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At some point you're just so tired that comfort and time is much less of a factor, I mean I feel like I can fall asleep anyti

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When in doubt with alchemy

Just recall the Rule of Three

Thrice the same ingredient

Forms an extract excellent

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He co-founded an auto racing team with someone at Valve called The Heart of Racing. He's pretty active there actually, even participates in some of the marketing material for a racing series called IMSA(International Motor Sports Association).

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This man does not look like he owns a racing team

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I think I stopped when they just found Alexandria. Honestly the intro theme is what kept me coming back when it was getting really slow, like The Governor's arc.

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Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn't like it. The person is fine now but if I had reacted faster, we might have been able to prevent a couple problems.

I've been in other emergencies before where I had to call the shots but I guess I want to think faster and keep it consistent at a higher level, and I want to improve on it for future scenarios, but what can I do to do that?

Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's replies, I'll be looking into a routine to acclimate myself with these kinds of situations

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No need for milk crates, just take out all of the beer and use the carton as the stand then lean the TV against the wall. Put the chair in its lowest setting and you're good

If the carton is too flimsy, down a couple beers and put them in the carton standing up on both sides

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I'm from Asia and honestly it's really tiring to hear people keep making fun of Americans.

It was never funny to bring up shit like children fucking dying from school shootings in a snarky comment, and I think any reasonable person with actual, genuine concern for the world's problems understands that if all we had to do was give, everyone would well have fucking received already.

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I rage-clicked, rage-chuckled, and rage-upvoted. God dammit

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Holy shit you're right. I feel like I just grew a brain cell

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I heard from some incredibly unreliable source that people do this because they don't get told that they're doing a good job enough. For what it's worth you're all doing great

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Lol what do you even do in this situation? I don't even know what I did wrong, just trying to connect

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Well now I'm going to expect something surprising

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Found this moka pot at a friend's relative's house, they said it's been in their family for a bit over a decade. It just broke about a week ago, but it seems like it means a lot to them. Unfortunately they're a little too old to check out how to get it fixed, so I'm thinking of doing it for them in the near future just as a gesture.

Question is, is it possible? If so, what needs to be done/replaced?

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Hey Lemmy. In my friend group we have someone that's immigrating to a different country to pursue a better life. None of us can follow her (at least not yet) and she'll be all by her lonesome for quite a while. Before she goes though, we want to write letters which we'll hide in her bag along with a QR code to a playlist she can read all of the letters to.

Generally, this is the kind of vibe I was hoping for for the playlist but suggestions are always open. If you have a song that goes perfectly with the imagery of a tough 27-year-old girl in an airport resisting her emotions but inevitably getting her tears all over her 20+ friends' love letters... please share it!

Thank you guys, and if you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear stories about how your song(s) make you feel as well. Happy Lemmy'ing all

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Sounds like something you can play on a chill Saturday night drive. I used to listen to trance but I'm not sure if this is that since I'm not exactly updated on genres and artists nowadays. I love that the drop isn't so hardcore. Anyone got more?

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Just looking to have some fun here. Imagine this:

Your boss assigns a difficult task to a co-worker who you know will ask you to "help out" for the nth time. You want to refuse but you don't trust his skill if he's left alone and neither does management. "Fine," you think, "I'll do it myself". Your eyes squint in contempt and a few songs play in your head as you begin the paltry task before you. What are those songs?

An example: Feels Like Summer - Childish Gambino

(Mods if YouTube links aren't allowed just let me know, couldn't find anything in the sidebar)

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Hey PCMR, what’s a good upgrade path for my old PC from 2018? My budget is about $500 USD, here are the specs:

CPU: i3-8100
Mobo: B360
GPU: 1060 6GB
RAM: 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Monitor: Asus 60 Hz 24", VZ249HE I think
PSU: Seasonic S12II 520w

Use case: gaming, streaming, minor video editing, work

I don't mind getting secondhand, might actually prefer it depending on the part. Also kinda wish I won't have to change mobos unless the performance difference is big enough for the same price (like 10+ FPS). I'm thinking I'll just get an i7-8700 + 6700 XT + 650w brand new PSU and I'll follow that up with a monitor upgrade a month or two after this upgrade. Though someone here might know a more optimal route?

Also, any monitor recommendations? Would it be better to go with a 1080p 24" 144 Hz or 27" 1440p 75 Hz? I don't play a lot of FPS but I do go sim racing

Thanks guys

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In the past, we've had issues with women suffrage, slavery, and sanitation, among many other things.

Today we have gun control, AI, intended/unintended false information, vaccines, etc. as consistently hot topics.

In a few decades' time, what views do you have now that may spark major social debate in the future? What conservative and/or progressive stances do you take today that might be too far on either extreme in the far future?

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Keyboards like the Akko 5075? (self.mechanicalkeyboards)
submitted 11 months ago by CoolBeance to c/[email protected]

Hey all, my wife's birthday is in about 2 months and she's been dying to move on from her Ducky mech. Lately I've been seeing her look at Akko 5075-style keyboards and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any alternatives in case it's still out of stock where we live. Essentially, a 75% with the knob and RGB backlight. Plus points if it's wireless

Thanks guys

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My MHR character

Both of my main characters in MHW and MHR came all the way back from my Guild Wars 2 days(last image). The male one was my own creation and the female one was my wife's, but I bring both of them through all of my games now as if they're traveling through different game worlds.

What about you guys?

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Hey I'm not really a tech-savvy person yet but I was wondering if it's better for server load to upload an image to Imgur or another image/video-hosting site first and then place the link in a post instead of directly uploading to Lemmy?

I want to contribute content-wise but I also want servers to stay up and not be overloaded. What would be best you think?

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