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On the left is a word game from which you make various 3 to 6 letter words from the letter bank, some of which are impossible from the supplied letters. It claims your brain age is 59.

On the right is text that says, "A game that teaches you how to spell STINKS, INK, SIT, HINTS, KIN, and HIT without an I in the letter bank; SHORTS, ART, and CAR without an R; WON, SHOW, and SNOW without a W; WORN needs a W and R; WARM needs a W, R, and M... And it is going to accurately tell you YOUR BRAIN AGE???"

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I had never heard this term before.

hIGH gUYS (lemmy.world)
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His office later noted that DOJ already has the raw footage.

and later in the article:

Johnson's spokesman suggested that the speaker was trying to keep the raw footage away from online sleuths who have helped identify hundreds of Capitol rioters and aided in the FBI's investigation.


i.e. Let's not let the taxpayers aid law enforcement. Let's make the government spend taxpayer dollars when the public could help out.

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Somebody had to do it.

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Me reading that sentence:

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Continuing in personally attacking Engoron, he raged, "He’s an out of control 'Nut Job,' who fined me $10,000 over a ridiculous Gag Order

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I spent way too much time overthinking this one.

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TL;DR: I think it's a play to help Trump (if that's even possible) at taxpayer expense.

Another way to look at it, is that she and the Freedom Caucus are trying to make it impossible to fill the speaker position. Last time took 15 tries over 4 days. We have a pro-tempore speaker, but legislation will take a back seat to filling the Gavelmeister (I mean speaker).

This data is from Sept. 20 https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/20/politics/mccarthy-house-speaker-vote-margin-numbers-dg/index.html

  • 31 far-right Republicans who have repeatedly voted against McCarthy

  • 18 moderate Republicans in districts Biden won in 2020

  • 172 other Republicans

  • 212 Democrats

  • 2 vacancies

That's 435 seats (2 vacant). From 2001 to 2021, the Senate spent an average of 164 days in session each year, and the House spent an average of 149 days in session (source https://ballotpedia.org/117th_Congress_legislative_calendar). The annual salary of a rank-and-file Member of Congress is $174,000 (source: https://www.congressionalinstitute.org/2019/02/21/how-much-do-members-of-congress-get-paid-2/)

So each day of this clusterbuck, each member of congress is getting just over $1,167. Multiply that by 433 (the number of filled seats in Congress) and we spend $505,651 or half-a-million dollars each day for congress to twiddle their thumbs. It cost the US taxpayer more than 2 million dollars to elect McCarthy, and now we're going to pay to find a replacement.

While the republicans have the majority, it is fractured by extremists and moderates. The democrats won't vote for an extremist republican, so most likely 212 (Dem) + 18 moderates = 230 Nay, even if 172 others + 31 extremists say yea, the vote fails. But if the 31 extremists say nay to a moderate, it's going to take democrats reaching across the aisle, and then Gaetz plays the ouster card again.

We have a continuation resolution to keep the Government going for 45 days, or until Nov. 14. If The Freedom Caucus keeps the speaker position churning, the government may shut down because they are too busy playing "who gets the gavel?". The far right is pushing to cut funding for the F.B.I. and the Justice Department (source https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/04/us/politics/trump-house-budget-fbi-republicans.html) because this could help save Trump. But even if they got what they wanted now, I don't see New York stopping their trial, and I don't see Georgia just rolling over. Trump's bacon is being held to the fire. All the Freedom Caucus is doing is creating Chaos. I could hope their supporters would see this as an expensive Hail Mary, but I doubt it; they will probably get re-elected and this circus will continue.

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Well, Rule 4 says, "4. Post titles should be the same as the article used as source." And the source didn't put the country in the title.

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her actions were done as a test to see if the child’s father “gave a f--k at all,”

Because she obviously doesn't...

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Craig DeLeeuw Robertson was an American retiree from Provo, Utah who allegedly threatened online to assassinate President of the United States Joe Biden and other government officials and was subsequently shot and killed by agents of the FBI on August 9, 2023 when they attempted to execute search and arrest warrants.

He allegedly referenced the president's scheduled Thursday visit to Utah and threatened to dig out camouflage gear and a rifle.

In other posts, Robertson identifies himself as a “MAGA TRUMPER” and describes one of his rifles as a “DEMOCRAT ERADICATOR.”

The complaint included screenshots from Robertson’s profile where he threatened to shoot (New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is prosecuting a criminal case against former President Donald Trump) in a courthouse parking garage. But when FBI agents confronted Robertson, he said it was a dream, according to the complaint.

Days after FBI agents spoke with Robertson on March 19 and told him they were investigating his social media posts, Robertson started posting content addressed to the FBI itself. He often said he knew they were watching what he was posting, and that the agents who spoke to him came close to being shot.

Additional info from: https://www.sltrib.com/news/2023/08/10/what-we-know-about-provo-man/

So they didn't march in and assassinate him; they've been trying to get him to calm down since March and he still posts threats...

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Spez's leadership is clearly leading Reddit in a bold, new direction... down.

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Reddit CEO calls unpaid moderators' concerns "noise"


This is abusing volunteers. If there are 140,000 active subreddits and if 10% of the moderators hang up their aprons, then Reddit has 14,000 unmoderated subreddits. They can close the subreddits, pay someone to moderate, try to pawn them off on a new sucker, or have bots run the subreddits. The question is, in the meantime, will the spammers abuse Reddit like their mods are being abused by Reddit? Let Reddit deal with these problems. If you're a mod, why are you giving your time away for free to a company that doesn't care about you?

If you're a mod, I get that you care about your subreddit, but why waste your talent on someone who thinks your concerns are just noise?

The Minecraft Devs left Reddit:


Leave Reddit? To quote Din Djarin, "This is the way."

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Actually, as a mod, that's the strongest action you could take... stop moderating for free for reddit. "Jun 12, 2023 When they're all functioning normally, Reddit boasts nearly 140,000 active subreddits at any given time" according to https://wegotthiscovered.com/social-media/how-many-subreddits-are-on-reddit/ Now imagine 1 in 10 subreddits were abandoned by their mods. That's 14,000 subreddits without moderation. Let Spez take over the role of the Landed Gentry for 14,000 subreddits. If he thinks he's not making money now, how much will he have to pay to take care of all those subreddits?

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