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Before y'all get excited, the press release doesn't actually mention the term "open source" anywhere.

Winamp will open up its code for the player used on Windows, enabling the entire community to participate in its development. This is an invitation to global collaboration, where developers worldwide can contribute their expertise, ideas, and passion to help this iconic software evolve.

This, to me, reads like it's going to be a "source available" model, perhaps released under some sort of a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). So, best to hold off any celebrations until we see the actual license.

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You can, if the laptop supports VLink/DP-in, such as the Minisforum V3.

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Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drives for ISO/IMG/VHD(x)/WIM/EFI files. With Ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the disk images to the USB drive and boot them directly. You can have multiple images on the disk and Ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them.

Changelog for 1.0.98

  1. Updated EFI boot files.
  2. Fix the issue that can not recognize Ext4 filesytem created with latest gparted.
  3. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 cannot take effect in RHEL9/CentOS9. (#2827)
  4. Fix the boot issue for latest archlinux. (#2825 #2824)
  5. Fix the boot issue for latest KAOS.
  6. languages.json updated.
  7. vtoyboot-1.0.35 released. Notes
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Ain't really a fix for games using Proton

Wdym? It works fine for Proton games as well.

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This has nothing to do with Arch or Bazzite, it's actually a bug in recent kernels. Switching to Mint only fixed it for you because Mint uses an old kernel.

The fix/workaround is to enable "above 4G decoding" and "resizable BAR" in your BIOS. If your BIOS does not have these options, you can either downgrade to an earlier kernel (or OS image if you're on Bazzite), or switch to a patched kernel like the Cachy kernel.

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You cannot go back after trying it

I did! Used to have a Samsung 49" ultrawide. After using it for a couple of years, I sold it and got a 16:10 32" QHD, which I found worked better for me (+ one or two laptop screens for chat / random stuff when I'm doing serious work).

The biggest issue I had with the ultrawide is that most of the games that I played weren't optimised for it, especially in some games where things like the mini-map might be at the far end of the screen, or worse, if it was an older game then you'd have to put up with black bars, or play the game in windowed mode.

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Is that all? Will that remove all the traces of arch?

There will be some other minor dot files in your /home which you might want to review, like .bashrc, .bash_profile, .profile etc. These should be mostly harmless, but if you don't recall customising them, then yeah free to nuke all the dot files. Also be aware that some programs also leave their configs outside the .config folder, like Firefox might have a .mozilla folder, GTK programs might create a .themes folder, vim has .vim. So you might want to review and delete these as well, if you want a clean config.

As for the last step - just before you boot into your new distro, you might to get rid of the Arch/Endeavour entries from your ESP/UEFI. Run efibootmgr to see your current UEFI boot entries, then nuke the entries using efibootmgr --delete-bootnum -b #.

And to get rid of the GRUB configs, delete your <ESP>/EFI/grub folder. I'm guessing your /boot is on your root partition? If not then you'll also need to delete /boot/grub.

Now when you install your next distro, you should get a nice and clean GRUB install.

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1. No
2. You'll need to delete your ~/.config, ~/.local, ~/.cache ( and maybe ~/.var, which is your Flatpak app data/cache). Might be best to rename your .config instead of outright deleting it, just in case you need to restore some old config.
3. It's been a while since I used Nobara, but IIRC it only creates the default @ and @home subvolumes.
4,5. Nobara should have Timeshift installed by default.

Honestly though, since you said that you want something that "just works" for gaming and coding, you should just get Bazzite. Bazzite is an immutable distro and everything is set up to work out-of-the-box. You never have to worry about broken updates again due to atomic updates and image rollbacks. You can directly boot from a previous image from GRUB (no need to restore it first), pin known good images to your GRUB, and even rollback to any previous image via the web (upto 90 days) - all with just a single command. And for coding, you can easily set up a Distrobox container to install all your tools and IDEs etc, it integrates well with the host OS so you won't even notice/care that it's inside a container.

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This was in fact what prompted my search - the Gnome calculator is so horribly bloated, and yeah, it should have no business making network connections, at least not by default - this should be an opt-in behaviour.

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You can already run Linux apps using Termux and Termux-X11, and I'd say the performance would be better than this demo, because this is running in a virtual machine and uses it's own kernel, whereas with Termux you're running your apps directly on top of the Android Linux kernel. Also, you don't have the overhead of running ChromeOS on top of Android.

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I don't play D4 anymore so I can't say if this still works, but back when I did, I used to launch it (ie the launcher) from Steam, as a non-Steam game.

I also used the latest Proton-GE as the compatibility tool, so that's something you could try as well.

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It's r/w, if you specify the filesystem type as ntfs3. I believe if you use just ntfs it'll be read-only, to mimic the behaviour of the old driver, for compatibility reasons.

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Mine looks like this:

UUID=blah /media/games ntfs3 uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=000,rw,user,exec,nofail,nocase,windows_names 0 0

If you're copy-pasting this, make sure your uid and gid matches of course.

But the key thing for Steam is you need to have your compatdata folder on a Linux partition, because Proton creates folders with invalid characters (like :). windows_names would prevent that of course, and thus prevents corruption, but it would cause Proton to fail since if can't create those folders/files. So you'll need to symlink that folder on your NTFS disk to point to a folder on a Linux partition.


$ mkdir -p ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata
$ ln -s ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata /media/games/Steam/steamapps/ 

Of course, before you run the above, you'll need to delete the existing compatdata folder from the NTFS disk.

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Vesktop is a custom Discord App with an aim to give better performance and support on Linux.

v1.5.2 fixes various audio issues related to screensharing and also overhauls video streaming with various fixes/improvements:

  • Fix resolution and framerate selection
  • Fix bug that stops users from changing the streamed window (created by allowing resolution changes)
  • Fix bug where changing windows allows you to lower the fps but not raise it
  • Beautify modal for starting a stream(show preview and content type as a dropdown)
  • Fix issue where stream quality overlay does not update to show the current quality of the running stream
  • Enable contentHint and allow the user to choose between "motion" and "detail"
  • Allow users to start streams while watching another stream
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Sadly, DNF5 and the new Anaconda installer didn't make it to the party, in case you were wondering.

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The 70W TDP boost is a decent improvement from the UM790 Pro's 35W. It is also expected that the XTX version won't have any of the fan issues that plagued the Pro version, if the 780 XTX is any indicator.

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The company rolled out Google One's VPN feature back in 2020, but you could only access it if you're paying for a plan with at least 2TB of storage, which costs at least $10 a month.
it's discontinuing the feature because "people simply weren’t using it."

Gee, I wonder why... 🙄

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The main issue is the handling of security updates within the Nixpkgs ecosystem, which relies on Nix's CI system, Hydra, to test and build packages. Due to the extensive number of packages in the Nixpkgs repository, the process can be slow, causing delays in the release of updates. As an example, the updated xz 5.4.6 package took nearly 5 days to become available in the unstable branch!

Fundamentally, there needs to be a change in how security fixes are handled in Hydra. As stated in the article, Nix was lucky to be unaffected, but multiple days to push out a security patch of this severity is concerning, even if there was no reason for concern.

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Winlator is an Android application that lets you run Windows (x86_64) games and applications using Wine and Box86/Box64.

Version 6.0 Changelog:

  • Added Magnifier
  • Added option to add Wallpaper
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed Container startup error that occurred on some devices
  • Improved XInput compatibility
  • Improved Input Controls and Cursor sensitivity
  • Added support for external mouse
  • Updated Wine, Box86/Box64, Turnip and DXVK
  • Added "Bring to Front" on Task Manager
  • Added 7-Zip on context menu
  • Removed the option to install OBB image (now it's all in one apk)
  • Performance improvements and other fixes
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Can we get some icons for c/support and c/wellington please?

This is triggering my OCD:


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Miyoo has showcased its Game Boy Advance SP-inspired retro gaming handheld. Launching later this year after the Miyoo A30, the Miyoo Mini Flip will feature a flip-up display, two joysticks and enough power to emulate up to PlayStation 1 games.

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#Edit: This has been resolved now.

For those of you who've been using the Steam Deck variant of Bazzite on desktops/HTPCs with AMD GPUs - beware that currently there's a bug affecting (some?) users, where the GPU's TDP is capped to just 15W!

You can check your settings by running a tool like LACT (ujust install-lact):

As you can see, LACT shows the current limit is 15W, but it can actually go upto 280W on my card.

A bug report for this was opened last year, but it was closed as fixed, but at least one other user (besides me) has been experiencing it - so check your wattage, you might be affected too!

At the moment there are no actual fixes - but you can try the workaround posted in the original bug report. Also, using tools like LACT or corectrl isn't a fix unfortunately, because as soon as you go into game mode (or reboot), the limit resets back to 15W. I'm currently troubleshooting this with a couple of the developers, and hopefully we may get to bottom of this soon.

As for the performance impact - here's a screenshot of Last Epoch running at a glorious 4 FPS, thanks to the caps:

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Wayfire is a 3D Wayland compositor, inspired by Compiz and based on wlroots. It aims to create a customizable, extendable and lightweight environment without sacrificing its appearance.

v0.8.1 is a bug-fix release with a few new features. Notable changes:

  • Compatible with wlroots 0.17.x releases and wf-config 0.8.x

  • Support for multiple new protocols:

    • shortcuts-inhibit-v1 (shotcuts-inhibit plugin, #1969)
    • fractional-scale-v1
    • wlr_drm_lease_v1 for non-desktop outputs
    • input-method-v1 for better fcitx5 support (#2172).
  • Wayfire's IPC has been extended with many new signals and commands:

    • Has methods to get view, output and workspace (and workspace-set) information
    • Signals for view-mapped, unmapped, plugin-activation-state-changed and several others.
    • More plugins can be activated via the IPC, check the full commit log for details.
  • Wayfire supports SIGINT, SIGTERM for graceful shutdown (#2056, #2197)

  • Oswitch has binding to switch in the other direction (#2072)

  • Many crashes and bugs were fixed, including regressions in the 0.8.0 release.

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Bonus color version ft. Madagascar Penguins:

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