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Damn I hate having options

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As I get older I find I just don't even have the time for AAA games. Other than Elden Ring, I haven't played a AAA game in goodness knows how long. 80-100 hours of playtime is basically a year-long commitment.

I love that there are so many indie games that offer a more compact experience and seem easier to put down and pick back up. Much more my speed these days.

I agree though that we're at a point of oversaturation. Steam is full of shovelware and barely discernable clones of crafting-survival games. But I hope the studios doing interesting work are able to survive this period so we can continue to benefit from their creativity.

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Exactly right. The left/center share didn't surge relative to 2022 - it fell by 13%. Meanwhile RN surged by 60% in its share of seats.

So it's reassuring in the near term that the center-left "surged" relative to initial polling, but in the longer term it is quite concerning that the far right is actually the segment gaining ground.

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My trans friends are what keeps me committed to voting Biden no matter how disappointed I am in him. Things are already really scary for them right now and I can't be complicit in making them worse, even through inaction.

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My S10e is cracked but only all over the backplate. Which is also no longer really attached to the phone. I'm driving this thing into the ground.

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We are all Lysistrata now

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Nothing convincingly demonstrates your iron grasp on power like being afraid of pretty plants

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Agreed, the drops under the tongue are a lot easier to do at home than the needles. Though I'm not sure about delivery - for whatever reason my allergist always required me to pick them up in person from his office. Not sure if that's regulation or just a quirk of that one practice.

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You are not permitted hot coffee, warm milk, or a yogurt drink. You are permitted 750g of cottage cheese, each day, for a month.

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One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...

I was expecting the article to provide a little more clarification on that point but I guess they decided to just leave it hanging.

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My wife was more interested in the Louisa May Alcott house when she visited Mass for the first time!

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The humor reminds me of early reddit. Very needy. Lots of Star Trek, Stargate and Linux. Of course there are a lot of differences too, but it does feel a little closer to the original techie reddit base.

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