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This all sounds great. Unfortunately too late to keep me in academia but hopefully it helps the next generation of scientists!

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Stipends for master’s students will rise from Can$17,500 (US$12,700) to $27,000 per year, PhDs stipends that ranged from $20,000 to $35,000 will be set to a uniform annual $40,000 and most postdoctoral-fellowship salaries will increase from $45,000 to $70,000 per annum.

In today’s economy, rental market, and housing market? This sounds downright pathetic. I mean, it might help reduce the brain drain, but it isn’t going to magically reverse decades of neglect. Values like these need to be doubled again in order to reverse such systematic neglect.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 weeks ago

Very very few students receive these scholarships however. Only about 3000 in all fields in the entire country: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/CGSAllocations-QuotasBESC_eng.asp

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