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Mood. (ttrpg.network)
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God, I forgot this was Anya Taylor Joy's first movie role

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There's a monthly/yearly paid version with some extra features for those who want to support the dev, and also a one time ad-free purchase option.

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Mhm. He very obviously has a style and voice that he enjoys and works well for him. At this point if I'm reading a Weir book it's because that's the vibe I want

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I used to mod /r/DnDMemes, and yeah it decimated the morale of the team, even pre-bans.

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I'm playing Karlach and really enjoying it. Only downside is that the act 1 romance is limited by the whole "I will burn you with skin contact" thing.

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Yeah that's acceptable dig-a-hole territory there

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While I'm not mad at all that they've killed Cortana as a service, I am a little ticked that they used the name for their C- Siri and are now calling their AI service Bing AI instead of using the Cortana name for that

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Bind your quicksave and quickload keys

On PC these default to F5 and F8, respectively.

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I'm impressed it's only the two of you at that level. Are you having trouble finding the others, or are you intentionally going at it as a duo?

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Yeah, the man definitely doesn't want people really investigating whether the GA elections were tampered with, because when you open that box who knows which way the shit will fly.

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Mhm. You don't have to be particularly eloquent for it, but a basic description of what your character is trying to say goes a long way. "I persuade the guard to let us past" won't get you much, but "I appeal to the guards better nature, and use our shared occupation/love of X/ my most attractive smolder to ask the guard to let us past" will do great things in either the DC or getting advantage.

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For the record, I fully support what the remaining mod team is doing, they are a wonderful group and I trust them completely. I don't regret the choices I made, only that my actions got a few other mods shit canned in the process.

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Help an injured restauteur prep a 5 course meal while avoiding the health inspector! Rules light, but easy to learn, with a variety of rats, meals, and things that could go wrong to make each game fresh and interesting!

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