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For this law specifically, it didn't when it was first proposed. I was living in Montreal at the time and there were protests. The provincial government said the cross is "not a religious symbol" or something similar.

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I mean, I understand your frustration, this and previous governments should have dealt with the housing shortage long ago. But I'd say it's unfair to say they're pushing up housing prices, particularly after they just released a plan to address the problem. https://www.pm.gc.ca/en/news/news-releases/2024/04/12/announcement-canadas-housing-plan#:~:text=The%20plan%20lays%20out%20a,being%20built%20anyway%20by%202031.

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This all sounds great. Unfortunately too late to keep me in academia but hopefully it helps the next generation of scientists!

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That's not fair to OP. He didn't complain about the answers anywhere. I'm just suggesting to folks here that maybe you'd reach more people if you didn't imply that anyone who asks a question is either stupid or malicious.

It doesn't seem too crazy to me to say that someone should be able to enter a conversation and say they don't know something without being attacked.

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I getcha, I'm just saying that engaging with people who ask a question by implying they're stupid or malicious isn't a great way to reach them, or others that read what you've written.

Maybe you disagree, but just think about it some.

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What movie? I've heard the rule but never the source.

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I liked the fight with him but I was a little frustrated at how railroaded into it I was. I had planned to get in, and get out before he got back but it just drops you into a fight with him. I'd love for them to add a round timer and make it possible to get out without fighting him.

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I'm surprised this got so many upvotes, a lot of it is factually incorrect! For instance many grids worldwide are over 50% renewables. You can scrub carbon with a net carbon loss if you use solar powered to do it.

There's also no reason that capturing the carbon would cost all the energy that was released by burning it (you don't have to make it into the same fuel molecule).

Honestly this sounds like climate change denier shit, "it's too late there's nothing we can do, buy more oil.".

On the positive side, I agree that nuclear is great!

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Agreed, it's a great game to the point that I'm willing to look past the jankiness, but there are some huge gaps right now. For examples, I have Asterion equipped with a finesse longsword and it seems like the sneak attack animation is missing, the game just hangs for 5 seconds and then computes damage every time.

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