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I've been waiting for action since Columbine happened my senior year of high school.

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Vermin will always have my vote where it really counts: In my heart ❤️

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"Next week to improve employee morale we will have a pizza party" - Nadella, probably

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If they shared the same protocol, or at least reasonably compatible versions of it, you could have one app that does all of them.

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If you tried to create a centralized one? Yeah, it would take a lot. Would a decentralized one be as expensive? I'm not sure.

I think the best goal would be to try to create a platform for creators that has a low barrier to entry - both in terms of cost and skill - that gives them the ability to easily and quickly set up a "channel" to "broadcast" from and earn some revenue somehow.

Why build one competitor to YouTube when we could build a billion of them?

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The conservative right in America is very, very good at publishing a super-simple and well-integrated storyline into politics

One thing those not-on-the-right in America are bad at doing is crafting a narrative. People want to vote for better, but the not-on-the-right only seems to offer the status quo. (Honestly, it's a global phenomenon. See France's snap elections for the latest iteration.) I feel that if they offered a vision of the future that people could get behind other than "Office Space for everyone, everywhere, forever" there would be a lot more enthusiasm.

Conservatives have a very convenient narrative they can use: The Hayes' Coded Turner Classic Movie America is the "Great Again" they're trying to make America. They can just point to the highly sanitized and glorified days of the 80's and earlier as a tangible goal.

If the not-on-the-right could offer a clear, coherent vision of a future where people don't feel like they're getting ripped off I think they'd do better in elections globally.

so that’s why we have the same people who dressed up to watch Wrestlemania and denied that it was scripted, now running around the US countryside in new costumes, waving new flags.

"It's still real to me dammit!

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Yes this meme is made of meme

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Man, Supply-Side Jesus got rode hard and put away wet

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No that's WFH jobs

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The Discworld fandom is another one you can't be in if you're an asshole because you clearly didn't understand the source material.

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I don't know. I've been to some pretty disorganized Hellenistic pagan events. Damn good time, though.

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Complete with "Under Construction" gifs

Cheers genitals (lemmy.world)
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