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Some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses: many that advocate for not voting from a "progressive" point of view are actually the ones who wouldn't be in power if you did. They think it's hilarious when we don't vote, and they love it.

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I used to be alarmed that people were being taken in by this stuff, but I now think the overwhelming majority of people saying it are just shill accounts. For a couple of different reasons, I think the percentage that are actual human accounts that sincerely believe it is extremely small.

I notice they've pivoted to just general nihilism about the US economy and the state of things as of a few weeks ago -- I think they might have concluded, as I did, that expressing this type of viewpoint and doing such a bad job of it and getting unanimously yelled at in the comments was actually having the opposite effect, highlighting to people how important it is to vote and how it absolutely makes a difference.

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I see a lot of people saying "go vote" and not making any effort to understand why non-voters stay home. A lot of the comments here are great examples of that.

That kind of dogmatism is common on political issues, of course, but that doesn't make it reasonable.

And I understand that people feel strongly. Who wouldn't? That's why it's even more important to try to discuss things. Or not. Sometimes flame wars are entertaining, if not productive. Depends on one's mood.

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This is something that I've noticed is worse on Lemmy than it was on Reddit, and it was already pretty bad on Reddit. Insulting people doesn't get them to support your viewpoint. To convince disillusioned voters to hold their nose and vote blue no matter who, they have to be convinced why their individual vote has an impact in a system where the electoral college can (and regularly does) vote contrary to the popular vote. They have to be shown that it's worth participating in a system that makes progress slow and difficult but allows evil to be done quickly and with great impact.

They have to be given hope, not fear.

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Things are not great in the US (and worldwide). But I always get pushback when I encourage people to vote and remind them that this is not North Korea or Russia, your vote still actually matters! Whoever you are, you can help prevent your country's slide into fascism...

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I wonder how many get this reference.

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