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I remember when Republicans had no problem sending out tax rebate checks we couldn't afford with GWB's signature on them, so this is a bit less disgraceful by comparison.

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Now I'm eagerly awaiting the "Doom Loop" level in the next Mario Kart

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You don't seem to remember the last debates. Biden did a very good job standing up to Trump's gish gallop. "Will you shut up, man?" was probably the first time in years that Donald Trump was rebuked to his face, and it stuck. Biden needs another strong moment like that.

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¿Porque no los dos?

Biden is unique in that he seems to know how to deal with people like Trump one-on-one. I think he likes to think of himself as someone who can stand up to a bully. Hillary certainly couldn't.

I think this debate is unique, in that the two candidates aren't really going to debate on policies. It is performative for both of them. What they say matters less than how convincing they are in saying it.

Biden is betting that a lot of his problem in the polls is due to concerns over his age. If he can parry Trump's verbal shots while showing the same energy he did in the SOTU, then he may start turning those polls around. But it's a bet, it's not a certainty at all.

I wonder if they scheduled the debate early on purpose, so that if Biden has a poor showing his oncologist will all of a sudden diagnose him with cancer in his $ORGAN, reluctantly leading him to bow out.

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If you've followed the trial that closely, then you know that first-time offenders are not always given jail time for this. And in spite of the large number of individual counts, the prosecution is basing their case on only a few actions. The judge may order some charges served concurrently if they are tied to the same action. If he is found guilty on all counts, then if he goes to jail at all it will likely only be for a short term.

And while politics is not supposed to factor into sentencing at all, from a political point of view a short sentence is the worst possible outcome for people who don't want to see the US turn into a fascist state. Because it means that Trump can play the Martyr card, and convince his fans that Biden is out to get him, in spite of the facts.

I have a bad feeling about this.

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It's funny how Republicans aren't even hiding the fact that they invite foreign influence in elections anymore. For them , money is speech, no matter whether its Dollars, Pounds, or Rubles.

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Or, some person whose mom was a Miss America contestant in the 90s got an unexpected result on 23andMe

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Inflation will shoot up like never before and Republicans will again get assaulted at the polls.

You are assuming Republican voters are rational. They have a long history of voting against their own interests, because their leaders convince the voters that the real problem is the liberals/feminists/gays/immigrants/etc....

Inflation will shoot up and it will be Someone Else's Fault.

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You want to take your child to the local precinct office and introduce them and their disability to officers in a calm setting

This might work in a smaller town, but this family was in LA. I've never lived there, but I have lived in NYC and I doubt anyone in the precinct would care. They would just file some paperwork and move on to the next thing. There's probably less than a 50/50 shot that the paperwork would be communicated to any officer in a crisis. And back when I lived there in the stone age, that chance would have been zero.

Maybe if your precinct does community policing, it would be beneficial to introduce yourself to any officers you know are local, but that assignment can change on a whim.

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It might be that, because of the new gig economy, the number of shitty jobs has increased. Unemployment might be low, but "underemployment" might be high (if there is a way to even track that at all). I bet there are a lot of people who feel trapped in their jobs right now, and that doesn't help consumer confidence.

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It is legitimately such a weird economy, because by all the standard broad metrics it is doing fine, but on an individual basis it varies widely. Cost of living has shot up with inflation, but wages generally didn't go up to match, particularly for people who kept the same employer throughout the Pandemic until now.

The only metric that is important is how far their paycheck goes, and it simply doesn't go as far anymore.

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Biden’s campaign proposed that the first debate between the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees be held in late June and the second in September before early voting begins. Trump responded to the letter in an interview with Fox News digital, calling the proposed dates “fully acceptable to me” and joked about providing his own transportation.

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Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) scolded Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) during a closed-door GOP conference meeting Thursday, telling the Florida Republican to sit down when he tried to interrupt McCarthy’s remarks.

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Hi all! I'll be visiting with my family soon. I go to San Jose/Santa Clara often for work, but this will be my first time in the area as a tourist in 20 years. Were have 3 days planned for San Francisco on the trip, from a hotel near SFO. We have a rental car, and are 5 people, so it may make sense to drive. The hotel isn't walkable to BART or Caltrain, so if we were going to take those into the city we'd have to park at the station anyway. (South San Francisco would probably be the closest station).

I'm planning to park the car for the day and take the MUNI most places, since it's free for teens. Any suggestions on safe garages? I don't mind paying to make sure the car is secure. If there's a good garage around Union Station, that may be the best bet because we can get anywhere. But it might be nice to park closer to the Presidio for the day we do things there.

Any suggestions? My coworkers who live in the Bay Area think I'm crazy to take a car into SF at all, but surely there are some safe places to park?

We're a bunch of nerds, and will hit up the Exploratorium. (We have a fourth day planned at the Chabot Center and Berkeley, and other days further afield). Any other suggestions for nerdy things to see would be appreciated. (We already have the Wave Organ on the list....)


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