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Get a new phone the vendor does support.

Firmware patching is applying low-level firmware to the modem or baseband, similar to a BIOS update on a desktop or server. These binary libraries are (a) proprietary, and (b) opaque to the user (meaning they're not documented like normal software)

Once a vendor drops support for a platform, that's it, that's the end of the line. The device will still work, but any, glitches, firmware vulnerabilities, or updates for network-side changes will no longer be addressed.

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Not so with me. This is my list of open ports, as reported by a Termux session with root access. I happen to know the open ports are bound by AdAway.

~# netstat -tanu | grep LISTEN
tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN

Most likely, you're seeing ports opened by an app. Most Android apps don't have access to /proc/net to view port bindings, but if you have root and termux, you can use lsof -i :<portnum> to see what process is bound to that port.

You'd need to install lsof from repos first.

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The three sources familiar with the matter told CNN that a senior Egyptian intelligence official named Ahmed Abdel Khalek was responsible for making the changes. Abdel Khalek is a senior deputy to the Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel, who has been Burns’ counterpart in leading Egypt’s mediation in the ceasefire talks.

One source familiar with the negotiations said Abdel Khalek told the Israelis one thing and Hamas another. More of Hamas’ demands were inserted into the original framework that Israel had tacitly agreed to in order to secure Hamas’ approval, the source said. But the other mediators were not informed; nor, critically, were the Israelis.


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Its an election year

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By the letter and spirit of the law they can't have read about it because the Judge said not to, and so there CAN'T be tampering charges, right? Right??

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Sounds on-brand to me. it not like you'd expect them to double down on sex education or provide contraceptives.

They're telling you where their priorities are. Now Go Forth and Multiply.

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I mean, we can't tax the businesses for their behavior. They might, I dunno, leave?

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GenX'ers be dusting off those duck & cover drills.

Nuclear Armageddon? It's whatever.

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He says "watup?"

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Were they covered in pee? Asking for a friend.

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The only Monarch I support

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Could Jesus make a Celiac so allergic he couldn't receive Him?

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Phone still works (for now) and the house spare is a Samsung A50.

If you were going to update today, what's the best LOS platform?

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You know, like "always split on 18," or "having kids is the most rewarding thing you can do in life."

What's that one bit of advice you got from a trusted friend that you know deep, deep down would just ruin your thing?

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I'm shopping for glasses for my family to safely view the 2024 eclipse, but none of the product reviews talk about whether the glasses work at night. What are the people in Australia buying to see the eclipse safely?

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I'd imagine they fake an American accent. Maybe Burbank, CA?

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Turns out the Live CD install for HAOS on x86_64 is broken. It seems to hang forever on the Grow Swap boot task. Workaround is so write the image direct to boot media. Ugh, I dont feel like moving droves around for bare metal installs.

Where there's a network there's a way;

target system (debian netinst iso in rescue mode)
nc -l | dd bs=16M of=/dev/sda

source system
dd bs=16M if=haos_generic-x86_64-19.4.img | nc 19000

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