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This would make an excellent embroidery project… and it just so happens I’ve been looking for inspiration 🤘🏼

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I use a wheelchair on occasion - when I’m unwell and use my wheelchair I measure about 3cm taller than when I’m well and have been walking!

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I’ve never heard it called “bad tension” but I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) which fits your symptoms. I can’t maintain my blood pressure when I stand still (or if I get too hot, bend down, lift my arms over my head, eat a big meal…) my heart rate skyrockets to try to compensate and I ultimately faint.

I was diagnosed in 2012 and they’re still tweaking my medication to try and get it right. For most people it starts in their teenage years and they “outgrow” it within 5 years. For me it’s second to moderately severe Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, there’s no outgrowing it. I can’t go anywhere that requires more than a short walk from the car to a seat - queues are literally my enemy - so I use a wheelchair. The amount of dirty looks I get when I get out of my wheelchair to move to a more comfortable seat, or to go to the toilet etc are awful! Not only are a lot of disabilities invisible but not everyone who uses a wheelchair can’t walk at all. Grrrr!

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That’s what makes the comeback clever…

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I’m the mod for both communities but every time I post there someone comments that it doesn’t belong! 😅


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Believe what you see, not what you’re told

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Swear away friend. As long as you’re not inciting violence or using slurs/language to intimidate, have at it.

Malcom Tucker will always be my favourite go to when insulting politicians (or anyone actually) “You’re a fucking omnishambles, that’s what you are. You’re like that coffee machine, you know: from bean to cup, you just fuck up.”

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Nah. It’s not a particularly clever comeback. I don’t doubt he was pleased to have the opportunity but I don’t think that’s why he posted.


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Still shows as donations disabled to me. No doubt that $400k will be sorely needed despite the boys getting the drugs covered.

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Go fund me is paused as they got the insurers to change their minds (with pressure from Missouri lawmakers I believe). The kiddos will get the drug they need.

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Don’t worry, I have a life threatening illness and reduced life expectancy anyway. And I’m not suicidal. It was already my preferred way to go, this ordeal with my mum just made it crystal clear in my mind. Thankfully I have access to everything I need already so I wouldn’t get anyone else in trouble and my loved ones understand my decision and feel similarly. It being legal would be a bonus, but I’m not letting a law stop me.

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My mums been in hospital for 10 weeks. She only 62 and was admitted for a fairly routine infection after chemo for breast cancer. Since she’s been in hospital I’ve lost count of all the things that have gone wrong but the most distressing thing is the hospital delirium she’s developed. I’d never have believed my mum could become so violent and abusive, it’s like she’s a completely different person. She has absolutely no agency over her body at the moment, she can’t even sit up unaided. It’s so horribly undignified that it’s completely cemented my decision to commit suicide once I get a terminal diagnosis (or a diagnosis that I know I couldn’t deal with graciously). I can’t have children so it’s a small comfort that I won’t inflict the pain and heartbreak I’m experiencing from my mum, but I don’t ever want to treat my partner how she’s treating my dad. I’m going out on my own terms if at all possible.

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I don’t know anyone irl who might be vaguely interested so I thought I’d post here! I’m making this hat for my MIL when I see her in a few weeks. It’s a free pattern and you can find it here.

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