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New? You never saw The Incredibles or The Fantastic Four, did you?

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DC fat shoes are the best!

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One of the reasons why I love being able to put images in responses? This sort of shit right here.

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Barbarian encampment discovered.

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I'm already signed up as I'm house hunting and I tried this to get a vague idea of where to move to.

This is what it looks like for England/Wales

No statistics for Manchester, though. I haven't looked into why that's a thing.


A small section of Central London. It only tells you the rate vs the national average. The red in the population box at the top showing that crime here is more than 3x the national average (it doesn't show any higher figures)

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I'm sure Pakistan would be happy to help 👀

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I wonder if he goes in with an archeological brush

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"You know, I have Sky TV" 😏

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Seeing dinosaurs like this always makes me wonder: had they not been extinct, where would life in Earth be nowadays? Which one would have taken a similar evolutionary path as humans and start walking entirely upright? Which would have started utilising their surroundings to their advantage like humans?

Which could have turned into actual Silurians?

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Of course the most fabulous looking cyber truck is gay 🏳️‍🌈❤️

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Baby Shark (
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Shark in title!

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A clothes peg made from jeans.

We're still doing jeans, right?


You can try to kill this meme, but it ain't happenin' today!

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