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[-] Blue_Morpho 19 points 1 hour ago

I always preferred Sean Connery but Sean was a horrible person.

I'd like to think that actors get remembered for who they were rather than who they pretended to be.

[-] Blue_Morpho 76 points 3 hours ago

??? What does a fence post driver have to do with your age?

[-] Blue_Morpho 1 points 10 hours ago

Similar but better than Captain Crunch. It had good toys. One was a castle you could build and knock down and the racing coach shown in the pic above. I might still have mine.

[-] Blue_Morpho 1 points 1 day ago

I've read there is an id pin on Epyc cpus that differentiates them from Ryzen. Der8aur made it work by masking the pin on the socket.

[-] Blue_Morpho 23 points 1 day ago

The article shows the diamonds are around 200nm in size.

[-] Blue_Morpho 71 points 1 day ago

These diamonds are too tiny for jewelry but I don't care.

I want a diamond heat spreader for my CPU!

[-] Blue_Morpho 1 points 1 day ago

The AsRock says ECC but not verified with Ryzen.

So you end up having to test it yourself like this guy and hope the version hasn't changed between when he bought the motherboard and now.

[-] Blue_Morpho 1 points 1 day ago

Could be but finding a motherboard that has verified ECC is tricky. Most say works but not tested/supported so you're on your own to figure out if ECC fully works.

[-] Blue_Morpho 6 points 2 days ago

It's the 2600 Asteroids but I don't get the reference? Is this a badge awarded from an emulator?

[-] Blue_Morpho 3 points 2 days ago

Plex, Blue Iris, Minecraft mod servers for the kids. I'll often use the server CPU for video filtering/encoding home videos off of VHS tapes because the nnedi3 filter takes a lot of CPU.

Years ago I lost data on a nas because the ram wasn't ECC. So I won't buy/build any PC without ECC unless it's only going to be used for web browsing/gaming.

[-] Blue_Morpho 18 points 2 days ago

If files on your hard drive are sold to advertisers, they don't need to bother with uploading screenshots.

[-] Blue_Morpho 1 points 2 days ago

No content moderation means it ISN'T reading the screen.

It's screen shots saved to your hard drive just like when you hit the print screen key in Arch. It's a stupid feature but saying MS is stealing everything because of this feature makes no sense.

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I replied to a post in a thread (about how my 15 year old burned DVDs were going bad and what I was doing to remedy it). The thread is still there but my post is gone. It wasn't an argument. It was a reply to someone asking for data backup options.

Some auto generated explanation from Lemmy would be nice like : post deleted by owner. Or posted deleted by moderator.

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