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My hand might be forced someday

November’s right around the corner!

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That’s hilarious; luckily our time there was outside of big cities as often as possible. Really liked Bath.

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Have you… seen the US lately? We went to UK in the spring and I was like, “yeah we could flee here”.

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Community support is great, and an actual action separate from prayer. Usually when people have said they would pray for me, my first thought is “why didn’t you pray for me before this shit happened?”

Of course I keep it cordial and thank them, but it does really irk me.

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Does it though? I found that it means they’ll do the absolute minimum for you. Or, it’s something they say and don’t do because they will forget because you’re really not that important to them.

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I’d like to get rid of my Fashmobile, but won’t buy another brand until they have NACS.

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Honest question: why would you even try to do that nowadays?

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I pay a little extra, but so do you. So if you really want to split hairs, my card situation means I’m taking advantage of you, especially if you don’t use a rewards credit card. But yes, we all pay for credit card fees. I may as well minimize my personal impact from this. That’s the game, nothing we can do about it.

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They make plenty of profit off of me when I shop there. And the credit card company makes profit off me too, by the fees they charge merchants when I use their card. (though none off of balance APR, as I pay it off every month). The net result is that we both benefit from the exchange. This is a mutually-beneficial relationship. Not everything is zero-sum.

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It’s not just discounted goods, there are many other perks of the membership. For instance, I have a $0 annual fee credit card from them which does a cash back on purchases. Last year, just through regular spending, I received $1200. That alone paid for the membership many times over, not to mention all the other things.

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I’ve heard lots of racist whites call black people “Canadians” when they want to speak in code. e.g., “lots of Canadians here tonight.” You know what word they’re using behind closed doors.


I’m new to the bidet scene, and this one has me slightly confounded. Should I install a new towel rack next to the toilet? Should my wife and I share the towel? Do you wipe first? There are so many unanswered questions in the ways of bidet-ing!


I live in an affluent part of South Carolina. It’s become completely overrun with Trump assholes and degenerates. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Where can we go?

I don’t want the bitter cold of the northeast or Chicago. I don’t want coastal California, it’s insufferable. What are my options? Why can’t we just be fucking normal?!

Simpsons did it rule (
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Different stations produce different shows and share them among each other. That’s federation, baby.

So which is it? (
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