved support for Linux and Steam Deck in December 2022.

  • Rustdesk

    An open source TeamViewer alternative, remote desktop software. Works out of the box, no configuration required. Use the AppImage from the nightly build.

  • Steam Link

    Connect your Steam Deck or other Steam devices with each other for remote streaming.

  • Sunshine

    Sunshine is a self-hosted game stream host for Moonlight, offering low latency, cloud gaming server capabilities.

  • Unified Remote

    Remote control app for your Steam Deck. Turn your smartphone into a universal remote control, control mouse, keyboard and more.

Other tools

  • Boot Video Randomizer

    Replace the Deck startup video file with a file of the user's choice. Randomizer provides two features: individual random set and on-boot randomization. Reddit release post

  • CoreKeyboard

    CoreKeyboard is an X11-based virtual keyboard. It has the advantage over Valve's built-in keyboard to offer access to special keys such as Ctrl, Alt and function keys.

  • Great on Deck browser extension for Chrome or Firefox

    See what games are verified for the Steam Deck and which medal they have on ProtonDB in the Steam store.

  • Ludusavi

    Backup tool for PC game saves. Here is the Reddit release post.

  • ProtonUp-Qt

    Install and manage Wine- and Proton-based compatibility tools for Steam and Lutris with this graphical user interface.

  • Qbert

    Qbert generates a root overlay where you can install whatever software you need without messing your filesystem. NOTICE: something is broken atm, Qbert is not creating a correct overlay so basically the software is not working as intended.

  • SC Controller

    User-mode driver, mapper and GTK3 based GUI for Steam Controller, DS4 and similar controllers. Steam Deck support added in version

  • Steam Deck SD Card Scanner

    An application to help you keep track of the different games you have on your SD Cards. If you ever found yourself wondering if you already have a game installed on a different SD Card then this is for you. Reddit post by u/ddotthomas.

  • Steam Deck Utilities by CryoByte33

    Scripts and utilities to enhance the Steam Deck experience, particularly performance.

  • Steam Shortcut Editor

    Allows you to modify the shortcuts file quickly and set game name to be the appid, so you have access to community controls. Link to Reddit post

  • Vibrant Deck CLI

    A simple command line utility to tweak the screen saturation of the Steam Deck.

List of Steam Deck-related websites

Here is a collection of websites that offer information, guides and news about the Steam Deck.

Official Valve sites

Linux and Steam Deck gaming sites

  • ProtonDB

    Crowdsourced Linux and Steam Deck game compatibility reports.

  • GamingOnLinux

    GamingOnLinux deals with games on Linux (which the Steam Deck runs) in general, but has consistently reported on Steam Deck-related news.

  • Linux Gaming Central

    Linux Gaming Central is dedicated to giving you news on the Linux gaming front. The link above points to the "Steam Deck" tag on the site.

  • Boiling Steam

    Boiling Steam is dedicated to covering the world of PC Linux Gaming since 2014. The site often reports on the Steam Deck, as the search results the link points to show.

  • Are We Anti-Cheat Yet?

    A comprehensive and crowd-sourced list of games using anti-cheats and their compatibility with GNU/Linux or Wine/Proton.

Steam Deck community sites

  • Steam Deck Community

    An independent Steam Deck Forum.

  • Steam Deck Life

    A Steam Deck blog for the latest news, tips and tricks and more.

  • Steam Deck HQ

    A web site with game reviews with optimal configuration, tips and guides, and news.

  • ShareDeck

    An unofficial site to find and share Steam Deck performance configurations.

  • primarily focuses on the Steam Deck, with a hint of Switch, PC gaming and whatever else we find interesting at that moment--but mostly Steam Deck.

  • Great on Deck

    Unofficial Steam Deck compatibility website. Verification, performance reviews and tweaks for Steam Deck. Emulation guides, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect games and more.

  • CheckMyDeck

    Check Steam Deck compatibility of your Steam library.


    A list of Steam Deck resources.

  • Steam Deck Guide

    A guide covering Steam Deck, including the applications and tools that will make you better and more efficient with your Steam Deck device.

  • Steam Deck Repo

    A website where you can upload and share community-made Steam Deck boot videos (plus in the future, other things like themes and an app to automatically apply them to the Steam Deck)!

  • Steam Deck Linux Wiki

    This wiki aims to be a useful resource for those that want to explore the desktop side of the Steam Deck.

  • Steam Deck Guide

    This guide contains all kinds of useful tips that were found online. Hopefully it will help you use your Steam Deck to the fullest.

List of Steam Deck-related subreddits and Lemmy communities

These other places covering the Steam Deck also exist on sites like Reddit and Lemmy:

  • r/SteamDeck
  • r/DeckSupport
  • r/steamdeck_linux
  • r/SteamDeckBootVids
  • r/SteamDeckEmulation
  • r/SteamDeckGames
  • r/SteamDeckModded
  • r/SteamDeckMods
  • r/SteamDeckTech
  • r/SteamDeckTinker
  • r/SteamDeckTricks
  • r/SteamDeckWins
  • r/SteamDeckYuzu
  • r/SteamOS
  • r/WindowsOnDeck
  • r/BestOfSteamDeck
  • r/linux_gaming

List of Steam Deck-related podcasts

If you enjoy listening to Steam Deck news in your car or elsewhere, these podcasts might be for you:

List of Steam Deck-related Discord servers

Get together and discuss the Steam Deck on these Discord servers:

  • Steam Deck Discord

    The main Steam Deck Discord, not affiliated with Valve, Valve employees are known to lurk on the Discord.

  • Steam Deck Homebrew

    Steam Deck Homebrew Discord server, with, among others, a channel for Decky support.


I googled this issue but only got a couple of Reddit posts from a year ago with no real answer. Does anybody here know what's going on with beta client updates on the stable update channel?


Dear Steam Deck community help us put the RetroDECK logo on the canvas.

Template in link and lower the opacity to see where you need to fill.


//RetroDECK Team


I need to keep the display on the whole time and considering how slow my internet connection is, it is a lot. I am surprised that there is no option to download the games while in standby or sleep mode.

I know that the Deck lowers the brightness but it seems to be awfully ineffective and of course I am also worried about display burn in.


I'm thinking I want to dock the deck to my TV and game some FPS that way. What remote would be good?


I honestly cannot figure this one out and searching online and the steam troubleshooter have been no help.

about a week ago my Deck stopped connecting to my WiFi as I was playing a game on it, one minute it's fine, then the wifi connection is gone. I go to reconnect, it gets stuck on "connecting to [SSID]" and it will stay there for several minutes and say "failed to connect" and prompt me to re-enter my password. Double check password, it's all good. Restart router, problem persists. Restart Deck, problem persists. Check my other devices, everything is connecting fine. Check if Steam is working on my laptop, it's fine. I give up on tinkering with it because I've got a big trip coming up and I'd rather play Fallout 4 and Risk of Rain 2 offline than play nothing at all.

cut to my trip, deck connects to airport wifi, in-flight wifi, hotel wifi, all with no problem, no sign anything is wrong. Deck works perfect.

get home, deck still won't connect to my WiFi, "fine I'll just play RoR2 in bed offline" game says its launching but then never does, just gets stuck there. Try other games, and same thing happens with every single one.

"maybe a factory reset will do the trick? I'm desperate enough at this point" I go to settings and factory reset. It says "preparing 0%" for a second and then just gives up on resetting. "oh, so this thing is FUCKED fucked" I turn it off and hold the quick menu button to get into the boot menu and factory reset from there. It works, deck is reset, I try to connect to wifi... same fucking problem.

I have no ideas, im willing to try anything at this point. my Deck is basically a paperweight. i had a vanilla setup going too, no developer mode, no deckyloader, nothing at all. I'd poke around with my router but that shit is LOCKED DOWN by my ISP so I can't change shit, and that doesn't really explain all the weird shit it's been doing offline, like with not launching games or factory resetting it. Please help, this is my main gaming device.


Kinda gimmicky, but interesting enough that I read the article so I figured I would share.


Hi, just wondering if the title is possible. I'm currently daily driving my steam deck as my work pc in my office. mostly i used it to stream programs off my much beefier main pc at home.

Recently I've been thinking of adding a drawing tablet to the setup (wacom movink) but it uses usb c to c and the dock only has one for power. so if i used an adapter (usb c to usb a), would it work?



Bazzite is an alternative OS to SteamOS for the deck and other handheld PCs. Unfortunately due to a mistake, anyone who installed Bazzite before July 3rd 2024 won't get automatic updates.

If this affects you, I'd suggest checking out the article to get instructions on fixing it.


Here's the Twitter thread discussing this

Basically, some different apps were linked to the official steamVR app. These apps are hidden, but the data miner was able to grab some assets from them that included some custom art for Waydroid, which is a Linux program that lets you run Android apps on Linux.

Additionally, I've seen comments saying that some valve devs have been making pull requests for the Waydroid github, but I don't actually have a proper source for that.


Yesterday, July 1st, they announced the Alpha release of this next-generation mod manager and their new Product Manager got in touch to mention they "would be really keen to get feedback from Linux users". So this is your chance to ensure Linux (and Steam Deck) finally become a first-class citizen for game modding.

cross-posted from:


What headphone with microphone hardware do you have? I am looking to buy some soon and was wondering what the community uses.

Do you prefer wired? I feel that it is kind of rare to find wired stuff these days, but Bluetooth has really matured in battery and reliability.


Hello all, I was hoping to pick up a machine for 1080p gaming on a TV primarily for playing couch party games on emulators (switch, ps3, wii, etc) and was wondering if the deck would be a good fit? I've heard before that there were some problems with docks but not sure if that's been resolved. Any insight is appreciated


Bazzite is a cool alternative to SteamOS, but it's only had partial support for the OLED Deck. Thankfully that seems to be fixed in the new release.


"pancake" refers to a colloaquial term for tiny nimble classic recreational racing sailboats like sunfishes and lasers, essentially the hull is shaped like a pancake (well a bowl more like but whatever) and all of the lateral resistance to getting blown sideways (that would be provided naturally by a long slim hull that sat deep in the water) is focused on the narrow point of the single daggerboard and to a lesser extent rudder. This is what makes sailboats like this an absolute joy to sail even in fairly light wind in real life, they take almost no wind to go and can take advantage of passing bursts of energy from even the most capricious wind gusts, so it makes sailing them a very direct and deeply calming conversation with the immediate elements of the wind and water around you.

Sailing in light wind is fun in a chill way but for long sailboats that have a consequently big turning radius, often it is difficult to keep any speed when turning the front of the boat directly past the onblowing wind because you can't pick up any speed in that moment, you have to rely on inertia. A pancake sailboat like this is made to spin like a top with a flick of the rudder so that even in light wind the hull can carry momentum through multiple quick tacks (changing direction by rotating the bow past the direction of the onblowing wind) or jives (changing direction by rotating the bow the other way, so that it never directly passes by the direction of the onblowing wind, can be very difficult to control in a small sailboat like this).

With this kind of sailboat you basically have two controls, you aim the rudder with an articulated handle in one hand and you control the angle of the sail/boom through a rope held in your other hand that runs through a pulley. In real life you also are able to control the center of mass of your personal meatcube for minute corrections as well, but with essentially just those two control inputs an incredible variety and complexity of movement is possible.

Even if you have never thought about learning sailing, it is worth learning for its own sake because of how primal and direct learning how to sail a pancake boat like this is that only has one rope to hold and one rudder and that is the whole dashboard of controls. If you have ever met sailors, they probably are really intense and get all hyped about racing around in conditions that look absolutely awful to a non-sailor lol, but it is just as valid to sail around in light wind normal on a blustery afternoon summer day as wiser and lazier alternative to paddling a kayak :). Honestly it takes an astonishingly little amount of energy to move a tiny sailboat like this at a pace faster than you can paddle a kayak.

Pancake Sailor and the developers non-free games are marketed definitely pretty heavily towards VR, but Pancake Sailor actually works bloody fantastic as a Steam Deck game. It is an immediate cozy and chill experience, the moment you open the game and start playing. I can easily see myself talking with someone on the phone while I focus on the conversation and mindlessly sail around in pancake sailor.

Check it out! It is free!

Also the main game is on sale for $5 in the steam summer sale, the game doesn't seem to go cheaper, it isn't necessarily a super rare sale either though so shrugs honestly I recommend just downloading Pancake Sailor and having some fun!

This game will genuinely teach you how to sail, and the really wonderful thing is that if you learn how to sail a really really simple sailboat like this you will understand the basics of how to sail any sailboat, no matter how complex. Yes there are a billion more things to learn with larger sailboats with multiple crew and sails and ways to manipulate those sails... but at the end of the day you are trying to accomplish the same set of maneuevers that will become deeply intuitive to you if you practice sailiing a simple sailboat like this. Honestly, master a boat like this and if someone threw you onto a typical 40 foot monohull sailboat and you had to sail it back to a harbor to save your life, you would be fine. You would do a really shitty job, but again the fundamentalis are the same. This is a human skill I think everyone should explore through video games!

Warning though, once you learn how to sail every time you play a video game where sailboats are just normal boats but with an animated sail that magically changes the wind direction around.. or even if there are true sailing mechanics but they are shallow af, you will become very sad.... :( but then valheim will give you a hug and remind you that there are people out there that really do care.


So I tested my mic inside Discord and it does show that the mic is being picked up. Has anyone had the issue where that does not translate over to online games?


Hi, First, is it possible to set the steamdeck to "default" to always keep picking the steamdeck speaker as default audio out also when an HDMI is connected through the USB-C? I have an old monitor (VGA to HDMI to USB-C haha) and would be easiest to still just output audio in the steamdeck speaker by default. It is easy to switch audio outputs in desktopmode, not in gaming mode unfortunately can't switch to steamdeck speaker there, doesn't work.

Second, how do y'all combine music and games? I prefer to play games while listening to youtube full albums (freetube or similar) in background. Doesn't really seem to integrate well in gaming mode either? Tried adding Monophony and Freetube as non-steam games, but not very succesful. What's your suggestion for optimizing the setup?

Sorry for the noob-questions. Pic unrelated, sort of.

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