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[-] ArtVandelay 10 points 1 day ago

Steve Jobs famously believed he could remove mucus from his body, which caused him to stink. No mucus, no body odor. His entire life, when people told him he stinks, he would reply that wasn't possible because he removed that which caused body odor.

[-] ArtVandelay 5 points 1 day ago

"gpt-40, why aren't you at your post?"

[-] ArtVandelay 16 points 2 days ago

I'm certainly no desktop developer, but I would imagine a native application gives you access to more intrusive data than a browser, especially considering modern browser protections. Just a theory though

[-] ArtVandelay 3 points 2 days ago

I think this meme is actually from the second movie

[-] ArtVandelay 8 points 2 days ago

If by alpha you mean a broken, unstable mess unsuitable for production, then yes, Trump is an alpha.

[-] ArtVandelay 6 points 3 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago)

If YouTube was too long and TikTok was too short, yours could be just right.

You could call it Goldilokk

[-] ArtVandelay 106 points 3 days ago

They really are going all in on stupid.

[-] ArtVandelay 2 points 4 days ago

Actually it's Goldman's Axe, the Finest Axes This Side of Middle Earth

[-] ArtVandelay 10 points 4 days ago

Simple, claim it was antifa plants in his otherwise "very good people" crowd

[-] ArtVandelay 2 points 5 days ago

The court could clear the schedule for the day, insisting he go because he was invited, and he still won't so he can complain about it very publicly. He has no desire to go at all beyond what publicity he can drum up by insisting he can't. That's just the way his twisted mind works

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If anyone wants a great source on exactly how chat GPT is essentially autocomplete on steroids, Steven Wolfram did a great write-up. It's pretty technical.

submitted 2 weeks ago by ArtVandelay to c/androidtv

Does anyone know if there's a way to launch f launcher instead of the shitty Google home screen when the unit resumes from sleep? I essentially want to make it where I never ever see the Google home screen ever

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

Just thought I would quickly share what can happen if you're not paying attention with a heavy mass spool if you're not careful. I have all my spools on a dowel rod attached to the top of my printer enclosure and fed through an opening in the top. Never had the slightest issue with 1 kg spools, and I thought I would save a little bit of money and time changing filament by trying a 3 kg spool. It spins perfectly fine without friction, but the much heavier mass is enough to cause it to have significant strain on the extruder pulling it in to the hot end. You can see in the result where I provided strain relief by hand while watching it print.

submitted 2 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/guitars

In the span of 2 days, I've managed to break the E string on two of main jam guitars. Bad luck, or bad technique? I'm betting on the latter lol

Sigh. (
submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by ArtVandelay to c/aboringdystopia

Spotted this in a store today and promptly put my shit that I didn't need back on the shelf and walked out.

Edit: it has been pointed out this sign is most likely ironic, in line with the companies schtick. I would counter that while that may be true, behind every good joke is a little bit of the truth. They mean this unironically also.

submitted 3 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

Hi everyone - I'm doing some prototyping on a part I'm designing. The final part will take up nearly the entire build plate, but for a test print, I'm using a negative modifier to remove 80% of the part, leaving only a sliver to print. The problem is that once sliced, the part left to be printed is way over on the edge of the build plate, and I'd rather it be in the center if possible. If I position it where the edge i want printed is in the middle, it of course complains that part of the file is off the build plate and won't let me slice, even though it's all being removed with the negative modifier. Any ideas on how to get it to cut the piece and still center it?

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by ArtVandelay to c/[email protected]

All the sanding blocks I have seen are the nut and bolt type, but i found myself wanting something more of just a ... block. No adjusting, loosening, tightening, moving, just wrap your sandpaper around an edge and go. So I spent 15 minutes in FreeCAD and made one. So far it's working great.

In case anyone else wants it, or has feedback.

submitted 3 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/guitars

I won't profess to be a design mastermind, but it was a fun process. I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun.

submitted 4 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

I'm contemplating a Prusa MK4 + official enclosure and I'm looking at the way the enclosure handles filament feeding into the (N)extruder. Normally, filament is loaded directly from the spool into the extruder, but with the official enclosure, I see it's fed through a PTFE tube and coupler. It seems to me this would make changing filaments mid print quite a pain. Would I be ok simply feeding the filament into a PTFE tube, but cutting it way short of the extruder and simply feeding it in from there into the extruder without the tube?

submitted 4 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

Hi all, I have a quick question about my z screw coupler (as i understand it, the metal cylinder at the bottom you can manually move your z axis up and down with).

When I manually raise the z axis (with steppers disabled) by rotating the coupler clockwise, after I let it go, it reverses it's rotation on it's own and sinks back down. This is frustrating because it takes forever to actually move it any distance. Am i doing anything wrong? Should you only ever move the z axis with software, and if so, is there a way to fix the issue of it going back down? I don't know how to adjust the tightness of this part, I'm still pretty new.

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I still have no idea what I'm doing really. Just too determined to give up I guess, and it's been such fun. Anyway I made a guitar pedal light switch cover. Still a lot of work to do, and every time I look at FreeCAD the wrong way, the model breaks, but it's been a fun experience nonetheless.

On a side note, anybody have any idea why the face of the model is rough textured, while the foot switch on the lower half is flawless?

submitted 4 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

Good morning friends! I'm still fairly new to 3D printing, although I'm learning a lot more to be dangerous now. I'm printing this part, and I have cleaned and leveled the bed, as I do before every print, and usually have very few issues. This time, my first layer went down almost perfect, with the exception of the bottom right corner being a little bit tight, but as you can see in the picture, every once in a while, I get exactly one line of it not adhering on the first layer. Subsequent layers all seem to lay down perfectly fine, so I'm suspecting bed adhesion, it's just weird that it's only in one single line. Anyone ever experienced issues like this, and seen a remedy?

submitted 5 months ago by ArtVandelay to c/3dprinting

I'm a beginner 3D printing novice. I have done about 5-6 successful prints so far, and my last two have technically come out fine, but they seem very brittle. By brittle, i mean that both prints have snapped cleanly into several pieces, not by design. My extremely novice research has led me to think it's a layer adhesion issue - it is very cold here where I am right now, and I print in a non-climate controlled shed because of reasons. I do have an enclosure though, so i tried printing my PLA at 205 instead of 200, but same result. Is there a better way to correct prints snapping apart like that? I don't feel like i used any excessive force.

Ender 3 Pro Polymaker dual matte white/black PLA 1.75mm

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