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Also large tomatoes which split are usually classed as beefsteak tomatoes. There are heirlooms like Brandywine and hybrids like Brandy Boy. And if you don't grow tomatoes yourself you'll never know the difference.

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That's not what heirloom tomatoes are. Heirloom means they're not hybrids. There are loads of heirloom and hybrid varieties with all kinds of properties, flavours, shapes and sizes.

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I've noticed that people in Britain love carving. Many woods and forests have all kinds of carved trees. Some are very simple and some are absolute masterpieces like this one.

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It's normal in every developed nation tbh.

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Yeah, modern DW is a piss poor story telling. I can't get over how bad Capaldi seasons were, he's such a great actor! And bloody butchered in DW... I stopped watching it around then and don't really care what's happening now.

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The problem with America and some other countries like Russia is what you consider a waste is a weapon grade material to these governments. And you don't want to bury your weapons too deep.

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Compared to other options, including renewables, nuclear produces close to no waste at all.

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Ukrainian refugees are great. They're highly educated, have high standards of work ethics and are just great people overall. I'm definitely biased as a person from xUSSR country who is also 1/4 Ukrainian myself, but I'm really glad to see more Ukrainians in Europe.

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Different countries profit in different ways.

US got rid of old weapons stock and pumped shit loads of money into making new weapons.

Norway started selling fuck ton of oil and gas to Europe to the point that they now own almost 2% of the world through their sovereign fund.

Heck, even North Korea has finally entered the global market through trade deals with Russia.

The list goes on. Sadly only Ukraine is suffering.

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Having weapons or ammo on you as a civilian is 100% unethical and immoral.

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And lose all the money? Haha, no.

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Hi, I have a bunch of Raspberry Pies hosting all kinds of stuff and I want to have a monitoring solution for all of that. What would be your recommendations?

My goal is to be able to have an overview of CPU load, network load, CPU temp and to see what's going on inside docker containers as I have everything dockerized. I'd like the solution to be open source. I want the solution to be web browser accessible and have nice load graphs with history. I don't want to spend too much time setting it up.

All my Pies are running RaspberryOS, which is Debian based.

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I was doing some bike maintenance today and wanted to disassemble my rear hub. It turned out that I needed a 12mm Allen bit for that, which I don't have. So I 3D printed one! And it worked! Torques safely to 5Nm and I only needed 4Nm for the job. Haven't tested higher torques.

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Horse steak (
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As served in Trattoria La Molinara in Verona, Italy. Incredible quality and taste!

Homemade burger (
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28 days matured steak beef, Gouda cheese, sun dried tomatoes, letuce, mayo, ketchup, adzhika and a bun.

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Bathing time! (
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This is my Vitus Sentier VR 27 (2022 model). What a bike!

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Just some random Viennese pastry rolls made with sourdough starter instead of original yeast biga.

Viennese pastries are made from enriched bread dough, meaning that they not only contain flour, water, salt and yeast, but also sugar, butter, and sometimes eggs. They are different from regular pastries because the dough is fermented and leavened with yeast instead of baking powder or soda.

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