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Unfortunately we've only got about a billion.

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In high school I had novels in my backpack and spent all my free time reading. Would rush to class early to read more.

It's the same shit at a different scale.

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Yeah. DC has some very pretty metro stations. NYC has SO MANY stops in Manhattan it was silly when visiting.

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I play the Sunday as a group and my God. Crosswords have some of the most bullshit rules.

You can put multiple letters on a single square? Reebus. You can also have an answer that's a whole phrase instead of a word.

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The law, for example, requires listing off every single asset you own that’s worth more than a thousand dollars. And punishment for errors is jailtime.

Absolutely obscene. Just thinking about my average apartment that would include 5 desktops, 2 phones, 2 tvs, couch, sundry jewelry, etc. Plus cars and other big ticket items. And I really don't have a lot of stuff outside my computer hobby. I'm almost certainly missing quite a few things, as well.

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That link linked to /modcoord at perhaps dozens of moderators promised to leave, which is far more impactful than users. I know just from watching kbin, lemmy and other sites grow from this summer on that hundreds to thousands likely left reddit. Unfortunately it's probably a drop in the bucket but Web 2.0 was always probably going to win. The only real way I can see of us getting out of that en masse if when each site inevitably kills themselves through mismanagement.

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I actually used to rely on that, using for most searches. Reddit had some of the best in-depth discussion and tech advice I could find. Compared to the multitudes of blogs, YT videos, and decades-old forum posts that normally came up, reddit usually provided useful info. And it's pretty much the only reason I'm ever on the site now: the only results for some searches are on reddit.

Eventually if the quality of the posts decline, their SEO presence probably will as well. But google has been absolute dogshit for about a year now so who knows what that field will look like in another year. =/

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Ever since earlier this year I've had WAY more friends, family and news articles I've seen mention or link to reddit than the past. I don't know if it's confirmation bias since I left reddit or if it just gained popularity at the same time or what. But I used reddit for ~12 years and few other people in my circle used it heavily. Now it seems like it exploded?

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I more meant if you require companies to send you goods to review for your business to work, then you can't be impartial.

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That's a lot of people you need to convince to move to shit hole states.

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Why is it hard? At least to get an approximation since you can't measure everywhere.

We know temperatures of the mantle and both cores. We know their size. We can ignore the crust as a rounding error. This approximation will improve as our measurements get better.

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Untrustworthy. Real reviewers buy the product. If you are reliant on companies to send you product to review then you cannot be impartial.


Did you pick one of the origin characters? The free-form "origin" character The Dark Urge? A totally custom character?

And what class are you picking and excited about?

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