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GenXer. I've gotten more progressive. I used to consider myself a moderate dem back in the 90s. On the other hand, the 90s moderate dem is now considered a commie woke libtard, so shrug? Shocking that I want justice for all, fair wages, end systemic racism, end homophobia, etc. So librul! I'm destroying Western society! Oh wait, I'm a POC immigrant woman, course I'm destroying America!

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Handspinning. I do a lot of fiber crafts.

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I buy it 4 times cos I'm Todd Howard's bitch. Though, I haven't preordered Starfield yet, so no so far gone.

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I think it should be on a case-by-case basis. I'm in the legal field, and there's definitely days I don't need to be in the office as almost all of our work is online now. State and federal mandatory efiling, e-discovery is online, and even our document management system is headed to the cloud, so no need for remoting in, just log into Microsoft 365 from any browser. Don't even need to own any Microsoft apps natively anymore.

On the other hand, there are days that I do need to be in the office: depositions and prepping witnesses, trial preparedness, and sometimes, you just need to touch base with everyone to see how things are going. I work in securities litigation, and those are frequently very complex, document and fact intensive cases.

We have a entire practices that are 100% remote now. The partners are either elderly, or they live far away from the office and were hybrid remote before the pandemic. The paralegal that works with those attorneys is also 100% remote.

Lastly, I am much more productive at home than in the office. I do not have ADHD, and do not have a problem with attention, and do not get distracted easily. On the other hand, I'm an introvert, and really loathe the interpersonal nonsense and constant interruptions of ppl barging into my office, more often enough that just to chat. Last month, I had to do a major document review of going through 10s of thousands of emails, and to just plow through that at home, comfy in my bed, where my bathroom is just a few steps away, made me so much more productive than being stuck in the office.

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I love that knit. I made one last year, my first time making cables. was a really good introduction, too, since it's small and easy to finish. I'm thinking of making a new one this year, but with a heavier wool yarn.

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I can't get into discord. As an old EFnet user, it's just clunky to me? I'm not sure, but it's not sticking for me

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Pepperidge farm remembers!

I never bought CDs after about 1999, so this never affected me. However, if I'm remembering correctly, you could get past that nonsense by running a black sharpie marker along the outside of the CD, effectively making that portion unreadable. Unless I'm thinking of something else. Pls correct if this was about another nonsense DRM.

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You know that meme of Buzz Lightyear? Dragons...dragons everywhere...It's annoying as fuck. Can't go anywhere without a dragon attacking.

Alduin bringing that dragon back to life is what causes dragons to spawn all over the place. While there are a few dragons here and there, it's not nearly as much as after Alduin.

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I was under the impression that the technique is to twist the tail into the stitch, and then weaves it into the stitches. I didn't see anything that says it's only for animal fiber. I'm using it on a tencel yarn right now. Seems pretty secure.

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A lot of conservatives hate LBJ and think FDR was the beginning of the end. After all, conservatives have been trying to tear down the New Deal since it was implemented.

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Btw the 1929 great crash was facilitate and exacerbated by lax Federal Reserve control of money issuance and the drastic tightening after the crash. This is actually an argument against centralized money.

I'd suggest you look up the Panics of the 19th century.

Well a joint stock company also does that. It engages in production. It does redistribute wealth. For a long time, public services e.g. firefighting, were provided by private entities. Is it socialism? I don’t think so. It has to involve coercion, say, via monopoly of violence to be socialism as it is a form of governing.

You obviously don't understand what socialism means. Socialism, by its definition, means involving government, be it local or federal. So, a private company is not socialism, a private fire fighting brigade is not socialism.

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I'm an immigrant that has worked extensively in the legal community with immigrants. I'm more than aware of what other regimes are like.

That being said, what I'd like to see is more nuance. There's this bizarre belief, and I'm not sure if it's age or lack of education, that says that only pure capitalism or pure socialism is BEST. When, in actuality, I don't think a healthy society can exist without the other. Pure capitalism will eat itself without the checks socialism brings; whereas pure socialism will reify itself into inertia without the incentives capitalism brings. The trick, of course, is finding a balance.

Unless you're an insane person like Maggot Trash-Garbage, I don't think anyone thinks the FDIC is bad, or government funding for new antibiotics, or NASA, or necessary municipal utilities like sewage systems or fire fighters. All of that stuff is socialism, and they work great along side capitalism. I also don't think the average person thinks breaking up monopolies is bad. Anti-trust laws and legislation are also socialism, remember.

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