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That's the point of Trump's leadership style. Things aren't equal. There are rules for other people, but they don't affect him though. Hypocrisy among his flock is a virtue. It shows they will all reward each other.

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That aspect is going to be ugly, but I don't worry that it will affect the results too much. The hardcore racist sexist folk never voted Dem anyway.

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Except you oversimplified and it matters. The entire point of capitalism is to centralize money in the hands of a few at the expense of the rest. Capitalism itself demands continued growth, which is unsustainable.

All forms of government are subject to corruption, but only some forms of government are broken by design.

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One year, Alaska. Hiking with friend on boulder field. We stop for a break, I stand below friend on the slope. 3-foot rock rolls down at me, luckily I was balanced enough to pivot out of the way.

Next year, nearby. High speed car accident with moose. I hit the brakes just before the moose. Came through the windshield a foot to the right of my head.

Alaska's an amazing place, but it has its share of dangers too.

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They can do that anyway. It's called credit.

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Because cash doesn't solve the problem. If the stores themselves rely on computers, and they do, it doesn't matter what's in your wallet. (In other words, you need more than just cash to have a reliable alternative. It's certainly possible to do so.)

Also, some of the big problems were in airports and hospitals where payment was not the serious concern.

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I wonder how many governments and companies will take this as a lesson on why brittle systems suck. My guess is most of them won't... It's popular to rely on very large third party services, which makes this type of incident inevitable.

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I also stand corrected. I thought you might actually know something. But then you double down with a witty empty response: two sentences with zero information. What good is that? Grandstanding is boring and pointless.

And then you want to trash talk my username? Jesus. Have fun with that.

Some people are here to learn, some people are here to teach, some people are here to share, some people are here to build community. You're not doing any of those things. Meh.

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I sure hope we find out. I sure hope all of the candidates live well past election day. I hope that we have massive voter turnout and Trump is destroyed in a landslide election. Metaphorically. I don't want him to get crushed with real rocks in a real landslide. Let him lose the election, retire from politics, get locked up for a while for his crimes, and live out the sad remainder of his life until he dies of old age. Given his general health now, it probably won't be too long anyway.

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Perhaps you should be more careful. They're claiming, and I think accurately, that the judicial branch is making a power grab over both the legislative and executive branches. That has nothing to do with fascism.

(They may or may not be correct in the claim they're making. We could debate that if you're interested.)

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Stuffing the Supreme Court long predates gay marriage. It goes back at least to the '90s and perhaps to the '80s.

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What you've done is proposong a solution without clearly defining the problem. That makes your question sound appealing, it makes it sound rhetorical, but actually is meaningless without context.

Supposed the shooter had succeeded in his objective. One might imagine that Joe would win in November, maybe. But four years from now there would be a different candidate with just as bad views on those same issues, and the institutional problems that allowed Trump to gain power would still be in place.

Is gambling on 4 years of possible peace worth legitimatizing the policy of executing people whose political views you don't like? That's something you have to decide for yourself.

Many fundamental issues facing the country today go back decades. Pick your poison. Stacking the courts is an old strategy. Citizens United happened long ago. Redistricting and gerrymandering have been happening for decades if not centuries. All of those things matter, none of them were caused by Trump, and none of them would be fixed if Trump were gone. The systemic weaknesses can only be fixed by implementing systemic solutions, whatever those might be.


Can you think of any titles from real journal articles or essays that are eye-catching?

I'm writing a document for high school students taking an English writing class, and rather than create my own examples, why not use real ones? Several of my students have expressed frustration, and I have some guidelines and brainstorming tools, but what I don't have are two dozen neat examples.


OSAKA – An American man known for streaming provocative videos has been arrested on suspicion of breaking into a construction site in Osaka, police said Friday.

Ramsey Khalid Ismael, 23, known as "Johnny Somali" on YouTube, was arrested with another American, Jeremiah Dwane Branch, 24, who says he is a university student, according to police.

Ismael's videos include those in which he makes light of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and makes racist comments about Japanese people.

The two men allegedly made an unauthorized entry into a hotel construction site in Osaka's Chuo Ward on Aug. 30 with Branch filming a masked Ismael at the scene, according to the police.

They have told police they will not speak until they see lawyers, police said.

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