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Forty years... forty... years... I wonder if there was something *new *that our liberal democracy started forty years ago, where the focus shifted towards expanding economic growth at all costs.

New and different but still liberal. Neo maybe.

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It is an unfortunate thumbnail.

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National flags are jingoist nonsense. Patriotism is a social disease.

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I'd call it the Slop Bucket

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Anti-trust is not about seeking perfection, it's a defense against abuses of power. That's a good thing unless you like to be abused by the powerful, in which case lick some more boots.

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Tell me where I said I'd teach a child suicide should be front of mind. All I mean is they should get to choose if they live - in response to someone pleading that we all stop having children.

I want to have a child. Why should I not, because the world could be in rough shape due to climate catastrophe? I'll let them make that call and I hope they don't have to.

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OP was begging everyone to stop having kids because they gave up on life - that's better than recognizing we can choose to stop living at any time?

Accepting the end of the human race is a lot more "what the fuck" than accepting the end of a human life, imo.

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Which mentality?

That human life is worth living, but circumstances may not always be, so we reserve the right to choose our own exit from it, or that choosing to live is saying life is better than death?

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In arguing that doctors shouldn't pay tax on more of their capital gains when they retire because they often have no access to a pension, they're ignoring that pension income is fucking taxed.

What a load of bullshit.

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Feels like an ad

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If it's your primary residence, zero.

If it's a revenue generating secondary property, an extra 20k for every 400k of gains.

I love that the "wealth manager" they interviewed is making such a big deal about how it will affect people who would never have need of his services because they'll never have wealth, let alone enough to need management. Playing up the "imagine being taxed because your mom died!" angle.

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Top-earning nurse in 2022 brought home $510,000

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They're mostly looking into it to help get the cost of shipping goods to remote communities down, but this bit at the end sounds so cool I want to write a novel about it:

Rodyniuk said airships could also bring mobile hospitals to communities in the North.

"A fully serviceable hospital can show up in a community and remain there before moving to another community," he said.

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I had no idea that McDonald's had different prices for the same items in different locations. Like it makes sense in retrospect but damn, nugs at a 50% premium depending on where you get them.

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This looks really fun! Starts tomorrow (July 6th) evening at Fort Edmonton Park.

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