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Wow, really neat angle of the bird and the sun on it!

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Great advice, thank you!! What you said applies to me quite a bit

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What would a child say if they were asked whether they would steal a loaf of bread to feed their starving family if they had no other way of saving them? What would you say? Does context matter in moral judgements?

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I think I'm more or less with @verdigris. I'd get behind the position that most large corporations have bent the rules of society so much to their favour and accrued so much wealth at the expense of ordinary people that we don't owe them anything at this point. I got mad respect for the independent creators. But I feel there's no moral transgression with streaming a pirated show vis-a-vis the corporations missing out on making a few bucks from that, to use a example. It's not black and white; actors and others salaries are important and related. But those "you wouldn't steal a car, so why are you trying to a CD/DVD?" ads were clearly corporate propaganda, as another example

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Thanks for the info! I general sail the seven seas for that suff but thought it was a pretty good example of the larger trend.

I played guitar for 5+ years, never really learning properly, but being able to jam okay. I can't do that any more, but I have a pretty good knowledge base to start from. It's probably a matter of I should just do whatever's fun until I'm picking up the guitar a few times a week regularly - then I can get more focused. For easy-starting fun, that's probably strumming and singing through songs on a less ad and malware-bloated website. To get serious, I'd like to work with a metronome, maybe finally feel confident with a 12-bar blues, transcribe some solos perhaps. Very old school 😎. Do you play or want to learn?

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It's a little beyond me, but I was under the impression that the dictionary lookup feature is purely local. Saying that out loud I'm now not so sure lol

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Well said. That's how I see it, anyway

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Thanks, Blisterexe - you too :)

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I appreciate your comments and good points!


Lol. I prefer the terms user-preferred advertisements or user-centric advertisements /s. Whenever I see targeted ads, I just think it's creepy

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Thank you very much, kind Lemmy! I think it makes sense for me to postpone that a bit due to other things going on at the moment. But it was really helpful to vent and to hear words of empathy and support from people like you :)

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Great points! Ownership, control, access, possession - these might apply differently to different things. I could see ownership being more relevant than other concepts in digital documentation of one's genetic information, for example. I think a public library model (ie, access) would work pretty satisfactorily for entertainment media. Our language might have lagged behind the privacy, consumer, and legal concerns of today. My knowledge certainly has, but that can be changed ;)

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I miss the days of VHS and DVD shelfs in homes, for example. If you bought the tapes and had them in your home, no corporate entity could alter those tapes without your consent, monitor how many times you watch them, sell your data to whomever they please without your knowledge, roll out new mandatory conditions to a 'user agreement,' or remove them from your library if/when they like.

I noticed some dumb change in how Dictionary definitions are shown in the Spotlight (ie, overall search my computer function) in MacOS this week. I've turned off all auto-updates, and I didn't make that change or consent to it. But despite paying the full price all by myself for this machine, I clearly don't have 100% control over it. It seems very clearly to me that consumers having control and privacy over their Internet-connected devices is a bygone era.

After Blizzard, the video game company, replaced copies of Warcraft 3 that I and others had paid for in full and installed on our computers that we could play without connecting to the Internet with a lower-quality copy that prohibited offline play - I swore I'd never pay for a video game again*, and 3 years later I haven't backslid on that. I felt so angry, cheated, and robbed by that. (*Edit: my criticism and frustration is really more with larger developers/companies/creators - I appreciate and am happy to support smaller, more independent and libre ones.)

Many people probably won't be bothered by these things, but I am. I don't want to pay full price for something that I don't truly own. I miss the familiarity. I miss the reliability. I miss feeling like it's mine. Dependable. Trustworthy.

Picking my old guitar up again has never looked so appealing. I think I want to go back to investing more time, money, and energy into things that aren't connected to the internet

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Gausman didn't have a very good day on the mound. But it didn't matter. The Jays were down 7-1 in the 3rd inning, and they managed a comeback by putting up runs in 5/8 innings and getting good outings from the bullpen.

The first three hitters in the lineup today (Schneider, Varsho, and Guerrero) had 6 RBI, with return-to-form? Vladdy contributing 4. Bichette, who's been slumping hard, homered today.

Swanson pitched a solid inning without giving up a hit, as did Yimi Garcia who made his return today.

What happens when George Springer comes back, will he go back to hitting lead off? I can't see that happening with these results. Turner might get a bump down and Jansen up to cleanup

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Greetings Blue Bird aficionados. We seem to be without our good friend and moderator, @imasnyper, this season. I'm thinking I might ask the admins if they'll add me as moderator to this community, as I'd like to update it and have it look more active. It might take me a while to figure out how Snyper set up the standings in the sidebar.

I wanted to announce this intention to the community for the sake of transparency. If anyone else is interested in being an active mod (e.g., posting regularly, setting up bot-run features), let us know what you have in mind.

Any other community-related discussion is also welcome 💙

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What do you think they should do? What do you think they will do?

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1:21 video shows the scale of the protest.

Shulamit Ron, Demonstrator: "We hope the world hears us: the people of Israel are not the government of Israel. We don't agree with the policy; we don't agree with the way they behave; and we want to have a different future."

Roi Tzohar, Demonstrator: "The Israeli people are hostages to their right-wing government. The people of Gaza are hostages to Hamas. And, basically, there has to be a way to overcome that and to stop the fighting and the killing. This [demonstration?] is to give everybody hope."

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Toronto Public Library branch removed a poem by a celebrated Palestinian poet killed in an Israeli airstrike in December, following pressure from pro-Israel lobby group B’nai Brith Canada, a move that advocates are calling a clear example of anti-Palestinian racism.

“The removal of the poem highlights concerns regarding Palestinian voices and their rights to express their human experiences. It implies that Palestinians are reduced to mere political issues without the entitlement to cultural expression or even the basic right to exist without facing labels of anti-Israel or antisemitic,” Ewais [researcher at Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME)] says.

She added that “writing about death should not automatically be equated with glorifying martyrdom; rather, it is a part of the human experience. To remove Palestinian narratives without valid reasons is a form of discrimination and racism.”

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Since the start of Ottawa’s $10-a-day program, Sandra Christian has had many families leave her private child-care centre in B.C. for a spot in a subsidized centre.

But that’s not what worries her — child-care services are in high demand so empty spots get filled quickly.

What worries her and her office manager, Carley Babiarz, is some of these families have said the money they’ve saved on child care has helped them buy a second property.

“We don't believe that that's the intention of the [$10-a-day] program,” said Babiarz, who works at the Creative Kids Learning Centers, which has nine locations in Surrey, Langley and Chilliwack, B.C. “It doesn't best suit our low-income… families.”

Many other child-care workers shared the same opinion at the first national conference for child-care operators, hosted by the Association of Alberta Childcare Entrepreneurs on Tuesday.

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"Such an invasion could lead to horrific massacres and raise scenarios of a second Nakba," the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights said recently. "After 200 days of horrific genocidal acts in Gaza, the real objectives of the attack are the continuation of the 76-year-long ongoing Nakba and the erasure and genocidal destruction of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Israel is laying the groundwork to fulfill its settler-colonial plan of colonizing Gaza."

Human rights defenders have warned that Israel may ultimately seek to ethnically cleanse as many Palestinians as possible from Gaza.

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The link is a 4:03-minute embedded YT video and transcript. It's informative, inspiring, and a home-run piece by The Breach imo.

Piped link for video:

Sarah Shamy, Palestinian Youth Movement Montreal: We’re really seeing the student movement be on the front lines of this movement, which is for Palestinian Liberation. Columbia University really sparked the initial fire that really kind of erupted and became a movement on its own, where students have been answering the call to set up encampments.

Miriam Liben, IJV Concordia: There was a video that we saw this morning of children in refugee camps in Gaza, holding up signs being like “thank you for your solidarity,” with McGill and Columbia and different names of different universities. I think that felt incredibly powerful.

Text: The media have also repeated McGill’s administration’s suggestion that antisemitism is rife in the encampment.

Mara Thompson, [Independent Jewish Voices] (IJV) McGill: I feel that McGill has played a really dangerous game and an irresponsible game by conflating anti-Zionism with antisemitism. I feel that their consultation with the Jewish student body is totally incomplete. They disregard student referendums, and student testimonies and groups like IJV who are publicly anti-Zionist and still very rooted in their Jewish values. I think that conflating the two risks diluting what we understand antisemitism to be, which I think is really dangerous in the long term, since antisemitism is a threat.

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From MLB press release:

  • Across seven starts, the right-hander pitched to a 4-2 record with a 1.44 ERA (7 ER/43.2 IP), while allowing 31 hits with 13 walks, 31 strikeouts, a 1.01 WHIP, a .204 opponents’ batting average and 6.39 strikeouts per 9.0 innings.
  • The 29-year-old led the Majors in innings pitched; tied for the Major League-lead in games started; ranked third in MLB in ERA; ranked seventh among AL pitchers in WHIP; and ranked eighth in opponents’ average.
  • The two-time All-Star tossed at least 6.0 innings in six of his seven starts, with the only exception coming on April 25th in Kansas City, when he was credited with a 5.0 inning complete game. He pitched a season-high 7.0 innings on April 14th against Colorado and April 30th against Kansas City.
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This letter was written by a group of nurses across Ontario who are remaining anonymous for fear of professional backlash.

As rank and file nurses, we are disgraced by the ongoing complicity of our health care leaders and institutions seven months into Israel’s most recent assault on Gaza. We must take matters into our own hands in the pursuit of justice. As one of the slogans of the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) goes, “The nurses are coming. Injustice makes us angry. Anger makes us act.”

While ONA’s most recent statement on Apr. 12 urges the Canadian government “to do everything in its power to achieve a ceasefire and restore access to humanitarian aid and health care,” and also “uphold international law,” it steers clear of mentioning an arms embargo, which is a concrete and necessary precondition to all of the above. It is also worth noting that the statement was not published as a media release nor on ONA’s social media accounts, so it is unclear how it is intended to put any political pressure on the Canadian government, or even empower rank and file nurses to do so.

Locally, ONA has a responsibility to support us in the face of grave moral distress and from the threat of harassment and reprisal in our workplaces related to our solidarity with Palestine. It also has a responsibility to explicitly address and combat anti-Palestinian racism. To date, ONA’s tepid statements have been hard to distinguish from that of our hospital CEOs. Those of us who are Palestinian-Canadian feel particularly betrayed, as we continue to show up to work and care for our patients while experiencing repression here and the heartache of losing loved ones in Palestine. As our union, we demand more of you.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday night spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate:

And let me also mention something that I found rather extraordinary and outrageous. And that is just a few days ago Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the right-wing extremist government in Israel, a government which contains out-and-out anti-Palestinian racists.

Netanyahu issued a statement in which he equated criticism of his government’s illegal and immoral war against the Palestinian people with antisemitism. In other words, if you are protesting, or disagree, with what Netanyahu and his extremist government are doing in Gaza, you are an antisemite.

That is an outrageous statement from a leader who is clearly trying – and I have to tell you, he seems to be succeeding with the American media — trying to deflect attention away from the horrific policies that he is pursuing that created an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

So, let me be as clear as I can be: It is not antisemitic or pro-Hamas to point out that in almost seven months Netanyahu’s extremist government has killed 34,000 Palestinians and wounded more than 77,000 – seventy percent of whom are women and children.

It is not antisemitic to point out that Netanyahu’s government’s bombing has completely destroyed more than 221,000 housing units in Gaza, leaving more than one million people homeless – almost half the population. No, Mr. Netanyahu it is not antisemitic to point out what you have done in terms of the destruction of housing in Gaza.

It is not antisemitic to realize that his government has annihilated Gaza’s health care system, knocking 26 hospitals out of service and killing more than 400 health care workers. At a time when 77,000 people have been wounded and desperately need medical care, Netanyahu has systematically destroyed the health care system in Gaza.

It is not antisemitic to condemn his government’s destruction of all of Gaza’s 12 universities and 56 of its schools, with hundreds more damaged, leaving 625,000 children in Gaza have no opportunity for an education. It is not antisemitic to make that point.

It is not antisemitic to note that Netanyahu’s government has obliterated Gaza’s civilian infrastructure – there is virtually no electricity in Gaza right now, virtually no clean water in Gaza right now, and sewage is seeping out onto the streets.

It is not antisemitic to make that point.

President, it is not antisemitic to agree with virtually every humanitarian organization that functions in the Gaza area in saying that his government, in violation of American law, has unreasonably blocked humanitarian aid coming into Gaza.

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