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Oh wow these screams really are the fuel of nightmares, thanks for sharing :)

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It’s easier than it seems :) When I was a kid it was a game we were taught at school, it kinda stuck with me

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Haha thanks, it seems they changed their answer after I asked the question

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They should start making posters for the number 2 rider only

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Damn that’s a dream route right there, including badlands and montañas vacias. I heard it can be chilly at night, but at least in the montañas vacias there are some shelters where you can build a fire!

If the Pyrenees are too cold going through the Basque country might be incredible, too.

Aah, egyptian cotton makes sense. I had a regular cotton one before, always felt like packing a brick.

Have fun, and keep us updated if you can and feel like it — I will be looking forward to it!

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That was actually more entertaining than I was expecting!

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When cycling in a country where number plates have four numbers on them (e.g. 23-64-AD) I play the ‘24’ game. With simple math (addition, substraction, multiplication, division) try to make a total of 24 with the numbers (3-1=1, 6x4=24, 24x1=24, alternatively 6+4-2=8, 8x3=24, etc)

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Somehow I can never really sleep well if I am camping illegally. Once while camping I had to hide from the forrest ranger in the Jura mountains in Switzerland, they were driving around and clearly looking for us (I think some hikers ratted me out). That night I would wake up to every little sound, and has been challenging ever since

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What do you mean? I only meant it in a good way

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Beautiful!! Where is the road taking you this time?

I have a few questions about the gear, if I may: Why did you opt for a cotton sleeping bag liner instead of silk? (My 30e decathlon silk liner is great and very light) Why are you taking and actual book if you also have a kindle? Do you wear a helmet when touring?

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Good riddance buddy, if she was running around behind your back. Hope you’re in a better place now.

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Predictable (i.imgur.com)
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I have a couple of old laptops lying around and want to throw them away, but have been cautious to do so because of privacy concerns of data still on the hard drives. What is the best way to wipe them? Or should I take them out and physically destroy them?

They are running windows vista and 10 I think.

This is the way (i.imgur.com)
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I’ll start. Non serious answers also welcome

  1. Linux (Linux)

  2. FOSS or die

  3. Video content should have been text

  4. Not caring a LOT about privacy makes you a non-lemmy normie


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Follow your heart (i.imgur.com)
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T-Rex problems (i.imgur.com)
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