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Ah… election year isnt it?

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Ah yes….Linux!

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Thats ok a guillotine can be moved or replicated

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Just stop with the avocado toast and starbucks

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Isnt weight easier then? One scale thats it? But then again to each his own.

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Pretends to be…?? He IS..

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Read in another article that internet is a must while installing, so probably also while gaming

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Read the article: couple of ppl died wierdly. Thats it.

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Ah thats the AAAA A

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Funny that they keep calling him a hunter… hes not a hunter hes a psycho who get a stiffy from kicking something thats already down. A real hero /s

submitted 1 month ago by SteefLem to c/protonprivacy

Dont know if anyone has any experience with this but i have a vpn plus account for 2 years and want to upgrade to unlimited soni can move my domain mail and stuff to proton. But i cant find any option for this or im blind. Do i now have to make a separate mail plus account? That would make the bill something like 380 euro for 2 years (since i already paid for vpnplus for 2 years) thats a little bit to much. Or is the only option to wait for my vpn plus to end (which is in about 20 months)?

Delete cache funtion (self.voyagerapp)
submitted 2 months ago by SteefLem to c/voyagerapp

I would really like a delete cache function in voyagerapp on ios. Other apps have it. I reinstall (as someone suggested) the app now every couple of weeks because a cache of 4gb is insane, and if i dont do this it just keep filling mu iphone. Shouldnt be that hard to implement?

Voyager cache (self.voyagerapp)
submitted 3 months ago by SteefLem to c/voyagerapp

Is there a way to clear the cache in voyager on ios? The app is growing way to big its now 2.1gb

is this any good (www.amazon.nl)
submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by SteefLem to c/selfhosted

So i want to do a large uograde to my “homelab” but since i dont want to spent 1200€ on an empty synology nas and another 1200€ on hdd, i saw this on amazon (sorry site is dutch) I have a synology ds416play with 40tb and want to use this new one with 80tb hdds and a lenovo m600 i5 attached with some nas software. Probably running on mint linux (no linux expert, heared this was the most newby friendly). Would this be good enough? Or should i just buy a synology rs1221rp+ My network just got expanded also to 2.5g internet and 10gbit network. There is so much out there that cant choose.

EDIT: tnx. Didnt need a lot of convincing but the usb is the killer. So gonna look further.

EDIT 2: thanks for all the advise and tips!! :)

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