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Personally I think it's still kind of gross. I wouldn't judge anyone else for eating it though. It's gotta be less harmful to the environment and animals than full strength meat. Right? It is less harmful isn't it? Guys?

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I've been wanting to get back into rss feeds. Have a good feeder? Reader? Compiler? What are the clients even called? I'm drawing a blank.....

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I think they should put windmills on the roof. If you're going down the freeway that would charge the battery real quick! /s

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I think the words you're looking for are threaten, intimidate, provocative (as the other lemming said), hostile, etc etc.

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Shit like this is a good way to prevent me from returning. I don't want to feel bad about giving someone money I didn't need to and if I'm pushing the lowest recommended amount it feels sad.

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As a straight man, I feel like I've been represented plenty and still am in media. What exactly are you looking for that you aren't seeing? There are thousands of years of representation, still continuing to this day. Don't get me wrong, free beer is awesome but not sure why anyone feels unrepresented as a straight person.

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I saw at least one more from NY times after this one. Marketing through the press

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Another article about "deals". Lower the prices. Deals are bs. These corporations have over reached and no one is buying their shit any more.

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You guys think Tyreek will get a new deal?

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CAD work in Linux blows. I say this after trying multiple options.

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People may not want it but most don't know, care enough to adjust, or are just generally complacent. I mean, I DO care and find it hard to move to Linux due to lack of support for some of my work tasks.

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Anyone have suggestions for a 10 year old who likes comic mischief? He's a huge fan of diary of a wimpy kid series but his reading level has moved beyond that. He's also really enjoyed the wild robot series, Matilda, and the skunk and fox books.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: thank you all for your great recommendations. I'm going to check them all out with him tonight!

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I've set up a jellyfin server on a Windows desktop machine (yeah I know, not the best option). I think hardware server side is more than sufficient with i7 4790 3.6ghz, 3060ti, 32gb ram. For client I'm using Xbox One x with jellyfin client. The server is currently connected via WiFi. I'm getting playback stuttering after about 20 min or so of playback. I'm hoping to get some guidance for transcoding settings and general setup help.

I don't think it's simply wifi causing the issue as the playback bar on Xbox shows the video is buffered for several minutes ahead of playback location.

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