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I heard it was terrrible. From multiple people. But then again my life is in film nerd circles and general movie enthusiasts, if not outright film school people. Now, a lot of the, can genuinely enjoy a blockbuster schlockfest where even I can’t (and I never went to film school), but I do enjoy good movies. I just heard almost unanimously that it was bad.

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Is this mononeon exploring a different side of his own music? Or is this a mononeon ripoff?

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Nice one. I wonder if they were sorta influenced by sleaford mods. This could start a whole “UK Grim” genre.

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I was a huge Kevin smith fan as a kid. But…clerks 3? Is it really worth it? I could get into enjoying some of it again, but I just, yknow, inferred it’d be bad.

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Isn’t being able to read it the problem? Like, we read it how it was written, so you showed us we can read by writing something incorrectly.

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Guys, he’s been pretty much out of the spotlight for almost a whole generation’s conscious life. A Gen Z person who doesn’t really know much about rap music could very easily not know who this is. The person you’re replying to isn’t saying, “pfft, I only like underground artists, I don’t even know who Taylor swift is.” They’re saying, “that name hasn’t crossed my radar, I needed the context.” Wtf is this hostility

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Hey it’s the sovcit whisperer!

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Henney said the trapper told him initially that Wally had been released into the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge about 60 miles southeast of Brunswick, near the Florida line. Later, Henney said, the trapper told him he released Wally into a swamp on private property. Now, Henney said, “He won’t tell us where he released Wally.”

This seems like the real fuckin conspiracy. So a guy kept an alligator, who cares? Why attack him? This trapper and the cops saying, “he did his job and released Wally at an undisclosed location” are what sound fishy af to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that there is a whole industry of gator leather that the cops look the other way on. Sounds way more plausible than anything any idiot “sleuths” have conjured up about the owner.

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Worse, they “need” pros.

Your position as a volunteer is crucial in ensuring that our customers have a positive experience.

Crucial, huh? Then fucking pay them.

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I can’t imagine the mental anguish this man had gone through. I can’t imagine the toll it took on his general sanity. He probably would’ve believed anything. And a mind in turmoil, under torture? Is capable of insane things, I’m sure. Who knows what went on up until that point. He was probably fucking destroyed. And here you are, calling him dumb as shit. Gross.

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There is a screwdriver that you can get at the hardware store for this type of screw. You shouldn’t have to, I definitely agree. But fuck ‘em, repair your shit with the $5 screwdriver.

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“Investing in green energy.”

That could be the full article. We all saw all the think pieces and trends about how green energies will be the next big market. But the US didn’t invest in it, deciding to “let the free market decide” and we all junked our jeans on machine learning. So here we are, consuming more energy than ever while other countries saw the trends, invested in green energies, and here we are.

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I don’t use the line often, but every time I do, there’s a train coming every 1-3 minutes. And even during rush hour, the trains are less than half full—literally less than a quarter full. Because there’s always another 1-3 minutes behind that. My more often used lines are coming every 12-15 min. Can’t they repo a few trains from the 7 to spread the love? Wtf mta

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Rough plot synopsis:

A skinny white cop (I believe with a mustache, brown hair), is depressed. Maybe something happened with his daughter dying or a divorce, maybe both. It was kind of an auteur type film. He ends up going on some sort of reckless crusade against the department, maybe? I remember something about an alcoholic priest too, but that might’ve been another trailer I saw around that time. Or maybe he was an alcoholic himself. (Again, this is a fuzzy memory, sorry.) A scene I vaguely remember is he’s shirtless and maybe his cop car is burning? Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? I really want to find it, it’s been bugging me for literally years. Thanks!

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I mean, fuck ConEd, amiright? More like CON ed. Gottem.

So I started looking through the ESCO list, I’m hoping to get a little feedback from anyone else who’s already researched or who already uses one they like or dislike.

I’d love to use some renewables, and/or save some money. I’m very annoyed that my service charges are almost always higher than my usage costs. I mean, what the fuck? Are they Ticketmaster? There’s no way they need to be taking that much. Absurd.

So. Anyone?

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I’ve always been thin. So now that I’m getting in shape, achieving abs and upper body strength was relatively straightforward.

But my ribs have always shown. Especially the bottom of my rib cage. Maybe the last three or four ribs, and it just looks weird. Is there something people would recommend, either diet-wise or (preferably) workouts to target that specific area?

Help would be appreciated!

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I’ve been looking for a high CBD, mid-to-low THC strain or tincture. All these gray area operations are garbage. I’ve been to legal countries and states where you can…ask questions and get answers and have knowledgeable conversations with someone with recommendations. These janky-ass bags of high-concept packaging you see littering every sidewalk are bullshit. Open a jar, weigh me out what I ask for, and know some shit about it.

Anyone got any ideas or a favorite dispensary? I feel like with the bodegas selling, everyone just wanted to hop in with a store front and two glass display cases, and buys everything from one shitty company probably ruining the industry already. (I guess I’m more heated about this than I thought.)

Any reds are ‘preciated.

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