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This is the video in question, which seems to indicate the elgato software is to blame for the poor quality.

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The National Post is a right leaning publication, and this article uses quotes from a Republican appearing on Fox News to provide context for figures sourced from the Daily Mail, which is owned by immigrant hating Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News.

The article also mentions some lawyer telling Voice of America something, but the source link only takes you to Voice of America's website, not to any specific article. It's possible this was done intentionally to hide when that event occurred, because VOA was a mouthpiece for the Trump presidency when he was in office after installing loyal right wing followers in leading positions.


Look under 'Controversies'

I think it's safe to say this article is attempting to send a certain message, and is clearly biased, so bear that in mind, dear reader.

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You have fine taste, then. ^^

But please, by all means post anything you think would fit here, I absolutely welcome contributions from anyone, since it means I don't have to post as much ๐Ÿ˜„

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It's eerily similar. Another modern instance would be the International Freedom Battalions in Rojava, which were directly inspired from the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War.

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Incidentally, Orwell fought in the Spanish Civil war as well under the POUM, and went on to write a book about it. What he saw in Catalonia solidified him as a Democratic Socialist for the rest of his life, and soured him on totalitarian communism after seeing how the communists betrayed the Anarchists and the POUM, which inspired him to write Animal Farm.

For a deeper history on the Spanish Civil War, I'd highly recommend this excellent documentary series.

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I guess there's nothing particularly solarpunk-y about this track, but... I just thought it was rocking enough to share.

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"Oh, Oh! You're sayin' yes? you're sayin' go for it then, orb? Right."

God it's brilliant.

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โ“‰โ“—โ“” โ“„โ“กโ“‘.

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That's an incredible name.

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Gah! I wish so desperately that wasn't the case, but I can't dispute that. It really does feel like without investment in our rail network, there's no good way of long distance travel, so it's currently just a shit sandwich all around.

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Sublinks and piefed don't compete with lemmy, or at least, they don't weaken the ecosystem since they are all inter compatible.

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Ahh, you're the guys who posted over in reddit before your thread got locked that think it's a good idea to promote Russian propaganda equally with Ukrainian content, because you don't want to 'Take sides' politically. Closed source too, so that's pretty much a dealbreaker right there, especially for Privacy focused users. We've been abused by closed source software for far too long to trust anything less.

You also have absolutely no plan on how to monetize, as others have said in this thread already.

I certainly won't be supporting you, not with those values.

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Have faith, brother. God guided his hand, it was a Holy removal.

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