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Watts in a resistive example like yours is Volts x Amps. I would have been able to much better answer this question a year ago so forgive me if I'm misremembering the specs but I'll answer since nobody else has. Two things that suggest to me this might be a bad idea:

  • Charger is 40W, that's probably usb PD (I don't know anything about QC so maybe I'm wrong). PD supplies more than 15W (5V x 3A) by stepping up the voltage, not the amperage. While stepping up either would likely be bad or very bad for some part of your circuit, don't worry about that though; without the powered device telling it to, PD won't activate. It should max out at 15W... I think. It depends on the resistance on the CC lines and using a splitter could screw up the resistance that tells the power supply which USB version to support so it can go up to 3A (15W). Sorry, it's been a while since I've worked with USB power. 2 strips of 11W will need more power than that. Basically my concern is you won't get adequate power out of the charger for one reason or another.
  • Where are you getting the 11.52W/min number? Watts don't have a time unit and that much precision sketches me out. Almost as if someone who isn't adequately educated measured the power straight off a multimeter once and just wrote that on a product page. Is the LED strip from a reputable manufacturer?
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That's exactly where you are

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Last night while I was half asleep I told my girlfriend that "they're making the tectonic plates machine washable".

Do with that information what you please.

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Yes, this is what makes you sound like a wonderful father. That you didn't see it as even optional. None of us are experts on things we haven't experienced before 😊

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I think people like you are a hair from being as insane as the people they lock up.

Since I fully agree with what the commenter you're replying to said, I'll assume you're lumping me into that group too.

Sure, call me insane. Call me crazy. Call me fucking nuts and say I need a straight jacket. Whatever floats your boat.

You're not one of the people that can lock me up though and it's pretty clear why. So just remember that "crazy" motherfuckers like me are driving next to you on the freeway, shopping behind you in the grocery store, living down the hall, etc. We could lose it at any point!

Fear of what you don't understand and ignoring expert opinions are destroying society. Which side of that would you like to be on?

Plus, you're talking to another human being, it's just fucking disrespectful.

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I personally see it as "hyperfocus" when I'm talking about minutes or hours and "fixations" when on the scale of weeks or months. But I have a lot of opinions about semantics for someone who isn't a professional 😂

And I agree with his point in the video, probably because I first saw it years ago so I'm already biased and it's also very much the case for me. It's perseveration. I can't break away from the task, sometimes even if I'm screaming at myself internally to do so. I hate it and it feels like I'm malfunctioning at the time. Hyperfocus sounds like a good thing, maybe even superhuman, that you can willingly steer, and that's not the case.

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Yeah they really buried some critical information on this one. I get the point of the article about general surveillance but when people feel tricked they get burned out on the issue and trust the media less. They could have made the point they wanted without making it clickbait.

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And it was when reading this comment that I realized I was thinking of Philip J Fry and Stephen Fry is not him.

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I thought it was just (or mostly) partial pressure of O2 when it comes to hemoglobin? It's been about 15 years since I was in school so I might remember wrong.

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This video is great, I watched it around a year ago and if it's new information it totally changes the way you think about grounding. It's also helpful in choosing how to use your layers. It's a little slow so it might take a couple of sittings to watch the whole thing.

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The latest letter from the Ohio representative explains Congress' "clear legislative interest" in making sure elected prosecutors don't abuse their authority to politically "target federal officials,"

Uhh... He's not a federal official. Sit down Gym.

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Could you pin a comment on the post for that first article that gives links to alternative articles? I don't know if that's possible on lemmy. But megathreads are annoying to me because they usually just have a list of articles that is overwhelming and it's much easier to just read none of them. Plus it doesn't interact well with continuing conversation once it falls off the front page.

If there were a way to remove posts from the feed (either everything/local/subscribed or the community+everywhere) without destroying the post itself it would be nice too because you wouldn't be deleting conversations. Then you could pin the other conversations on the first one.


Edit: I just learned from a comment on another post here that it's literally the only rule for this community. Thanks @[email protected] for taking out the trash.

I just ran into several comments all saying this. If you're going to be policing this community for "normal human behavior" you've certainly got a lot of work cut out for yourself. Almost everything about ADHD is an exaggeration of normal human behavior, we don't randomly tweet like birds or wear silly hats, it's the exaggeration that makes it a disorder.

It's also really invalidating and it's the same gaslighting crap that we've had fed to us by jerks our whole lives.

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Note: I just re-read it before posting and realized its long and I'm putting it in the "casual conversations" community... I think I'd still consider it casual because it's just a story of day-to-day life and I'm not particularly looking for advice or feedback, it's just for fun.

I'm bored and figured I'd tell a kinda funny story that happened recently. As someone who used to enjoy all of the relationship/dating/drama/interpersonal stuff on that other site and doesn't see much here, maybe it's time to provide some of my own! This one's a mostly positive story.

A short version of the lead-up: I've been dealing with the worst anxiety/ptsd so far in my life for the last year or so, and asked my psychiatrist if we can "experiment" with meds I haven't tried yet to see if anything could help. This time around I was shocked when the first drug I tried was an enormous help! I've been on at least 30 different psych meds before for this and that, but hadn't focused my sights on anxiety before, and it's always been a lot of trial and error before finding one that works.

My anxiety went from so all-consuming to seemingly non-existant I wondered if it had somehow turned off my ability to feel anxiety at all. Over the next month I realized that wasn't the case; I was just much closer to normal levels of anxiety now and my tolerance for it was super high because of how bad it was before. Note for anyone who reads this: if you have anxiety, it's worth double-checking with your doctor that you've tried everything; there may be a medication you haven't tried that could have a huge impact.

All that is to say that recently I've noticed how much clearer my mind is and how much more thought time I can give to anything other than worrying. It's amazing.

For context, I'm 36M, she's 30F. One of the things I really was forced to put on the backburner since it had started less than a year ago was processing my evolving feelings for our relationship. It almost feels like I'm back in the first couple of months of dating again; all the butterflies, constant amazement at how cute I think she is, stupid little insecurities, feeling lucky, etc started over while simultaneously already knowing her on a pretty intimate level. Definitely a weird experience, and I'm sure it's a little irritating at times to be at the "comfortable" stage of a relationship dating someone who basically just "restarted" their mind with respect to how they feel about being with you. Luckily, she's pretty patient. (btw, hi abe!)

We're both similar but not identical flavors of neurodivergent, and like many couples of any blend we've got our own set of communication issues. As I'm in this state of being super-excited about her and us, and generally knowing that this is a great pairing, I asked a few times here and there if she confidently knows if she wants to marry me one day. Not actually proposing, but feeling out her thoughts on it to see where we are. I personally am more of an "engaged after two years of dating" type.

I may not have phrased it that cautiously when I asked her originally. I can be a little intense when I get fixated on something and am a pretty impulsive talker. It probably doesn't help that I have a tendency to ask ridiculous questions totally deadpan just to see her reaction and find out her thoughts, and I do that probably just as much if not more as I ask things seriously. So, as you might be predicting, unbeknownst to me I might have been cultivating some worries on her side that I wanted to get engaged and married ASAP.

We also have had some ridiculous circumstances in our relationship where we've thrown normal relationship expectations/timelines out the window and done crazy things like move in with each other on the second date (I'm happy to post that story another time, its ridiculous but has actually worked out so far). Of course, when you do crazy things when you've just met someone but only because of the circumstances, they might not be super confident that you wouldn't normally want to run things that way. My point is, I'm pretty sure she got to the point that she thought if she said "yes" I was going to book an appointment at the courthouse and we'd be changing our Facebook profiles to "married" by the end of the week.

She's naturally pretty quiet and avoids conflict so she hadn't brought it up. One night, as she was falling asleep I asked if she would marry me (trying to be funny about skipping the "confidently knows she wants to one day" part) and see what answer I'd get out of half-asleep her. She said yes, and so naturally I made a whole big deal about now being "engaged" and how exciting that was (like I said, I'm an impulsive talker; I never said I was particularly smart). No, I never considered us actually engaged (because I know you're reading this).

The next day, I don't remember how exactly we got to this point but we were talking about it and she told me what her hesitations about answering me were. I was pretty surprised to find out she thought I wanted to get married soon and it was causing a good amount of anxiety for her. I explained my real motivations to her: my biggest reason was because I've been in a lot of relationships in my life and I've never gotten a confident "yeah, I definitely think we'll get married someday provided nothing huge changes how I feel". I don't actually care about the getting married part. We could get married the day before the first one of us dies for all I care. It's the validation and knowing someone thinks they want to spend the rest of their life with you that I was looking for. If instead she proposed to me right now I'd still put off even planning the wedding for at least a year.

She felt a lot better and while I was frustrated I didn't see that coming or the pressure I was accidentally creating, I was happy that I was able to pretty easily take away something that was making her anxious.

I finally got that "yes" I was hoping for so I've ordered the promise ring for our pre-engagement!

(sorry, I did mention I like to say absurd shit deadpan, didn't I?)


I think I saw an issues page a while back but don't see anything in the sidebar or a quick glance at the settings.


[he/him] I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask; I wanted to post in an active, trans people-focused community where I'd get answers that were for sure going to lead to a place that align with my values. Feel free to delete this but please explain to me if it's offensive so I can correct my behavior going forward.

I see myself as an ally but unfortunately I don't have any trans friends that I can talk to. I've worked with and been in therapy with a few before, along with reading quite a bit online in places like here, so I'm not completely oblivious about what's going on.

One of the main things I feel I'm missing is the full vocabulary I should have in 2023. Example: I saw a post the other day either on this instance or hexbear mentioning "chasers" and had to pour through the thread to find out what that meant. I feel like an important part of advocating for trans rights as a cis person is knowing what's offensive so if I run into it I can call it out or I don't do something by accident out of ignorance. In the end I found out it was something I already knew was wrong but didn't have a name for it.

I'm sorry if this sounds stupid in the end but all of us have to start learning somewhere, right? I guess I'm looking for a place where people would assume you're asking in good faith but be open to questions coming from ignorance (not intolerance).

Tips for architecture? (sh.itjust.works)

Does anyone have a good place to get tips for architecture design in Satisfactory, preferably with images instead of videos?

I've watched a bunch of TotalXclipse's videos and he's on a totally different level from me. I'm picking up some ideas but it's difficult when you have a bunch of things you notice over the course of the video and you don't have a quick way to reference or remember them later.

I'm coming from 2000+ hours on Factorio and a bunch on DSP so I've got the logic part of my brain trained but the aesthetic of the architecture and full 3 dimensions is new to me. I'm like 400 hours in so I know the game well, as long as I'm just making boxes or 15° turns. Anyone have any tips?

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