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I think those are called "buddy comedies", if you'd include things like Wedding Crashers.

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For water and pop, sure.

For cocktails, not so much.

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Sure. But you're be surprised how often someone asks for, say, a sangria without ice and then asks why the glass is only half full.

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See also: Trigun, Firefly, The Mandalorean

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You remember a few years back when stimulus cheques were being sent out? They were only being sent to those who filed taxes.

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Because they want to keep you in the sandbox.

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Literally none. I enjoy interactive entertainment much more than passive consumption.

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Depends if I know them. There's been a permanent camp around the corner from my house the last five years. My wife and I know a lot of the long-term residents and have helped them do laundry, charge phones, and file taxes. But a stranger? I'd direct them towards other local resources.

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That they could get the same level of table service if waitresses were paid a flat wage.

That waitresses rely on tips to make up for a deficient wage instead of the other way around.

That less ice will mean more drink in the glass.

That the 185°F water from the coffee machine will clean the silverware better than the much hotter sterilizing rinse of the industrial dishwasher.

That they should wait to complain to a manager instead of telling me right away if something is off so I can fix it.

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Honestly, most accusations of passive aggression seem to be from people used to more blunt social mores towards people with more circumspect ones.

But passive aggression IS real, and comes down to one thing: Trying to have conflict without confrontation; trying to attack or criticise others without allowing for response.

Phrasing a request by stating a desire that someone do the thing is not passive-agressive. Writing an angry anonymous note IS passive-aggressive. Criticizing a problem to someone who can fix it is not passive-agressive. Criticizing someone for a problem to a third person IS passive-aggressive.

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I upvote comments that contribute to the discussion, even if I disagree. I downvote comments that detract from the discussion or use slurs. Comments that add nothing but aren't harmful I leave unvoted.

Posts are a little different. I upvote posts that are interesting (or sparked interesting comments) and on-topic for the muni. I downvote posts that are off-topic and videos posted without a text summary. Posts which don't interest me but are on-topic I leave unvoted.


How do we feel about this? Article makes it sound like there will be a greater emphasis on deëscalation and oversight, but is that enough of a change?


Now I tell Yo-Yo Ma jokes, which are much classier.


Nope! Had to quick charge my radar, but o e last day of snow got it for me!


This is one of my favorite songs off my Xmas playlist. The Michael Martin Murray original is also good, but I prefer the sound of the Killers' cover, and the video only makes it weirder.

Also one of the best descriptions of American folk dancing in popular media.


Atomic Robo is a comic book, mirrored on the web, about alternate history. In this arc, the eponymous hero has been sent back in time to the Old West... where he finds an old enemy who hasn't met him yet.


Paul is transported to another world where he doesn't know the rules and has to start over in a strange land. He befriends the locals, goes on adventures, becomes their leader, and eventually saves the planet.

What do we think?


Often I end up closing the list and immediately turning to self-soothing. And because there's no way to know in advance if a task on the list will give me anxiety, this often results in my list being not just unusable but unreadable, preventing me from doing or even remembering the non-anxiety tasks on the same list.



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