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Everytime I drive South from Michigan my first stop is at a waffle House in Toledo, OH

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I noticed that too, but when I tried to buy elsewhere they were even more expensive (not wholesale)

I've been avoiding kroger as much as I can since they increased prices the most, at least for the stuff I buy

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Bought? I don't remember, but I got free maps of Michigan when I moved here about 5 years ago. They were very useful when Google made me turn into a back road in the upper peninsula and then stopped working when I lost signal (when tho I had offline maps of the area downloaded)

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Also, the number of asylum seekers arriving at the borders are making the path to residency and citizenship slower for the people already in the US. Processes that usually took a week are now on hold for 4 months or more because a lot of resources are used for the asylum seekers (yes, government should hire more people)

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For sure I've been eyeing that for a while. I've even considered getting the canine version lol

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What vaccines can you get for tick diseases?

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I was discussing that with my parents a few nights ago, they claim that I'm a pessimist because I don't want to bring children into this world but my hometown used to have about 5 snowdays a year, now is one every 5 years. The summer was hot but bearable and now the "heat dome" is a normal thing every year, and even when it rains it's usually catastrophic with large hail and flooding

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  1. The president was thoroughly involved in the process of selecting the party's candidate. Claudia's campaign was that she'll continue with AMLO's plan

  2. With super majority they can make changes to the Constitution

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For being part of meta, Instagram is relatively good (Instagram let's you pause suggested post, can easily modify your algorithm by telling it what not to show or what to show, can skip ads, for now, and it's the best way to see good tik toks without going to that site), so it was just a matter of time it got enshitified

I wonder what they'll do with WhatsApp next

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