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A lethal combination of displacement, disease and malnutrition are killing Gaza's children as they wither away without healthcare.

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It would have been easy to joke about Pete buttiboughtbyboeing, without being anti-gay. But it would require not being anti-gay

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The NBA's Western Conference finals got off to a dynamic start as the Dallas Mavericks took Game 1 against the Minnesota Timberwolves in a Minneapolis thriller on Wednesday.

Entering the fourth quarter trailing 83-82, the Mavericks rallied behind 15 of Luka Doncic's team-high 33 points in the final period to pull out a 108-105 win.

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He's right, he completely smashed their records, he needs his own medals for his massive achievement in murders and massacres.

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  • Minnesota Timberwolves 98-90 Denver Nuggets
  • T-Wolves roar back from 20-point deficit against Denver
  • Timberwolves will face Mavericks in Conference finals
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Blinken crackdown on leaks, leaked to the press

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Don't think it stops here. Interest groups and billionaires have always been busy reforming and reshaping politics to maximize their interests. Here it's blatant, but it tells you also the story on why we don't have public healthcare or free education.

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California State University placed Sonoma State campus President Mike Lee on leave Wednesday after he agreed to protesters’ demands to involve them in university decision-making and pursue divestment from Israel.

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It's not US labor that is the most costly, it's US executives and c-suites

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Macklemore Hind's hall https://youtu.be/fgDQyFeBBIo

Lyrics: The people they won’t leave What is threatening about divesting and wanting peace? The problem isn’t the protests it’s what they’re protesting Cause it goes against what our country is funding Block the barricade until Palestine is free Block the barricade until Palestine is free When I was 7 I learned a lesson from Cube and Eazy E What was it again? oh yea fuck the police Actors in badges protecting property And a system that was designed by white supremacy But the people are in the streets You can pay off meta you can’t pay off me Politicians who serve by any means AIPAC, CUFI and all the companies You see we sell fear around the land of the free But this generation here is about to cut the strings You can ban tik Tok take us out the algothim But it’s too late we’ve seen the truth we bare witness We’ve seen the ruble the buildings the mothers the children And all the men that you murdered and then we see how they spin it Who gets to the right to defend and who gets the right of resistance Has always been about dollars and the color of your pigment But White supremacy is finally on blast Screaming free Palestine until they’re home at last We see the lies in them Claiming it’s anti-semetic to be anti-zionist I’ve seen jewish brothers and sisters out there and riding In solidarity and screaming free Palestine with em Organizing, unlearning and finally cutting ties with a State that’s gotta rely on an apartheid system To uphold an occupying violent History been repeating for the last 75 The Nakba never ended, the colonizer lied If some kids in tents, posted on the lawn occupying the quad is really against the law And a reason to call in the police and their squad where does genocide land in your definition huh? destroying every college in Gaza and every mosque pushing everyone into rafah and dropping bombs The blood is on your hands Biden, we can see it all And fuck no I’m not voting for you in the fall Undecided, you can’t twist the truth The people out here united never be defeated when Freedom’s on the horizon Yet the music industry’s quiet complicit in their platform of silence What happened to the artist what do you got to say? If I was on a label, you could drop me today And be fine with it cause the heart fed my page I want a ceasefire fuck a response from drake What you willing to risk? What you willing to give? What if you were Gaza? what if those were your kids? If the west was pretending that you didn’t exist You’d want the world to stand up And the students finally did Let’s get it

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All proceeds goes to the UNRWA

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The pro-Israel group is funneling money through a “pro-science” PAC, according to two members of Congress.

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Sotomayor: If the president decides that his rival is a corrupt person and he orders the military to assasinate him, is that within his official acts to which he has immunity?

"That could well be an official act," Trump lawyer John Sauer says

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The two tobacco companies Altria and Philip Morris International combined made up 2% of the branded plastic litter found, both Danone and Nestlé each produced 3% of it, PepsiCo was responsible for 5% of the discarded packaging, and 11% of branded plastic waste could be traced to the Coca-Cola company.

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Over the weekend, President Joe Biden signed legislation not only reauthorizing a major FISA spy program but expanding it in ways that could have major implications for privacy rights in the US. Archive: https://archive.ph/6v4mf

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Biden already won, climate change didn't triumph

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Awesome! Thanks for the tip!

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Yes, I skip a one 😅

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A bit much I would say

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I'm not defending him, I'm trying to understand why those billionaires are sinking millions into a lost cause. There is no chance for him to win but still he could influence the campaign by forcing talk and debate onto subjects that matter to them and not other that matter more.

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