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Isn't this the kid that fired into a crowd? Why are we listening to anything he says again?

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I'm currently at solshine rêverie (formerly summer camp) in Illinois, enjoying the vibes and being way too baked to function in normal society, but here it's considered good etiquette

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I suppose. We are all just human though, and no one's perfect all the time. i think that's what makes those little good deeds noticable. The fact that we are flawed and some of us manage to be good people a majority of the time

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Yeah but the problem is I've seen enough of these "support" forums turn to this, unprovoked, that I don't quite question this being possible

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It's similar but has different concentrations of the same stuff

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Why not invest in a canopy?

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I've heard of people doing that with ice, never heard of it with a slurpee though

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It kind of helps that I've always had a kind of disconnect with the concept of death. I don't know if this is like an autism thing or what, but dealing with loss seems to affect me less than other people I know.

I'm still sorry to hear that fucked you up though, hope you bounced back

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That's a legend of a friend for sure

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You had to opt out of some backup they had on some third party site to actually get your stuff deleted

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While on DMT when I was younger, I legitimately thought I had died, the gods and fractals all went away and I couldn't feel anything and I thought, oh no, this is it. And weirdly.... I came to terms with it rather quickly. I thought, my family is going to be so sad, but I guess there's nothing I can do, and felt a strange peace. Then I snapped back into reality and breathed a sigh of relief.

I took a break from the DMT after that

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Yeah that's real fucked up, my buddy's cousin is going away for 5 years and I calculated that on the lowest end, he'd probably be paying at least $73,000 by the time he leaves

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vampire rule (lemmy.world)
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mate in two (lemmy.world)
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observe (lemmy.world)
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It's a very long story but ultimately all you need to know is, i have to make sure an unknown app isn't sending an assload of traffic through port 25 on any network im connected to. How can I confirm this on my android device without an external PC?

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I used boost for a while since I used to always use it for reddit. But connect finally won over and is my main browser, one thing I miss though, is in using the user tagging system, boost had a bright green tag on users you used this feature on. This allowed easy identification of your tags. Not saying comment needs to have it bright green but it would be nice to have the option so I can actually see which users are tagged at a glance

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I've had my index for a year or two now, I've got both desktop and my beefy AF laptop that I play it on, but both are still super janky. The laptop is actually better for it believe it or not but I still get some hiccups here and there.

I know my bottleneck on the desktop is my GPU, CPU is ready for anything I can pair it with, what's a good one that will never let me see a frame drop again?

Come on I know you guys have suggestions

Edit: since you're all asking here's a list I made some time ago with most of my parts

Ignore the storage you see, i have like 2nvme drives and several SSD's that I didn't list

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