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Hey Rat Punchers, and welcome to the first c/PixelDungeon community newspost and spotlight! These posts summarize community events over the last few months, and provide a good starting point for new readers.

If you're new here, welcome! c/PixelDungeon is a place to talk strategies, tell stories, or discuss anything related to Pixel Dungeon or its many versions. To sign up, just make an account on Lemmy.world: https://lemmy.world/signup. You can also use an account from any other Lemmy instance that lemmy.world federates with.

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Although this is c/Pixeldungeon's first newspost, it's the 11th one in total. The prior 10 posts were on our previous community on Reddit. That really does set the tone doesn't it? c/Pixeldungeon has come into existance as a new place for the pixel dungeon subreddit community, hosted by a platform that will hopefully be less abusive to its users.

After some initial turbulence relating to uptime and new registrations on lemmy.world, c/pixeldungeon now seems to have settled into a steady cadence of about 2-3 new posts a day. While I'd certainly like for us to one day get as big as r/pixeldungeon was, I think this is a great start. We've off the ground, and hopefully can continue maintaining and growing from here.

One thing I've been very happy to see is a strong presence from Pixel Dungeon developers! While I've been trying to make weekly posts of my own, there have also been dev announcements from both new and long-standing developers. Even if you ignore my posts, we're already doing quite well on that front I think. As for general activity, this newspost is a start, but I'll be seeing about making some megathreads soon to encourage more participation. In the meantime though, here are some of the best posts made in the last few months:

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Here are our picks for top posts made in the last few months! There is a max of one post per person per category, and posts from moderators aren't eligible.

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Is it possible to rearrange the items in the quickslot on Android? I am using the quickslot with swapper button, and it would be nice to rearrange so that I could have all my throwing weapons on one page. I also can't seem to remove stuff I have accidentally put there either. I haven't managed to find out how to do it, if it is even possible

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Hi there,

is it possible to copy the ranking and/or Achievements to another device? I got a new one and don't want to forget all my heroes 😥

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Hey folks, since last week I've finished the new catalog UI, so here's a more fulsome screenshot!

For reference, the existing catalog contains 101 items, and this new one now contains a massive 315 of them! Almost every item (and enchant/glyph) in the game is now viewable here, assuming you've found it first.

It looks like there are still 2 more categories though, I wonder what's in them...

Here ya go, easy win. (self.pixeldungeon)
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Parchment Scrap
Thirteen Leaf Clover
Eye of Newt

Floor 1.
Cursed Scale Armor of Stone +3 (Tomb)
Cursed Ring of Force +2 (sapphire)

Floor 3.
Scroll of Remove Curse (Kaunan) (Locked Chest)
Wand of Regrowth (Chest)

Floor 4.
Leather Armor of Stone +1

Floor 6.
Ring of Might +2 (Crystal Chest)
Unstable Spellbook (Crystal Mimic)

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First time getting a berserker to the top. So far I've done:

  • Huntress
  • Gladiator
  • Champion
  • Assassin
  • Warlock
  • Battlemage

Still need to do monk, free runner, and sniper

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I ascended for the second time ever, this time with freerunner. I had the seal shards and was aiming to get the "You made it too" achievement. I was surprised when I finished the game and didn't get it...

Then I remembered I let a thief get away on my way back up without paying attention to what he'd stolen...

Dude robbed me of my achievement.

My first ascension! (lemmy.world)
submitted 6 days ago by greencactus to c/pixeldungeon

Gosh, I'm so happy. Admittedly it was an amazing run - I found plate armor in the sewers and upgraded them into oblivion. Still, the feeling of happiness when I realized I arrived at the top was really nice.

Especially the learning curve of the game. Every time I try, I get a bit better. A few weeks ago I died at the Dwarfen City, and now I'm good enough to come back to the top. The experience of working on your skill and getting better is just really amazing, and I love how the game is hard, but doesnt feel punishing.

Overall, I'm proud of my great Warrior :)

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I've been playing this game for years. I've gotten past the blobs. Made it to the shop. But I can't get much past there.

Is there some pattern, or technique, or something that you're all doing?

I search rooms. I watch my food. I use my items. Upgrade them. Am patient in battle, and avoid battle if required.

What am I missing?

Thank you

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This was level 21 -- I'm glad to report that the mage made it all the way to the amulet.

Tips for first ascent? (self.pixeldungeon)
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Hey all, started playing SPD a month or two ago, really enjoying it! I followed a build guide from Reddit for “first win” using Mage with shielding and looking for the Potential enchant on armor. Worked well, did get my first win with it… now, I want to ascend!

What’s your go-to build for ascending? I know a lot of stuff is random per the seed, but still, I want your tips. One specific question, do you ration your health pots at all for the ascent?

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I was having a great run with a mage. Found a leather armor +2, whip of shocking +2, a couple of rings and a good selection of wands, some even upgraded.

I was dominating level 13 in the caves. There, I found a treasure room with the pool and the piranhas. I readily gulped down my only invisibility potion and went for the treasure, hoping for a scale armor. I had saved 2 or 3 scrolls of upgrade and a couple of arcane styli waiting for the right armor to appear.

As I was making my way to the treasure chest, a gnoll brute and a gnoll shaman both entered the room. Trying to avoid them, I took too long to get back. Through bad luck and miscalculation, the potion ran out one step from the door, which was blocked by the brute.

So, I found myself facing three giant piranhas and two gnolls. I didn't have a teleport spell, and my stones of blink were useless as I was surrounded. I tried everything I could think of, and downed 11 (!) potions of healing and shielding, but I was taking too much damage. In the end, the mage succumbed to his wounds and the game was over.

I exited the game in frustration and swore not to try again in at least a week (not for the first time).

Five minutes later, to my horror, I realized I forgot that I had a seed of fadeleaf that might have saved me :-(

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mimic tooth
exotic crystals
dimensional sundial

Floor 1:
Cursed Ring of Energy +2 (Crystal Chest) (odal = Remove Curse) Cursed Ring of Energy +2 (Chest)

Floor 4:
Mail Armor +3
Wand of Corruption +2 (Skeletal Remains)


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With Shattered Pixel Dungeon v2.4.2 out, I'm properly starting work on the next update, which is going to include a bunch of changes to the journal interface.

Here's one of them, a new UI for the game's item catalog, that uses a grid instead of a long list. This makes the catalogs easier to navigate and gives me loads of room to add new things to them too...

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One great thing about spd is that the dev uses stats from players runs to make balancing changes. But I thought it would be cool if these stats could be made public so that people can see them. Another addition that would be nice is a global leaderboard, which shows that top scores that people have achieved, with the ability to see their gear, inventory, skills, score breakdown, etc. I am suggesting both of these things with the intent to make it easier for players to be able to look at the combos and strats other players use. Could these potentially be implemented in the future? Or are there already similar resources that I'm missing?

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I beat the last boss thrice, once with the warden and once with the battlemage. The first time I died on the way back up, the second, I was out of potions didn't feel confident, so I quit while I was ahead .

But with the monk and the assassin's blade, I made it! This combo is great, especially since the last upgrade, which gave us the [ teleports behind you, unsheathes blade,"Nothing personal, kiddo" ] attack. This really felt fun to play!

B O N K (slrpnk.net)
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Hey Dungeoneers, sorry for being a little quiet here lately!

I've just released Shattered Pixel Dungeon v2.4.2, which is mostly focused on followup balance tweaks, but also fixes a few bugs. Here's a link to the changelog on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1769170/announcements/detail/4185612701676471088

Elastic Whip+3, RoA+2, RoM+1 (self.pixeldungeon)
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Anyone who wants a quick fun win try this one.
Floor 1 - Ring of Might +1 (Crystal chest)
Floor 2 - Ring of Arcana +2 (tomb (left one))
Floor 3 - Elastic Whip +3 (Ghost)
Floor 4 - Leather armor of viscosity

Mossy Clump
Exotic Crystals
Eye of Newt

Have a good time with very few mobs able to get close to you.

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I normally play without sounds and today was the day I opened the game with sounds and I am stick in the main menu because of how good the music is

submitted 1 week ago by buo to c/pixeldungeon

The scale armor was augmented for evasion; not even the scorpions could hit me. I waltzed through the demon halls without worries.

I also had a RoW +1 and a robber's armband, and at some point had more than 10,000 gold. I had never had more than 3,000 before. Overall, I collected almost 21,000 gold; all my previous wins hovered around 14,000.

There are three (!) stones of enchantment, not even in hidden rooms. And five experience potions!

Ascended with a score of 242,000, my best yet.


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The Morning Star. It tends to show up a lot with holy warrior characters such as clerics and paladins, and I feel it would fit in with the style of the game.

submitted 2 weeks ago by TrashboxBobylev to c/pixeldungeon

Fixes some of urgent bugs, like crashes with trinkets or telekinetic grab.

That's mostly all, there is also some balance tweaks to forgotten things like Vampiric.

Anti-Challenges? (self.pixeldungeon)
submitted 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago) by Riversedgeknight1 to c/pixeldungeon

I see a lot of posts on this wiki about seeds that give overpowered items. These greatly reduce the difficulty of the game, but due to the popularity of these posts this seems to appeal to a great deal of the player base. Therefore, I propose the addition of what are effectivly Anti-Challenges, that reduce the difficulty of the game. Things like sadder bosses, night vision, large portions, or thick armor could function as counterparts to their respective challenges, with the cost of your score being reduced by a multiplier, similarly to how challenges increase your score. Perhaps this could only be unlocked after finishing a run with default settings, to preserve the learning curve and difficulty that PD has to offer. What do you guys think?

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