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When are the countries doing something about this meddling of Russia

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What will it take for republicans to expel one of their own? Apparently child trafficking isn’t it.

Great upgrade! (self.avelon)
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Currently using Avelon 1.06 and I must say the QoL improvements plus the themes. Very very close to Apollo now in my opinion.

As one of the first users of Avelon, I must say, you have come a long way. Good job!

What's Geocaching? (self.geocaching)
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I just saw [[email protected]]post and that got me curious on geocaching.

I subbed to this to help grow the base but I’m still curious as to what Geocaching is all about?

Is it like Pokémon Go where there are areas with “cache” like in the game but the difference is that this is a real physical thing?

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I’m against protests outside private residences, but given the context, the fact that her home was surrounded by a dozen riot police inside and outside the property, and there is only one teenage girl with a bike protesting, speaks volumes about how our society favors the privileged few over the needs of the many.

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Why don’t the restaurants just pay actual living wage then?

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I’m trying out the newest TestFlight version and I must say it’s very stable with far less crashes than previous versions.

The system UI does not have that stuttering transition from post to images (but it still does it sometimes)

Writing text still slows down if it’s long but is faster now and better now.

And finally! a hide read post button.

Overall, a great update! Thank you as always!

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When checking the app, I was surprised when I saw that I only have a few subscriptions. But when I checked the other lemmy app that I’m using, it’s there.

Must be an issue in the fetching of the subscription of communities?

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Hello! I’m very impressed that the update in the AppStore appeared at the same time as that in the TestFlight.

Some developers take like 3-4 days after updating TestFlight before the AppStore.

I’m impressed by your dedication. Keep it up!

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I just updated to the latest build and I noticed an issue on the accounts tab. It looks a little wonky and I can’t access my account.

I hope it gets fixed on the next update. But overall, the app looks very nice and smooth. A worthy successor to Apollo.

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Wow that’s character growth you won’t see in the other site. Good job

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Why is there open and close quotations? Isn’t this progress?

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I’m just curious. I read somewhere that apps coded with swift UI function better in IOS and I was wondering if Memmy is using that.

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It’s seems every country has had a fascist turn this century. It’s ridiculous how little we as a species learned from the past.

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You came here because we need more soldiers

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So it’s essentially a shitpost banner. That’s hilarious lol

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Oof that’s hard!

You may want to try the following though to clear the algorithm up

Clear her YouTube watch history: This will reset the algorithm, getting rid of a lot of the data it uses to make recommendations. You can do this by going to “History” on the left menu, then clicking on “Clear All Watch History”.

Clear her YouTube search history: This is also part of the data YouTube uses for recommendations. You can do this from the same “History” page, by clicking “Clear All Search History”.

Change her ‘Ad personalization’ settings: This is found in her Google account settings. Turning off ad personalization will limit how much YouTube’s algorithms can target her based on her data.

Introduce diverse content: Once the histories are cleared, start watching a variety of non-political, non-conspiracy content that she might enjoy, like cooking shows, travel vlogs, or nature documentaries. This will help teach the algorithm new patterns.

Dislike, not just ignore, unwanted videos: If a video that isn’t to her taste pops up, make sure to click ‘dislike’. This will tell the algorithm not to recommend similar content in the future.

Manually curate her subscriptions: Unsubscribe from the channels she’s not interested in, and find some new ones that she might like. This directly influences what content YouTube will recommend.

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And while we’re at it, can you guys recommend the best mastodon client?

I frequently read things about mastodon in lemmy and that pique my curiosity. I just want to try it and probably stick with it if my experience is good.

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe lemmy users should do their part in reaching out to them and offering the fediverse as an alternative?

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I saw in the posts recently how Metas thread grew rapidly in a span of just a day. I understand that since threads posts a privacy nightmare (no surprises there) I’m leaning towards de-federating with them.

But I am also cautiously excited about the massive amount of content if we federated instead.

So for purposes of discussion, may I know the pros and cons of federating with threads?

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Hey man I just want to say thanks for all your hardwork. Memmy is so far the best lemmy browser for me.

Issue on sorting (gifyu.com)
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Hi guys! I found a bug on the sorting where when I choose an option, it goes thru. But I cannot change it because the pop up moves fast.

I’m not sure I’m making sense, but you can check the gif I uploaded.

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