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I'm helping a family member build a pc. He wanted to use Windows because "Linux can't play games" despite me having a perfectly good gaming laptop running Linux that runs all my games, even graphically intensive ones.

2 days later, no game has been played yet. We can't even get steam to start. I even installed Arch on a sata ssd I donated just to verify the pc parts actually work (took less than an hour). It took 1 and a half days to even get the Windows 11 installer to get past like the 3rd screen.

Fucking fuck. Dealing with all this fucking bullshit is far worse than not being able to play a few trashy anticheat pay 2 win games. The anti Linux circlejerk is real.

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[-] [email protected] 316 points 9 months ago

Can't tell if this is a shitpost or not

[-] [email protected] 151 points 9 months ago

There's more linux circlejerk or "windows bad" posts in this community than actual useful ones.

[-] [email protected] 33 points 9 months ago

Of all the circlejerks this one is really silly though. You can complain about so many fucking things about Windows but Windows 11 is really damn easy to install and setup and I'm pretty sure you can do it in 30 mins.

The OP's whining about Linux playing all the games feels like bait to me. Linux just doesn't run every game that Windows does and it's not about how graphically intense it is.

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[-] [email protected] 69 points 9 months ago

Me neither. Linux is my main Operating System but... We can't generalize one Windows experience just like we can't generalize one Linux experience.

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[-] [email protected] 43 points 9 months ago

Linux users on Lemmy: People who don't run Linux are just bad with computers and shouldn't be using a computer at all!

Also Linux users on Lemmy: Anyone else is unable to install windows from scratch?


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[-] CupDock 180 points 9 months ago

People have trouble installing Windows? You enter a license key and click next a couple times.

[-] [email protected] 96 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

You missed the part where you either sign in with your Microsoft account or cut your Internet, remove the webcam, fake your own death, and do the secret tap code in the bios to just have the OS without letting Microsoft into your butthole.

[-] mestari 28 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Windows 11 doesn't force you do any of that. Just skip the sign in. Your points were valid in 8/10 era but no more.

[-] jecht360 42 points 9 months ago

It depends on the version, but yes, it does. It's especially a problem on prebuilt machines and laptops. It is incredibly annoying to work with in a corporate environment. Our helpdesk tech comes to me with issues related to this probably three times a week. I gave up with work arounds and we just have a throwaway Microsoft account now.

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[-] Notorious_handholder 164 points 9 months ago

I cant tell if people in this thread are trolls, ultra elite linux shills, or just people incapable of following simple instructions...

Like I get it, windows bad or w/e... But to act like it takes longer than an hour or two to install it, let alone 2 whole fucking days is just asinine.

Imagine having enough of a skill issue that it takes you 2 days to install Windows OS. The OS that idiot proofs itself by literally holding your hand on every option and walks you through itself to install.

Im not even joking, I re-install and have installed windows the past few years multiple times on personal devices for myself and my family and friends and even do it for professional devices and servers for my job. It is brain dead easy, enough that my tech illiterate grandparents managed to re-install it before I could make the drive to meet them and do it for them... I can't take this OP or anyone else seriously if they can manage to install a linux based OS but somehow have 2 days worth of trouble with Windows OS...

[-] [email protected] 50 points 9 months ago

I was going to say... If it takes you literally 1.5 days to simply install and after 2 days you can't even launch Steam? I'm sorry, but you have extraordinarily fucked up. Whatever the fuck is happening there is not on Windows. OP, I would love to understand what you were seeing or what was happening. And I also wonder if you are using an actual Windows OS image, or what you tinkered with or ran scripts on to maybe "clean Windows up". Unfortunately so many of those scripts are also fucking notorious for breaking some Windows functionality, like the Xbox games and what not.

Don't get me wrong. Windows is becoming worse and worse in both features and performance (AI powered file recommendations in my start menu? get the fuck outta here). But I'm sorry, this complaint in the OP is not it.

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[-] Coreidan 151 points 9 months ago

ROFL windows is the easiest thing ever to install. Same with steam.

Sounds like either you’re terrible with computers or you have some serious hardware issues.

Blaming it solely on windows is a joke.

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[-] Crashumbc 138 points 9 months ago

ROFL, I like Linux, but if you can't install windows 11 easily. The problem isn't win11...

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[-] [email protected] 90 points 9 months ago

Windows has it's serious flaws, and I would never willingly go back to it at this point, but the installer is too hard? This sounds like a you-issue rather than a Windows one.

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[-] shotgun_crab 88 points 9 months ago

Nice bait I guess. Windows may have bad things, but I have no idea what you're talking about here

[-] xaxl 86 points 9 months ago

Sounds like a skill issue on your behalf.

[-] [email protected] 81 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

it feels like i'm still in /g/ with these types of posts

you went on a tirade about "windows bad, linux (aRcH btW!!!) best" without giving us any relevant information to help you with your "issue", other than the fact that you can game on your linux gaming laptop. you should've told that to your family member to at least try and convince them that gaming on linux is acceptable/good, maybe try to educate them about wine/proton and how performance may not be as good and some minor configurations may be needed, but that you could make it work. But nope.

also seriously, i mainly use linux myself, and i know this is a linux community, but we all know that windows "just works". it is also literally just a point and click on a gui even on the installer, it's that easy. reflash/rewrite the iso, or get another iso. that is my guess as to what you're fucking up

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[-] [email protected] 77 points 9 months ago

These "Windows bad" posts are the worst thing in the Linux community. I run Windows on my desktop because Games are just far easier and usually run better, and Windows works perfectly fine.

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[-] [email protected] 77 points 9 months ago

Definitely a skill issue at play here.

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[-] [email protected] 71 points 9 months ago

Sounds like the problem was between the keyboard and chair.

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[-] kmkz_ninja 69 points 9 months ago

Bruh if you can't figure out Windows then just give up.

[-] [email protected] 65 points 9 months ago

Lol come on dude it's not that hard.

[-] [email protected] 64 points 9 months ago

How the fuck does anybody have trouble running Windows these days?

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[-] flop_leash_973 57 points 9 months ago

This is trolling or the actual issue is an PEBKAC issue.

Windows has fallen far from grace in my opinion, but it is not the incompetent smoldering trash fire you are describing. You guys are doing something wrong.

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[-] Newchair 50 points 9 months ago

I thought this would be a post complaining about the usablility of windows as a desktop, not the one thing windows does right...

[-] DannyPJamas 48 points 9 months ago

Do you struggle dressing yourself too? Lol

[-] Aux 47 points 9 months ago

That's the shittiest shitpost ever.

[-] [email protected] 47 points 9 months ago

I'm upvoting this because it's hilarious, but on a serious note, installing windows is so easy my granny could do it.

The only thing, and I assume that's where you struggled, is sometimes the formatting of the hd doesn't want to work. In that case, a quick google will help you out, but also just format it quickly with diskpart and continue the installation.

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[-] Carighan 43 points 9 months ago

Every day on two machines, I dunno, it's piss-easy. In fact that's my one big argument for Windows ,that stuff that works out of the box.

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[-] [email protected] 42 points 9 months ago

I've used Linux exclusively at home for the last 10 years. We deploy Windows where I work. This is not normal. Despite my disdain for Microsoft, the setup process on Windows is straight forward and easy. It's one of the things Microsoft gets right.

This idea of OS superiority is pointless. Every major OS has things it does better than the others. We should look at those things to improve Linux in areas where it lags behind.

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[-] [email protected] 40 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

What were you doing? The windows 11 install is so simple compared to even the windows 7 one. Where you messing with things to bypass the Microsoft login or something?

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[-] KuroJ 35 points 9 months ago

I have Linux on my laptop but I have a Windows gaming PC and I'm honestly trying to figure out how could you not get steam to start? Never had an issue with that before..

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[-] c0mbatbag3l 35 points 9 months ago
  1. It's not just P2W games that don't have anticheat support, id keep windows for warzone alone but there are a few more that don't work with proton because of anticheat software. Unfortunately mostly the games I play.

  2. How the fuck are you having this much trouble? I mean there's some really easy distros out there like Nobara but if you can install Arch how the fuck have you failed to install windows? Just make a windows 10 bootable and follow the on screen instructions until you're in the desktop.

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[-] [email protected] 34 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Yes, it's bad

If you're on the happy path all is well. The smoothest shit ever. If you turn onto the unhappy path.. oh boy. Helpful logs? Useful community posts from SMEs? Meh no. Best I can do is a plate of irrelevant copy-pasta on a malware-ridden site, SEOd to the top.

[-] [email protected] 33 points 9 months ago

@PeterPoopshit this has to be a shitpost this person is either extremely stupid or shitposting. windows install takes 15 mins worst case. no trh install is not great because you sit there for 10 minutes hitting no no no but its not hard

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[-] [email protected] 32 points 9 months ago

How did you not get a usable Windows desktop in 2 days?! Drivers?

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[-] [email protected] 26 points 9 months ago

Which edition are you trying to install? Are you using an up-to-date ISO?
I've only ever used the business edition, and it's never given me any trouble.

  1. Head over to the tools section in the megathread at [email protected]
  2. Grab a clean business editon ISO from one of the listed sources.
  3. Create an installation flash drive using rufus.
  4. Make sure all the legacy CSM crap is disabled in BIOS.
  5. Boot off the flash drive and run the installer.
  6. When you get prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account click "Domain join instead" (or something similar).
  7. Create a normal account but leave the password field blank (to avoid having to enter security questions).
  8. After you finish the setup and get into Windows, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and set a password.
  9. (optional) Go into settings and either enter your legally obtained key to activate Windows (it should automagically recombobulate itself into a matching editon) or read through the aforementioned tools section for an alternative 🏴‍☠️
  10. ???
  11. ~~PROFIT~~ You've installed Windows.
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[-] [email protected] 25 points 9 months ago

It is not harder, windows is just playing find the config toggles with its users. it's like easter all year long.

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[-] fox2263 24 points 9 months ago

Strange. I install windows 11 at least 3 times a week at work, it takes about 5 mins and is useable out the box.

Perhaps you could try RevoOS

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[-] [email protected] 23 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

I would reccommend you to not install W11, but install W10 instead. It's more stable with all sorts of hardware.

Also this could indicate an issue with the drive you're going to install the OS on. Could you run some checks on the disk itself for failed sectors?

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[-] [email protected] 23 points 9 months ago

Dude windows works like a charm for me unless I start fucking with the drivers I really hope that fixes itself somehow because I do think windows is a pretty decent os and it sucks that it's having that big of an issue

[-] [email protected] 25 points 9 months ago

I'm all for using Linux, and I'm considering moving my desktop over from Win 10, but I've never had any issues with the install of Windows. If it's any level of modern hardware, it should mostly work out of the box.

These kinds of rants really trip my BS detector, because it's just not that complicated. If you can handle Linux but can't manage to even install Windows, I have a lot of questions.

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