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Fr I am curious now how it would actually be handled on house. I could see maybe an episode where hormone therapy being a red herring and all the debates the staff have. House with poor bedside manner with trans issues without being transphobic, Watson and Cameron being super sweet to overcompensate. Chase is insensitive but accepting,, he laughs and jokes around with stuff in the patient's house. Foreman is tolerant but secretly uncomfortable. Cuddy yells at house.

Might be a little high... lol

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I'm not talking reasoning with him. My point is that this is identity politics journalism and not even the core point. There is so much hypocrisy in the anti-choice crowd and making one look like an idiot isn't going to change their minds.

Abortion access is also not a thing all democrats care about, or something all Republicans care about either for that matter. Which is wild as this actually impacts the entire country, especially every person able to conceive. It is crucial we continue to discuss and drive the point home that it is a medical procedure that denying or restricting access costs lives. Don't give them that inch that sometimes it's different and is murder, it's not Schroeder's cat on if it's a fetus or a baby. A journalist can call him out on his hypocrisy while shutting down his rhetoric as well.

But this is just look at this pro-life hypocrite guys. Can you believe it we found another one! Add it to the pile. This isn't teaching anyone, the public, anything. I thought that was the point of journalism and the free press.

I take great offense at the it's pointless rhetoric. It is never pointless, you don't have to convince him or change his mind but you CAN and should strive to change the minds of people listening. We don't form our opinions in a vacuum.

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The woman herself speaks against this and against everything he said. The majority of the article is her story and I encourage others to read past the PR paragraphs at the start!

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Oh my gosh that's so cute! Do you know how you're gonna accessorize it yet? I think this look screams statement/cute bracelet!and would really help highlight your beautiful hands/long fingers! And you have nice legs so you could totally play those up too!

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And my cat.

The fuckin dictator.

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This quote pissed me off. I'm fucking pro choice AF and this to me just says this interview wasn't anything but to make him feel and look stupid and strengthen identity politics. It is gross. A real thoughtful response would have GRASPED onto that admittance that it is a medical procedure and point out how the law has hindered necessary medical treatment for fear of courts deeming it "illegal" because now politicians with power and monetary motivations get to decide what is medically necessary and not anyone with education in medicine or science even.

Grab those "liberal" threads they tried to deny is reality and pull it to the forefront don't just butt heads with stupid fucking onelines that could make a headline.

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Pride is a reaction to shame.

A shame flag will surely shut them down.

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Bitch THIS is what the bias news is at work.
Aoc is dumbing it down way too much but yes it is great that sometimes the system works.

It is AWFUL it only works when it is in the favor of one side and that side is NEVER held accountable.

So fucking weird that these Holy Christians are convinced their ~~Christain~~ republican figureheads and leaders are righteous, when everything about our current situation can equally biblically paint them as followers of the antichrist. but what do I know.

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Dude it's a fucking screenshot of a political statement on another social media platform.

Look I know kilroy was here but that isn't the same fucking thing as sharing an opinion, someone liking it, and sharing it. That's not all that makes a meme.

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I would have trouble NOT approving this. Like an internet version of a cardinal sin

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Dude Obama isn't that strange to me. He was seriously THE PERFECT "Black Man" and his family was a shining example of a perfect black family.

I dont mean to diminish what having a black man as president for two terms meant for many people around the country, small ripples possibly making it to the farthest reaches of the world. but come on. I'm white and at the time not particularly invested so much and even still I got the impression most of his energy was spent appeasing his peers who did not like him. And LBR that's gonna be all Republicans and the media outlets they influence , as well as the unique flavor of racist bigot that only a democrat/white person who loves you can provide.

/Drunk ramble thanks

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Haha that's fair but it is more effort than most people bother with so I'm still pleased

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Here is the Opening Draft [01:32], which could serve as a trailer.

And his current project/upcoming video is the entire series of Power Rangers

Would it be a good gift? (self.baldurs_gate_3)
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Yeah sorry not your typical post here, I hope that's OK!

I'm thinking of getting this for my (14)nephew and my brother to play together. He used to play DND in the 80s and this game really sounds like it tries to honor a lot of the culture and whatnot of the games.

But... I haven't played anything like either of those and my brother is extremely busy with little free time and my nephew doesn't have as much free time as the average kid.

Is this a game that could still be enjoyable in small doses? Does it get overwhelming or stressful fast for most people who don't play games nearly as long or as intense as this? For context they play a lot of match style games but my brother loved the original assasians creed.

And if not or for some reason you have another suggestion I'd love to hear it because at the very least this game sounds good to me and I'm interested in what other games it's fans like that I could also check out. :)

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Ya'll jealous of my black 08 prismacolor fine line marker and pilot precise v7 rt.

Okay what the fuck is that last one? Why does it sound like a sports car marketed to males 14-26?

Hopping off the Hype Train (self.skincareaddiction)
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Is there a really popular product, technique, or otherwise viral trend that you tried and it fell short somehow?

What was it, what were your expectations, and what was the result?

(LOL no shame, totally posting this in the makeup community if I can find it)

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I love how far against mainstream Radcliff has gone post HP. And this is just delightful regardless

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What is an old show you think is great and really doesn't get mentioned enough? Why should someone watch it?

Cats are a Blessing (lemmy.world)
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Hope mildly witchy stuff qualifies. At least while things start gaining momentum. I have a lot of those!

A Good Reminder (lemmy.world)
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You're important too

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