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Of course, Brave is built by Google.

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I slapped a & before The and it worked out great

Tekken 5 / Rez, gun / & The Simpsons hit and run.

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I know too many people whose dogs and cats died from getting run over.

Also, I was bit in the face by an off leash dog as a child, went to the hospital, they had to stitch my lips back together.

A "well trained dog" is very subjective and requires a well disciplined person, and a "well trained dog" can still get confused, scared, or angry.

It's like saying seatbelts are absurd because a good driver doesn't crash.

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But term is all relative, long term means something different for everyone.

A four week t-bill has the same term as a hugely out of the money long call on a meme stock, and yet one is a tried and true investment strategy and the other is very clearly gambling.

The difference isn't the time, it's the risk profile.

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Ultimately it gets to the point of, is the risk higher than the risk of money in a bank account.

Given that (at least in the us) money sitting in a checking account is 100% risk with guaranteed negative returns (over time inflation will outpace interest), there are investments that can generally be considered safer (bonds, tbills, etc) than just holding dollar bills.

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This is a bad outlook, there are plenty of low risk investment strategies that are meant as income generation, and it's generally what you should switch to as you start needing to cash in on your savings, these are things like laddered tbills and dividend stocks.

You can go slightly riskier doing things like wheeling options if your tolerance is higher.

Investment profiles differ for a reason and the term of the investment is just part of the strategy.

I should add that 'buy and hold' does not make something not a gamble.

If I told you I bought a random crypto currency or penny stock with no future or fundamentals and plan to hold on to it for 10 years because I just know it's gonna hit big, would you not consider that a gamble?

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All three are different

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Try going to a casino where you put a $5 in a slot machine and get 12,350 credits.

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Factorio also interestingly, never goes on sale, Wube said that the value of the game is what it is and that's that.

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Stack ranking is toxic and removes individuality from a given employees expectations in my opinion.

People should be qualified to give proper unbiased reviews. Just because someone is an excellent engineer does not mean they are good at understanding other people's expectations and work outputs.

I worked at a company that had no 'managers' just the owner, and everyone else. I hated that I had no real way to settle disputes and every single disagreement has to ultimately be resolved by the literal one person who was in charge.

I think there is merit to flat structures, but I don't think the extreme is always the way to go.

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Thanks for the breakdown! This is probably the most helpful breakdown I've seen of a build like this.


For example, I would like to group many related communities together and then browse just that grouping.

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