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I haven’t gone back since Apollo shut down, and not planning to, but I am curious.

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You can see a lot of communities being closed or not back to normal. My feeling is that this whole thing will leave a big scar on reddit for a long time, and it will probably never heal, because it was mostly hitting core users who were there for a long time. Maybe they calculated that most users are lurkers who use mobile, and the rest is people using old reddit?

The problem is that it's not a good idea to upset the mods, but reddit also works with content, and it's a complex chemistry between people who post new things and how the mods regulate it to make sure their sub has quality. I guess that a lot of mods don't care, or maybe they don't care now but will care later? Maybe new subreddits will open with other mods.

Eitherway, reddit is ready to sacrifice a good fraction of its quality and trust to extract money out of it, but reddit users are not instagram users.

It was more and more difficult to make reddit interesting by avoiding some subreddits and searching for subreddits that were more and more niche, but at some point you feel that something is lost after the whole "increase quantity, dilute quality" phase.

Reddit is also getting more polarized and politics have really poisoned the site to a degree never seen before, Trumpists were present there for waaaaay too long, and it attracted a lot of conservatives and right wing users who don't fit with the usual reddit crowds. It managed to survive after a looooot of drama, but after all this, maybe the core users of reddit are just tired, and might slowly quit the ship, and maybe reddit will see the same problems twitter is currently having, with conservative etc running rampant.

I wish reddit would have stood up with its core users who are mostly liberals/leftists, instead of compromising and letting fascists thrive there.

I use my country's subreddit and it seems the right wing phase is being felt more and more, I'm feeling even the mods start to get tired because of it. every month I'm surprised by the opinions of the comments I see on this sub. Maybe it also reflects world politics, but I'm not sure. Sometimes I get paranoid and I imagine that astroturfers are often around to leave a mean comment, or downvote things that doesn't fit their agenda.

The upside is that reddit still managed to hold up for much longer than digg.

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Thanks. This is the type of quality comment that lemmy needs

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