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Who's down to make babies?

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Murica moment

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I love you so much NullPointerException

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Why not both?

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Skill issue

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"Gasorinu sutandu" xD

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Is it just me or is drake one of the most punchable people on earth?

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CSS really doesn't make sense

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Lmao good one

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2012 called, they want their meme back

3840×2160 (
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Focalboard administration (
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Hi guys. I want to deploy focalboard as a replacement for trello in our company, my confusion is : How can I manage the focalboard instance? (Doccker) For example manage boards, manage users, limit user access so anyone from the web can't just register and use our instance.

I asked in the mattermost groups but the support groups are totally dead. No response.

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Hi guys. So I'm wondering, is it safe(privacy wise) to integrate my google account into my GNOME desktop, only giving mail and calendar permissions to it? It's nice to have my calendar events into my top bar. (Please give technical answers)

How to monetize services? (
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Hi guys. how can I monetize my rustdesk servers? like, imagine I tell client X to pay 1$/month for using my server, how can I authenticate users? (prevent others from using the server so only people who are paying can use).

CONTEXT: I live in a country with very limited internet (like china) so using public servers is not good. I would also have to be able to maintain the costs of the server. so this is not illegal and not unethical.

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Is BSD, More "Free" than Linux?

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