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Signal's location share AFAIK can't be a live location share (which is useful during events like amusement park trips and stuff)

They have invite links to group chats? I don't know how that would work

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Trump can't be both "different from everyone else" and "everyone's worries about the guy are unfounded, he's just another politician."

While I know you didn't say he's the same, per se, you might as well by comparing alarms that Obama or Romney are going to be forever presidents to the guy literally "joking" about being a forever president that's taken possibly criminal steps to subvert the results of an election already.

It's not just the fringe paranoid folks saying "this could be the end of democracy as we know it if Trump wins."

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Did you read what OP wrote?

I don't know why two of you are replying to me saying "but it restores my tabs?"

I'm asking OP "what's going on that it doesn't restore your tabs?'

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A different angle of attack might be ... why isn't it capable of restoring your tabs and is that fixable?

Particularly relevant since this seems to be IT enforced updates.

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Well... That sucks. It looked like a decent update on Dirt Rally 2 as well

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I'm opposed to the idea, we've got enough people that think their ideas need to be broadcast to everyone in the world.

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That sounds like a really cool title for a game if nothing else!

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This reminds me of the new game Andrew Gower and his brothers have been working on, Brighter Shores. It's a pure passion project based on a from scratch game engine that was created to make programming (even massively) multiplayer online games much easier.

The goal isn't profit but rather, to have fun, and make a cool enjoyable game. He's said they've made more than enough money from the sale of Jagex and RuneScape back in the day (which FWIW, he regrets that sale and a lot of what has happened at Jagex/to RuneScape).

I love to see game developers (and people in general that ... "make it" and then go "you know what, I do have enough").

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Any doctor worth their salt is going to be able to answer the question "how do you know that?" way better than "I just do" or "I have a medical degree" and that's the point; I've yet to find a problem space where that isn't the case. I don't try to win arguments by waiving my credentials around and I don't expect people to take my for "my word" just because of my credentials.

There are plenty of people with titles and fancy degrees that are not worth listening to, like the Ohio doctor (that somehow recently got her medical license back) that claimed the COVID vaccine was making people magnetic, Dr. Oz, etc.

Put another way, do you trust the alleged internet licensed electrician that says a ground wire makes you safer but can't explain why, the alleged internet licensed electrician that says a ground wire is worthless, or the person that says "fuck who I am, ground wires are important because they allow tying things like a metal mixer's body to an incomplete circuit, so that if the metal becomes electrified the circuit is instantly completed and the breaker trips. Alternatively, the circuit becomes completed when you touch the metal and you might die before the breaker trips. If you don't have a ground you can protect humans with a GFCI which detects current loss at the outlet and cuts the power locally. However, a GFCI may not detect some situations that a ground wire would resolve, like an arc that makes use of a grounded portion of the appliance and may generate enough heat to start a fire. AFCIs have been created to help detect this situation. However, both GFCI and AFCI can fail and thus a ground wire is still a useful backup option that also has value for some sensitive electronics."?

Most professionals aren't going to volunteer all of that, but many will volunteer more and more if challenged/questioned.

For reference, my background is in Software Engineering but my father is an electrician at a factory, and a good friend of mine is a forensic electrical engineer. I have no formal credentials in electrical engineering ... but I do know a fair bit about the what and why ... because I have been inquisitive, I've questioned the experts that I've come across to understand their field and learned from them.

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Not to mention this was the first 2 years, the years an administration is typically least effective.

If Biden gets years 4-6 with a democrat majority in the house and senate it will be a big deal.

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I'm waiting on the EV makers to pivot away from huge vehicles ( I'm waiting for better charging infrastructure or at the very least a consensus on what plug is going to be used. I'm waiting for cars to be able to power homes during a power outage.

I don't think this is far away, maybe 2025 or 2026. However, it's not a great couple of years to buy right now. As I have a Camry in pretty good condition and don't drive a ton ... I fully intend to wait until I'm really ready to buy. As much as I want an EV, I want a good EV not debt for the sake of an ideal.

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their only hope for a cheap option was artificially doubled in price overnight

Not true.

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TikTok’s Pro-China Tilt (
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The times dives into an intelligence report on how TikTok's political algorithm anomalies align with the CCP's Geostrategic Objectives

This report highlights major differences in the prevalence of hashtags related to subjects like Hong Kong Protests, Tainanmen Square, Tibet, the South China Sea, Taiwan, Uyghurs, Pro-Ukraine, and Pro-Isreal when compared to other major social media platforms.

Additionally the times cited a Wall Street Journal analysis ( which "found evidence that TikTok was promoting extreme content, especially against Israel. (China has generally sided with Hamas.)"

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I thought this was a nice summary. I haven't been on in a while so I haven't seen the changes first hand. How are folks liking them?

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Hi all,

I'm visiting a relative that has a Google WiFi system with multiple access points. There's an access point literally right next to me that I can see in the KDE BSSID list with 100% connection strength.

For some reason, it's instead picking a BSSID with only 60% strength. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it's choosing this access point instead of one of the others? Is this something the Google WiFi controls/suggests to the laptop, is something bugged, or is there a good reason Linux might be choosing this particular access point?

EDIT: It turns out the access point placement was actually just really bad, and the access point in question was not even making it to the rest of the LAN... The speed difference between my phone and laptop seems to be just that, something to do with a difference between the framework and the Pixel's wireless cards (or drivers). Even with everything corrected, the Pixel is significantly out performing the framework.

Water has a perfect memory (
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Apologies for the recent Spam (
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The recent spam was a result of me hooking up (my) auto post bot to the Zed community without taking enough precautions.

This is a bot I wrote to take care of posting community news automatically... It's been doing very well for various other Lemmy communities.

Alas... Most RSS feeds are designed to only have a few recent posts. I was expecting it to post maybe 10 things... Instead the RSS feed was complete (i.e., included ALL Zed Industries posts). The bot thus preceded to posted everything Zed Industries has ever posted.

I've removed all the duplicate posts and left the new ones up... Sorry if you were impacted in the ~15 minutes or so it took me to get the situation sorted.

I'll be making some changes to how the bot handles newly added feeds to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Regarding Recent Varlamore Leaks (
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(A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

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(A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

Defender of Varrock (
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(A catch up post ... the bot was broken by my instance upgrading to Lemmy 1.19, fixed now!)

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