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Say it with me friends

Ignorance of the law is no excuse

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The story here isn't that Trump doesn't understand magnets, it's that he was transparently told to say something by a donor associated with John Deere and he fucked it up because he didn't understand it.

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U.S. regulators say they will review the use of a chemical found in almost every tire after a petition from West Coast Native American tribes that want it banned because it kills salmon as they return from the ocean to their natal streams to spawn.

The Yurok tribe in California and the Port Gamble S’Klallam and Puyallup tribes in Washington asked the Environmental Protection Agency to prohibit the rubber preservative 6PPD earlier this year, saying it kills fish — especially coho salmon — when rains wash it from roadways into rivers. Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut also wrote the EPA, citing the chemical’s “unreasonable threat” to their waters and fisheries.

The agency’s decision to grant the petition last week is the start of a long regulatory process that could see the chemical banned. Tire manufacturers are already looking for an alternative that still meets federal safety requirements.

“We could not sit idle while 6PPD kills the fish that sustain us,” Joseph L. James, chairperson of the Yurok Tribe, told The Associated Press. “This lethal toxin has no business in any salmon-bearing watershed.”

This platform kinda sucks (self.utopianfiat)
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People are more hostile here than on Reddit. I barely participate anymore and any time I do my inbox gets filled with horrible responses. It's like the worst people from Reddit have decided to be here permanently.

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I think there should be a presumption that this is retaliatory

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But remember, it's the rest of the world that's warmongering! Also up is down!

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She's a political prisoner

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Reading Slate

lol, lmao

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I hope the devs take this seriously as an existential threat to the fediverse. Lemmyshitpost was one of the largest communities on the network both in AUPH and subscribers. If taking the community down is the only option here, that's extremely insufficient and bodes death for the platform at the hands of uncontrolled spam.

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The image is a reddit post with the following text (automatically transcribed):

I remember I got into an argument on reddit awhile ago with a person over Italian food. It got to the point they were following me into other subs to harass me. I clicked on their profile to block them and their most recent post was them drinking their own piss on r/piss. At that moment I realized I had spent so much pointless time arguing about the taste of food with someone who drinks their own piss as a hobby. This site is a shit hole.

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The judge's rationale is that he'd be victimized because of his appearance. If the justice system can't trust itself not to allow extrajudicial punishment by other inmates enough to give people the sentences they deserve, isn't that their fucking problem and not the victims'?

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The Taliban is what happens when you let incels govern

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The Nazis came up with this concept of "German Christianity" or "Positive Christianity" that essentially took Christianity and emphasized its differences from Judaism, while downplaying Jesus as the messiah and elevating the Führer as the herald of a new covenant. I know we're all joking here but this kind of thing has been done before, over, and over, and over.

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This is the only correct answer. Cars kill so many people it's absurd.

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@[email protected] "It’s getting too English. Make it more French."

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A couple of times I've been presented with notifications from commercial apps downloaded from the Play store that are very clearly promotional material. Thankfully, Android allows me to block particular notification channels if I swipe the notification lightly and hit the gear icon. I can disable the particular "Promotion" channel.

However, with some apps, the "Promotion" channel is already turned off, and now they're sending promotions under other channels ("General Notifications", "System Alerts"). Does anyone else think this is shady enough to report, and how would you go about reporting it?

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@[email protected]: "Meal looks good, now for a bit of ambience, needs some Rick Astley serenading me!"

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@[email protected] "There is baked beans, but it needs toast. Please add toast."

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@[email protected] "Mike Tyson tribal tattoo right on the face (upside down)"

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Half or more of the accounts have a very clear agenda.

Everyone has an agenda; if this makes you uncomfortable, strengthen your critical thinking skills.

The desire for a neutral source is a desire to stop thinking critically about the information you consume.

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