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Those Kipper Snacks are so good.

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I also like working with that font.

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It sounds like you might be overwhelmed by all the options you have to reach your goals. I've been there. With so many exercises, plans, apps, etc it is easy to get a little lost.

It looks like you already have an idea of the activities you want to focus on: running, martial arts, and bodyweight exercises.

I would create a plan that includes 3 different days, one for running, one for martial arts, and one for bodyweight exercises.

On each day, give yourself at least one specific goal. For example, if today is a running day, give yourself the goal of running for 5 minutes longer than your last run. If that seems like too much, make it 2 minutes. The point is to focus on incremental improvement, no matter how small the increment.

As for bodyweight exercises, just pick a few and stick with them for a few months. Some common bodyweight exercises you could start with are pushups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

Also, consider tracking your progress in a notebook. Apps are nice, but they can be a distraction / hindrance. Once you've created a plan that works for you on paper, you can search for an app that helps you track what you need.

I hope this helps.

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Why bother pointing out people commenting? I guess we're all a little confused.

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"People don’t steal unless in a serious situation or mental illness period, full stop."

How do you know this?

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It's understandable if you're out of breath after a short amount of time when starting out. You're only a few months in, and it takes several months / years to condition yourself mentally and physically. Assuming you don't have a medical condition, start slower, and try to find a pace that is manageable for longer durations.

As for finding an exercise you enjoy, that is personal and depends on your circumstances. I started with running, then tried rowing, and finally settled on cycling. There are even more options for cardio, like hiking, swimming, jumping rope, dancing, etc. You just have to try them out and see which one is the most enjoyable. Try as many cardio exercises as you can, and you should find yourself enjoying one more than the rest, even if they all suck. If you do that, you can focus on that exercise for a few months and see what kind of progress you make. That approach worked for me, and maybe it will work for you.

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Do you enjoy the exercises you have picked? I used to force myself to run, but like you, the minutes seemed to drag on. I made the switch to cycling and found that I couldn't get enough. I mean, technically my body can only handle so much time on my bike, but the mental strain was significantly reduced.

Consistency is key, and doing exercises I actually enjoy helps me consistently show up.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I'll add it to my list.

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This game has taken me back to my Mass Effect days. I'm so glad I checked this game out, and I've enjoyed almost every minute I've played.

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Nice job reaching your goal, and good luck hitting 275!

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I doubt the people firing into the air will heed your warning.

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