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Oh yeah, the culture was toxic af. Lots of folks never grew out of the toxicity. Granted it was preexisting toxicity coopted and reinforced in the gaming culture, not created by it. We're in a much better place in that regard these days.

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Just in time to move it to Ontario Place! 🫠

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Different instance, perhaps federation isn't working well.

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Isn't the UK already there in terms of mental health? (which reflects quality of life to an extent)

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The assumption that they're freeing up other capacity isn't necessarily true. There are several counter samples on my mind and there are probably more.

In fact one of the main points of the article is that Montreal has been building faster than population growth and housing is still drastically going up in price.

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Of course. But if the land/labor/materials have gone so high in price, it is possible that even with zero profit the final price for units goes beyond what is considered affordable housing. I don't know if that's the case in Montreal or not.

With that said, even if affordable housing is not profitable for land/building owner, it's still "profitable" for the community around and in that future building. So from that angle, even if it's unprofitable for the land/building owner, it should be "profitable" for the public/government. And if that's the case, then it's kinda pointless to rely on the market to find it profitable enough to build affordable housing.

But then someone would say that would mean some builders won't make as much as they otherwise could which means line won't go up as much, government bad, free market good, fml... ☠️

In any case, I think we should put the market in its place and build affordable housing without waiting for it to consider it profitable. That's a perfect example where even creating new money can be a net benefit.

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Often different groups, landlords and those who build, but yes.

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Those mean the same thing. Affordable for the developers = revenue - cost > 0. I think they said it explicitly a paragraph earlier, that they build what's profitable.

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Err, I'm pretty sure most European car makers manufacturing their Chinese models in China. A tariff would be largely meaningless. The EU officials basically told Chinese makers to do the same - bring the manufacturing here to avoid tariffs. Sounds like this might be a political move on the Chinese side as to not appear weak.

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Well I did not expect Hagari to tell it like it is.

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Interesting. The article talks about more regional freedom on spending taxes and rendering services. How about tax collection? If tax collection is unchanged, then there should still be equalising wealth transfers across regions.


Meanwhile the LPC oppose the bill while the CPC would work to amend it.


Turnout was around 25%, which isn't surprising in a by-election.


I don't have a better source than NatPo. If anyone's aware of a better one, post it.


The south section of Mississauga Road.

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Have some new old stock SATA drives vomiting at you?

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Grab your contact cleaner and clean their SATA connectors!

I just bought a new 1TB Crucial MX500 made in god knows what year and installed it in a virgin SATA port of a M710q made in 2016 and I got the vomit you see above every time I loaded the drive. Reseated all the connectors. More vomit. Scratched my head a couple of times reaching for the trash bin and I had a brainwave that there might be oxidation from sitting naked with the elements. Took out the DeoxIt Gold, dabbed all the connectors on the SATA path, cycled them a few times, powered on and loaded the drive. No more vomit.

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Coffee Addicts have their DF64 Gen 2 for CAD $420 at the moment. Still in-stock at the time of writing. I was considering a DF54 but at this price I couldn't not jump on the 64.

E: Seems like many other distributors have the discount now.


Since a few folks seem unaware of this, I'm posting anew for visibility.

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