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... someone linked this in a Discord server and it's just too horrible not to repost.

Would have turned the switches the other way around tho.

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Time+3D printer+laser engraver=keeb

I had these cheap clone keycaps lying around, and I've been wanting to try a southpaw, as well as a no-stabs board that can accommodate sculpted keycap profiles, so here we are. Had to make a few compromises on layout to fit the keycaps I had on hand, but it's feeling pretty usable so far. Outemu dustproof green for MOAR CLICKY.

Macro pad suggestions (self.mechanicalkeyboards)
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I rock a 60% which I love, but I’m learning blender and coding, lack of numpad has gotten frustrating.

Anyone got any macro pad suggestions either available now or in GB/IC?

Preferably a hot swap! Open to different sizes and formats. Was tempted by the Piketea standing desk mounted macro pad, but they appear to be sold out.

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Does anyone have a Feker Alice 80 and modded it? I am asking, because from the pictures it looks like the tenting angle decreases from the middle to the outside of the keeb. Technically, it seems to be a split keeb with two PCB. Judging from the few views on the PCBs I found, these are straight. Anything else would surprised me. Many custom made keebs with strong curvature have small PCBs per key. Even a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard I could look inside, has multiple small PCBs. Still the Feker looks curved to me. So my question is: Is it curved and if yes, how did they do it?

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If you use the right ink, the right plastic keycaps made for mechanical keyboards, and the right settings on your laser, you can effectively dye-sublimate any design you want.


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  • Keyboard: Eliza
  • Case: stacked acrylic
  • Internals: handwired, Elite C v4
  • Plate: Copper
  • Switches: Gateron Ink Black v2
  • Lube: Tribosys 3204
  • Films: Kebo
  • Springs: Tx Springs L 16mm 62gr
  • Caps: GMK Oblivion v3.1 ASCII + GMK Oblivion v2 Git
  • Weight: 786 gr


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Sorry for the crap photos - I just wanted to share these extra keys I added to my Lily58.

I noticed there was a gap in the matrix so I tacked a spare hot-swap socket to the pads on the back of the PCB. That worked with minimal modification to my QMK set-up. I couldn't really use it dangling off some wires so I set out to make an extension that would slot in and be retained by one of the standoffs. I don't have a laser cutter or 3D printer so I just hacked these out of a sheet of ABS plastic following a printed template and glued them up. They're nice and solid and line up really well, despite being rather rough around some of the edges.

I'm finding the 1.5U keys a bit confusing at the moment, swapping them out for 1U keys makes it a bit easier to home my thumbs. These are certainly much easier to access than the outermost keys on the lower row or the keys below the display. I'm thinking they need to be called Lily Pads.

Wednesday vibe (lemmy.world)
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Family photo (lemmy.world)
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Top: KBt RE: 66, Akko Mod 005 Middle: Zoom 65, Qazimodo Bottom: Vault 35, Daisy 40, mISO 34

[IC] Qazimodo (lemmy.world)
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Qazimodo interest check is now open!

Qazimodo is an aluminum Vial-compatible QAZ-ish keyboard with an exploded right column of 3 keys, inspired by the Vault 35 HHKB.


  • Aluminum case
  • Top mounted
  • 3 degree typing angle
  • POM switch plate (subject to change)
  • STM32F072-based PCB

Additional photos

Interest check form

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2PCs with a single keyboard, mouse, I wish there's something that works, I want to control 2 PC's with one keyboard, no need to switch monitors I have a dedicated monitor for each PC (Windows 10, 11).

Any recommendations? I've already tried these options:

  • Bluetooth/Dongle

All of them have a rare error called "ghost/sticky keys" and is not a mechanical error, because when connected through USB it stops happening, the only keyboard that didn't do that was the Logitech MX KEYS S but rubber-dome KB 😔 and I really don't like it specially their bottom keys, I know that there is a Logitech MX MECHANICAL does anyone know how fast is while switching from Bluetooth devices?

Same "sticky keys" and it takes more than 2 seconds to switch between devices

I don't like the idea of them sharing the devices through the same network LAN/VPN it defeats my purpose of using 2 PC's it may work for people with two OS, but not for me, I want to use 2 different networks on each PC so they won't able to see each other

  • Build one

I even tried making my own one by soldering 2 USB cables into a single keyboard with a switch to control to which PC should the data be send while typing the keys... but you needed a controller actively connected to the windows devices so... it didn't work as planned

---------- new update ----------

I do NOT need/want a display port or any video switch (I use 2 monitors, one for each pc)

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I need a good thock.

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-Linux compatible

-roller encoder, or vertical knob

-low profile keycaps

-wireless (preferred)

-function key row (preferred)

-dedicated navigation keys (preferred)

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Would this be an ok option for use on linux? Any thoughts on the brand, etc.?

HORUS K609 SE (Redragon)

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Thank you everyone for taking time to help out. While looking for keyboards, I’ve found a great deal on a new Keychron C3 Pro at Amazon for around $30. It’s a wired keyboard, but it’s got hot swappable brown switches and I figured there’s no way I’d find something better to dip my toes in this hobby.

And I’m really glad I did! The feel and sound of it is just so much better from my regular keyboard it’s not even funny.

I’ve got some sample switches and o-rings in the mail to further dampen the sound but I’m very happy with my purchase.

Original text below:

All those really sweet compact keyboards are super sexy and I want one. But the ones I like are both:

  • very expensive
  • have windows exclusive software

I’m not even sure mechanical keyboards are for me, to be honest. I don’t type that much, and the keyboard I have - a Logitech wave ergonomic keyboard - suits me, except for the humongous size and the noise (I do a lot of video calls and it gets distracting to my interlocutors).

From my research, a QMK/VIA 65% keyboard would be ideal. The VIA part would allow me to configure the few extra keys and layouts so I can make the most of the keys I’ll have. And it’s Linux compatible. However, it seems the controllers for VIA keyboards make them significantly more expensive. Then there’s the noise issue. The click clack, while tactile satisfying, is a no go for me.

I went down the rabbit hole and to find something that has a chance of suiting me, the cost quickly balloons above $200, and for something which I don’t know if I’ll like. If at least I knew it wouldn’t be too loud I might justify forking that kind of money.

Is there a keyboard for me? How can I tell if it’s going to be too loud? Or should I just give up that search and go for a normie tenkeyless keyboard?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a keyboard kit with a translucent body similar to this one. It's the KBDTIGER LITE KEYBOARD KIT which has been discontinued. I've been in the group buy for a while, but I've also been searching every so often for anything similar available. I'd be cool with a pre-built that I could modify too. I'm more so concerned with the appearance. I like the N64 controller vibe.


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Group buy open now: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/timber-haven-peaceful-corner

  • Keycap sizes: 1u keycaps, 1u droplet keycaps, Art toy x32 & x77
  • 8 designs
  • Price: $55
  • Payment: PP / CC

This group buy will close on 12/5/2024, and please remember that we only run group buys once, with no reopening. Buy 6+ keycaps for free shipping, or get the full set of 8 for free shipping plus a 10% discount.

  • Each keycap design has unique glow-in-the-dark elements, and supports LED shine-through and UV lighting.
  • x77 and X32 art toys come with big wooden boxes.
  • Our product photos are genuine, not 3D renders. Keycaps are handmade using resin casting and multilayer colouring, not 3D printed and paint only.

Thank you for joining us.

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My coiled cable likes to rotate which makes the coil messy. This little 3d print I made keeps it nice and tidy. Hope it helps anyone with similar issues. You can find the files here: https://www.printables.com/model/433584-coiled-cable-lockaligner

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9 builds over the past year, from a 12-key macropad that spits out all the swear words and nonsense an overindulged and nerdy 10 year old can come up with, to a no-stabilizers, 102-key rethinking of the 96%. A couple of them have custom DIY keycap legends.

I'm no Joe Scotto, but what I lack in talent I make up in a stupidly high tolerance for large amounts of hand-wire soldering. I've been high on my own supply almost exclusively for the past 4-5 months.

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GMK Polybius on Qazimodo. Plus a modded Game Boy Pocket.

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More photos (way more) in this album

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@mechanicalkeyboards OLKB Planck rev7 RGB driver name?

Hi everyone,

I've got an OLKB rev7 keyboard on drop.com and I've finally got to make it work, but I'd like to configure the integrated RGB lighting and to do this, I need the driver name.

The QMK page lists many drivers, but a quick lookup on Google didn't return me anything, besides an unanswered question on the drop.com page.

If one of you knew the RGB lighting driver name for the OLKB Planck rev7, that would let me program my keyboard.

Thank you very much.

PS : please mention me while replying to this post or your messages won't show up in my mentions. I'll keep an eye on the thread and try to answer to everyone, but it won't scale well.

Qazimodo prototype (lemmy.world)
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I started designing the Qazimodo in February and just got the first aluminum case from the manufacturer a couple days ago. Very happy with how it turned out.

The "Kunai" Corne V3 (lemmy.sdf.org)
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